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Themed Weekends

at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

Divine Swine

Be the first to try this Authentic & delicious BBQ; Coming Soon!

Grand Arrival Weekend • Aug. 2 & 3
Don't miss out on the opening weekend of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! Plan your trip today with the Opening Weekend's Daily Writ!

Mount Hope Web Store—Open Now!
Celebrate the final days of the 101 Days of Summer Fun Sale with $101 cases of our Summer favorites!

Divine Swine: In & Out BBQ
At the Former Site of Hitz's Farm Market—Authentic BBQ & Southern Sides! Opening this Summer!

  • Including:
    • Swashbuckler Gold
    • Red Beard's Irish Red
    • Keelhaul APA
    • Capt'n Rude's
      Blackwater Stout
    • Scotland Terror's
      Scottish Ale

    Please see a Wine Shop Employee for assistance.