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Single-Day General Admission: $25.95 Online/$29.95 Front Gate
Two-Day General Admission: $35 Online Only
Single-Day Children (ages 5-11) Admission: $11.95 Online/Front Gate
Two-Day Children (ages 5-11) Admission: $15 Online Only
Children Ages 4 and Under: Free!
Friday Night Concert Ticket Pre-Sale March 16-20!
$20.95 (Reg. $27.95 Online / $29.95 Front Gate)
Chidren (ages 5-11): $10.95

Celtic Fling & Highland Games

Throughout the centuries, the tradition and charm behind the music, dance and stories of the Celtic peoples have captivated the world. The contributions of the Irish, Scots Welsh, Cornish, Manx, Bretons, and Galecians/Asturians not only fill libraries and castles but also pubs, homes and our hearts. The Celtic Fling & Highland Games, as an unbridled celebration of Celtic Culture, offers a first-hand tour of these compelling cultures as it salutes both traditional and contemporary Celtic heritage. Delight your senses with the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of this rollicking Celtic celebration. Enjoy traditional pipe bands, modern Celtic rock bands, and everything in between, plus delicious Celtic cuisine, fresh brewed wines, ales and ciders, and more!

Dates & Times

The 20th annual Celtic Fling and Highland Games at Mount Hope kicks off with the Friday Kick-Off Concert on June 22 (Gates open at 4PM) and spreads across the 35-acre Shire on Saturday & Sunday, June 23 & 24, 2018 (Gates open at 10AM).

Groups at Celtic Fling

We are happy to welcome groups to the Celtic Fling & Highland Games at Mount Hope! Group Rates (15 or more) must be purchased prior to Friday, June 22. General Admission: $22.94 (Reg. $29.95), Children: $8.95 (Reg. $11.95). To take advantage of the group rate or to reserve special accommodations such as bus parking, please call 717-665-7021 ext. 148 or visit the Group Sales Page.

Celtic Fling Feis

Through our combined efforts with the Irish cultural society, the Pittsburgh Winter Feis and the West Virginia Feis, the Celtic Fling Feis has grown to be a destination on the Feis circuit. For more information, please visit the Feis Section.

Carding Policy

Please Note: No matter what your age, please be prepared to show proper identification in order to sample from the wines or consume alcohol. Valid ID includes a state issued driver's license or state issued ID card with photo, a passport, or a United States military identification card with photo. We are unable to accept any foreign driver's license. Note that the identification cannot be expired at the time of the festival.


Single-Day Admissions
General Admission: $25.95 Online /$29.95 Front Gate
Children (ages 5-11) Admission: $11.95 Online/Front Gate
Children 4 and Under: FREE!

Two-Day Admission (Online Only)
General Admission: $35
Children (ages 5-11) Admission: $15
Children 4 and Under: FREE!

Friday Kick-Off Concert Ticket Presale • March 16-20:
General Admission: $20.95 (Reg. $27.95 Online / $29.95 Front Gate)
Children's (ages 5-11) Admission: $10.95
Children 4 and Under: FREE!

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Celtic Fling Entertainment

Celtic performers will fill the Shire with music from eight stages throughout the day while Traditional Pipe & Drums set the atmosphere for a grand weekend! Compete in fabulous contests or watch as others compete in the Annual Highland Games. Step back in time and learn about Celtic styles, traditions, handicrafts and more with the Shire's Living History or stop by the Clans & Societies booths to learn about Celtic influences on American culture. Irish Dancers and Gaelic Sports will fill the Shire and will make your visit an unforgettable experience!

Celtic Logo

Friday Kick-Off Concert

The 20th annual Celtic Fling & Highland Games at Mount Hope kicks off on Friday, June 22 at 4PM with the Celtic Kick-Off Concert—featuring some of our favorite performers! Bring your appetite and enjoy delicious foods and refreshing wines, ales & ciders while listening to the live music! Gates open at 4PM.

Kick-Off Concert Ticket Pre-Sale: March 16-20!
General Admission: $20.95 (Reg. $27.95 on the Virtual Box Office, or $29.95 Day-Of)
Children's Admission (Ages 5-11): $10.95, Children 4 and Under: FREE!
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Gaelic Storm

Gaelic Storm


It’s hard to imagine a band just coming into their own after 20 years of success, but that’s exactly what makes a true anomaly. This multi-national, Celtic juggernaut grows stronger with each live performance, and as you can imagine, after two decades and over 2000 shows, it is a true force to be reckoned with. With their latest release, Go Climb a Tree, their music has never sounded more representative of themselves as musicians and as live performers.

The band attributes their continued success to their fanatic audience, and it’s a well-diversified crowd for sure. The country-music folks adore the storytelling, the bluegrass-heads love the instrumentals, Celtic fans love their devotion to tradition, and the rockers simply relish the passion they play their instruments with. Each band member, in their own way, expresses a deep gratitude for their fans, but it’s best summed up in the words of Patrick Murphy: “The fans are the ones that have given us this life. We’re here for them.”

Screaming Orphans

Screaming Orphans


The Screaming Orphans are the four Diver sisters from Bundoran, Co. Donegal, Ireland. They have carved a great reputation of being a captivating and entertaining live band in Europe and America combining their own original pop/rock music with the Céilí tradition style of music that was inherited from their family roots.

House of Hamill

House of Hamill


Whether House of Hamill is playing songs from their debut album or stomping through a set of original jigs and reels, their chemistry onstage is always engaging and often hilarious. Spend an hour listening and you'll leave with tired feet, a huge smile, and a new appreciation for the versatility of folk instruments in a modern context.


The Fitzgeralds


If you want to see a performance that is energetic and utterly engaging, look no further than the stepdancing and fiddling siblings called The Fitzgeralds. They fuse their traditional Canadian fiddle styles with modern styles, while “step” sisters Julie and Kerry display in intricacy of footwork that is simply magical.

Bands at the
2018 Celtic Fling

Celtic performers fill the Shire with music from eight stages throughout the day! Please check back closer to the event date for information on the 2018 musical performers.

Friday Night Concert
Friday Night Concert
Friday Night Concert
Friday Night Concert

Sunday Night Concert

What better way to end the weekend than by the way it started…with a rollicking concert at the Globe Stage! Alongside some of the most popular Celtic Fling musicians, you can enjoy savory foods and refreshing beers, wines and ciders from Swashbuckler Grove. Concert admission is included with your Sunday ticket price. Please check back closer to the event for more information on featured performers!

Sunday Concert
Sunday Concert
Sunday Concert
Sunday Concert

Celtic Clans & Socieities

Celtic Clans Celtic Clans Celtic Clans Celtic Clans Celtic Clans

A clan is considered to be a group of families that are affiliated by geography or marriage or political necessity. Celtic folk frequently use the term “clan,” but no specific definition of the term is accepted by all authorities. The word itself is Gaelic for “children” and was also used as an equivalent for “family.”

In addition to offering name lists to search through, you’ll be able to explore clan histories and the work the societies are doing. Interesting fundraising merchandise for sale may include baked goods, books, music, T-shirts, kilts and tartan. Stop by and learn more about the programs and plans the clans and societies have for increasing the awareness of Celtic influences on American culture.

You’ll find many clans and societies represented at the Celtic Fling. Look up your surname and become familiar with the worthwhile missions the clans and societies maintain. If your clan is interested in attending the 2018 Celtic Fling & Highland Games, please call 717-665-7021.

Clans that attended the 2017 Celtic Fling & Highland Games:

Celtic Fling Competitions

You can compete at the Celtic Fling in some of the fun contests and competitions listed below. Please Note: Sign ups take place 30 minutes before the start time at the location of the competition. You must sign up prior to the event to participate. Please check back closer to the event date for updated information and scheduling.

Men in Kilts Competition

Ladies, here’s your chance to admire the hottest calves that grace the Festival grounds this weekend—and there’s no penalty for peeping! Up to twelve kilted men strut their stuff to earn your admiration—and great prizes too, of course! Join us for what promises to be the wildest Fling contest of the weekend! For those 12 years and up.

Kids in Kilts Competition

There's nothing cuter than cute kids, except when they're wearing their kilts! All the wee Nipperkins (11 and under) that have donned a kilt for the weekend's festivities are invitied to participate for accolades and great prizes

Celtic Triathalon Food Challenge

Is your stomach tough enough to make you a food Triathlete? Be one of 12 contestants who sign up to take on three Celtic Entrées of epic proportion! Prizes await the first three triathletes who get it all down and KEEP IT DOWN! Specific Entées Announced During the Challenge.

Who's Got the Most Freckles? Kids Contest

Are you blessed with a form full of sun-kissed freckles? If so, step up and we’ll count who is the “freckliest of them all” during this cuter than cute competition. Only for Nipperkins 12 and under.

Celtic Fling Dancers

During the Celtic Fling, a number of Celtic Dancers will perform a variety of traditional and modern dances throughout the day. Dancers will demonstrate the art, athleticism and skill of challenging solo dances, group choreography and Ceili dancing. Don't miss this Celtic Fling crowd favorite!

Reid School of Highland Dance

Reid School of Highland Dance

The non-profit Philadelphia Highland Dancing Association was founded by Marguerite Reid over 60 years ago. The Reid School of Highland Dance performs at various venues such as the Green Lane Scottish Irish Festival and Philadelphia St. Andrew's Society events such as their Tartan Ball. A special memory for the school was performing with the Davidson School at the Kennedy Center Honors Gala for Sir Sean Connery, the President and other distinguished guests when Mr. Connery received the Honor in 1999. Visit their Official Website to learn more!

Scoil Rince na Connemara

Scoil Rince na Connemara

Scoil Rince na Connemara from Northeastern Pennsylvania has been entertaining crowds at the Celtic Fling for 7 years. The mission of this innovative dance group is to further Irish culture by showing the true beauty, grace, and athleticism of Irish dance which includes intricate solo stepdancing, artistic group choreography, and traditional ceili dancing. Connemara is renowned for their unique blend of progressive stepdancing with modern Celtic sounds that is often imitated, but never duplicated. Visit their Official Website to learn more!

Living History

The Celtic Fling brings history to life with demonstrations, re-enactments, encampments, traditional demonstrations and more!

The 69th PA Irish Volunteer Reenactors

69th PA Irish Reenactors

Living History Encampment • Times Vary
During the American Civil War, the 69th PA Irish Volunteers fought in every campaign with the Army of the Potomac under the green battle flag to save the Union. Today, renactors honor their memory by participating in living history programs; they were truly the "Rock of Erin." Learn more at PA69Irish.com.

La Forge Blacksmith

Blacksmithing Demo

La Forge • Times Vary
Hand-forged, combat ready Renaissance blades perfect for edge-to-edge stage combat. On-site blacksmith performing live, public demonstrations of forging iron over a 2,500° Fahrenheit fire. The iron will glow, and the water will sizzle! Weaponry also be available for purchase. For more information about La Forge, visit LaForge.site.

Catholic Mass

Catholic Mass

Feasting Glen • Sunday, 11AM
No ticket necessary for this event—All are welcome to take part in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass presented by The Diocese of Harrisburg. Special thank you to: Jaclyn Curran, Reverend Paul C.B. Schenck and Mary-Kate & Peter Lee from Seasons who made this liturgy possible and meaningful. HBGDiocese.org

Dragons Breath Glassworks

Glassblowing Demonstrations

Dragon's Breath Glassworks • Times Vary
Working with a furnace that can reach 2,000 degrees, the Dragon's Breath Glassworks team creates beautiful and functional glass art right before your eyes. Stop by throughout the day for live demonstrations, or to purchase their affordable, hand-crafted wares. Like them on Facebook!

Harrisburg Scottish Country Dance

Scottish Country Dance

Celtic Traditions at MacGuffin Stage • Times Vary
In 1982, The Harrisburg Scottish Country Dance Society (HSCDS) was founded to promote the art of Scottish Country Dancing in Central PA. They offer the chance to learn the traditional steps, patterns and dances, both old and new, which are danced today in groups world-wide and on every continent, including Antarctica. HBGDiocese.org

Irish Harp

Irish Harp

Celtic Traditions at MacGuffin Stage • 11:15AM-6PM
Robert Mouland is one of the most unique performers in the realm of traditional Irish music today. For years, his use of period instruments and historic clothing has both entertained and educated audiences from around the world, and at some of the most historic settings in America. Learn about the legendary wirestrung harp of Ireland: WireHarp.com

Irish Linen

Irish Linen Worker

Celtic Traditions at MacGuffin Stage • 11:15AM-6PM
The fame of Irish linen is widespread, but how is it made? Observe the process from beginning to end as Timothy, an Irish linen worker, uses authentic tools to change dull-looking fibers to glorious fabrics before your eyes. A delightful, informative running commentary during the demonstration will provide the human touch to these nearly forgotten skills. Learn More!

Irish Storytelling

Irish Storytelling

Celtic Traditions at MacGuffin Stage • Times Vary
Although you may have met her here before talking about the Irish Wake, Cathy Jo Smith has been sharing Irish and Irish-American stories, songs and history across the Midwest for almost 20 years. Whether its tales of the Fair Folk or ghosts, stories of magic or medicine, she can surprise and delight audiences of all ages. Learn more about her and the stories she tells at IrishTeller.com.

Irish Wake

Irish Wake

Celtic Traditions at MacGuffin Stage • 11:15AM-6PM
The Irish Wake is perhaps one of the best known funeral traditions associated with Ireland. AS long as there have been Irish people, there have been wakes—both traditional and "American Emigration." The period between a death and a burial was a time for both mourning loss and celebrating life. Learn more at: IrishTeller.com.

Scottish Gaelic Presentation

Scottish Gaelic Presentation

Celtic Traditions at MacGuffin Stage • Times Vary
Join us for a presentation about the Scottish Gaelic language. Sharing his knowledge and love of Scottish culture is George Hamilton. George graduated in 2012 from the University of Glasgow with joint honors in Gaelic language/literature and Celtic civilization. He will be talking about the history of the language and maybe even teaching a few words.

Loch Rannoch Pipe & Drums

Loch Rannoch Pipes & Drums was formed in 1997 and marched in its first parade with just five members. Today the award winning Loch Rannoch Pipes & Drums marches with 23 members. While based in Bucks County the band has marched in parades from New York City to Edinburgh Scotland and has performed on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Members of the band have performed for Her Majesty the Queen of England and can be heard on the soundtrack of several movies. The band was even asked to audition for a soft drink commercial. Visit their Official Website to learn more!

Loch Rannoch Pipe & Drums
Loch Rannoch Pipe & Drums
Loch Rannoch Pipe & Drums
Loch Rannoch Pipe & Drums

Highland Games at the Celtic Fling

Annual Sanctioned Highland Games

Saturday Only (11AM-6PM, Joust Arena): Professional competitors are assigned points according to their placement in each Heavy Event. The athlete with the best overall combined performance earns the title “Athlete of the Day.” So recognized, the Athlete Of The Day earns an automatic berth in the East Coast Championships in Alexandria, VA, and in the coveted North American Highland Games Championship in Richmond, VA in October. The Athlete is also presented a symbolic Highland Claymore sword.

M.A.S.A. (Mid-Atlantic Scottish Athletics) is the official sanctioning organization of the majority of the Heavy Events competitions held in Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. Learn more at HeavyEvents.com

Highland Games Demonstrations

Sunday Only (1PM & 3PM, Joust Arena): Experts will be on hand to provide information about the games and give a brief demonstration. Afterwards, patrons 18 and older are invited to try their hand at hurling a caber and tossing a sheaf! Participation sign ups begin 30 minutes prior to the event. Space is limited.

Heavy Events

Scots have tested their strength against each other at Highland gatherings for centuries. King Malcolm Canmore, who began his reign in 1057, is credited with initiating crude forms of today's Scottish Highland Games athletic competition as a means of improving the abilities of his military. While the games had become festive occasions by the sixteenth century, they were still seen as a way for kings and chiefs to choose the best men for their retinues. Learn more by clicking the event names below.

Similar to our modern-day shot put, using a stone weighing 16 to 28 pounds instead of a steel ball. Each contestant is allowed a 7.5 foot “run-up” to the toe-board.
Athletes throw metal weights with a chain or handle attached in a toss for maximum distance. A 9-foot run-up is permitted, but the most popular throwing form is similar to that of the discus. Best throw out of three counts.
A round metal hammer head weighing 22 pounds with a cane staff is thrown for distance. The athlete’s feet may not move until he releases the hammer. Best of three throws.
Using a three-tined pitchfork, competitors hurl a 20-pound burlap bag filled with straw over ever-higher standards. Each contestant has three tries to clear the bar. The standard continues to be raised until only one competitor remains that has cleared the tallest height.
A weight, with handle attached, is tossed over a bar raised between two standards. The bar is initially set at a height agreed upon by all competitors. Using only one hand, each athlete has three attempts to clear the bar at each level. Of course, the event goes on until only one is left who has cleared the bar.
This is the centerpiece for modern Highland Games and remains a true test of not only brute strength but timing and balance as well. We note constantly that Caber winners are not necessarily the largest athletes on the field. The Caber itself is a tapered log, approximately 19 feet long, weighing up to 130 pounds. The athlete hoists it up, folds his hands under the end whilst cradling it against the shoulder. The log is then heaved, hopefully, up and over to “ground” its heavy end so that it falls forward. Judging is based as if one were looking at a clock. The closer to “Noon” the Caber lands, the higher the score.
Highland Games
Highland Games
Highland Games
Highland Games

Merchants at the Celtic Fling

A variety of Celtic merchants will join us at the Fling to showcase their unique wares and traditional crafts.

Interested in becoming a Celtic Fling merchant? Click here for more information!

Abbey Scriptorium


Shire's Bookstore and Historical Library

A Lit'le Irish Too


Irish Gifts and Souvenirs

The Amazing Maze

Games & Rides • Booth #251

Find Your Way Out of This Life-Sized Maze

AMB Studios


Wine Bottle Art



Contemporary, American-Made Kilts



Hand-Crafted Wooden Products

Archery Through the Ages

Demonstrator & Artisan

Archery Demonstration and Handmade Longbows

As You Like It


Handcrafted Cloaks, Hats, Kilts and More

The Aviary


Have your questions answered by our longtime resident falconer, Ash Cary.

Beads & Ladies


Fine Court Accessories

Bean's Baubles


Hand-Crafted Jewelry

The Bee Folks


Bee-Related Products and a Working Bee Hive

Blue Thistle Pottery

Demonstrator • Booth #124

Pottery Sculpted Before Your Eyes

Box Office: Return to the Past Passes


Discount Event Tickets

Button Down the Hatches


Button Jewelry and Unique Gifts

Captured Curls


Hair Accessories

Captured Curves


Pirate-Inspired Corsets and Clothing

Casta Diva


Corsets and Apparel

Catskill Moccasins


Hand-Crafted Leather Shoes to Fit Your Feet

The Celtic Cowboy


Hand-Crafted Leather Belts and Accessories

Celitc Treasures


Celtic Imports and Jewelry

Celtic Vibe


Celtic Jewelry and Clothing

Center of Energy


Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and More


Food & Drink

Beef or Chicken Sandwiches Hot Off the Grill

Crone's Enchanted Cottage


Hand-Painted GArden and Home Items

Crown Jewels


Upscale Precious Jewels and Pearls

Crow's Nest

Games & Rides

Spinning Man-Powered Ride

Crystal Fantasy


Unique Apparel

Crysal Fineries


Renaissance and Celtic Garb

Crystal Palace


Crystal Artowrk and Display Pieces

Delighted Eye


Everything for Home and Garden…And More

Dragon's Breath Glassworks


Beautiful Glass Wares and Daily Glassblowing Demos

Dress Your Dreams


Celtic Apparel

Dungeon Museum

Games & Rides

Marvel at the Poor Souls on Display in the Dungeon

Emerald Castle


Fine Jewelry

Emperor's Needle


Hand-Crafted Leather Work

Enchanted Forest


Children's Items and Wind Spinners

Fairie Tailor


Hand-Painted Capes

Fantasy Face Painting


Artistic Creations For Thy Face



Fantasy Items

The Fight Circle

Games & Rides

Challenge Your Friends to a Sword Fighting Duel

Fionna's Fineries


Renaissance Apparel

First State Greyhound Rescue


Rescued and Adoptable Former Racing Greyhounds

Fleur De Lis Teas


Specialty Teas and Tea-Related Gifts

Forever Amber


Stunning Amber Jewelry

Fresh Fruit Cup

Food & Drink

Refreshing Fruit

Full Moon Candle Garden


Candle Carving, Dipping and Wares

Full Moon Ventures


Wiccan Wares and Specialty Items

Gaming Village

Games & Rides

Archery, Axe Throw, Knife Throw

Herb Garden & Apothecary


Potpourri, Incense, and More

Henna Body Art


Ornate and Unique Temporary Designs

Hip Klips


Clippable Key Chain/Mini Purses



Add a Little Swing to Your Shire Travels

Horn Kiosk


A set of Horns to Suit Every Personality

Imaginarium Gallery


Hand-Sculpted Puppet Creations

Infamouse Welsh Cookie Co.

Food & Drink

Pre-Packaged Welsh Cookies



Information Booth & Official Celtic Fling Merch

Irish Imports International


Rugby and Soccer Shirts, Caps and Gifts

Iron Intentions


Demonstrating Blacksmith and Hand-Crafted Iron Products

Iron Wolf Traders


Wrought Iron Decor

Isle of Man


Hand-Crafted Art in Wood: Bowls, Plates, Cups and More

Jenni Buffington Art


Art Made From the Heart

John Hay Cigars


Cigars and Accessories

John Carraher Artworks


Mythical Fine Art

Just Peachy Jewels


Silver and Hand Beaded Jewelry

Lady Gwendolyn Costumes


Costume Rentals, Purchases, and Portraits

La Forge


Demonstrating Blacksmith Producing Swords and Other Weapons

The Leather Lair


Hand-Crafted Leather Apparel

Lilla Rose


Unique Hair Clips

Lion's Den


Hand-Crafted Leather Items

Lords & Ladies


Renaissance Apparel

Lords of the Sea


Wool Celtic Items

Medieval Moccasins


Original Hand-Crafted Leather Footwear

Merlin's Magic


Hand-Crafted Walking Sticks; Magical and Mystical Wares

Mystical Realm Artisan


Metal Hair Twisters and Such

Nature's Heirlooms


Hair Wrapping, Rocks, and Gems

Nuts About You

Food & Drink

Freshly Roasted Nuts, Strudels, Crepes, and More

Oh My Goddess


One-of-a-Kind Gifts and Tapestries

Olde Worlde Trading Company


Statuary and Decor

PA Dutch Twist

Food & Drink

Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels

Pandora's Locks Hairdressing


Unique Braids and Twists to Wear Around the Shire

Peasant Bread

Food & Drink

Funnel Cake, Warm Peasant Bread, and Lemonade

Perth Pewter


Hand-Cast Pewter Wares

Pewter Shop


A Wide Selection of Pewter and Accessories

Pirate's Den


Everything the Pirate in you Might Need

Pirate Ship Swings

Games & Rides

Sway to and Fro on this Man Powered Ride

Pottery of Yore


Hand-Crafted Pottery



Purses, Bags, and Elaborate Jewelry

Queen's Creamery

Food & Drink

Premium Ice Cream, Milkshakes, and Desserts

Red Falcon Adornments


Hats, Feather Work, and Tapestries

Red Falcon Apparel


Renaissance and Celtic Clothing

Red Falcon Armouries


High-Quality Leather Clothing and Armour

Red Hawk Premium Peppers

Food & Drink

Gourmet Hot Pepper Products

Red Wyvern Studio


High-End Designer Top Hats, Hair Sticks, and More

Renewal By Anderson


Replacement Windows and Patio Doors

Rising Sun


Candles and Soaps

The Rook and the Rose

Demonstrator • Booth #230

Copper & Wooden Roses

Rooks Gambit


Board Games, Dice, and Wands

Royal Family Jewelry


Silver Adornments of All Shapes and Sizes

The Royal Oui


Official Celtic Fling Souvenirs

Rum Runners Barrel Coopers


Liquor Infused Barrels and Cigars

Saravasti's Call


Gypsy Apparel

The Scarlett Rose


Custom Military, Feather Accessories

The Scottish Cottage

Food & Drink

Celtic Fare, Scottish BBQ, Shepard's Pie

Scottish Online Store


Bagpipes, Scottish Souvenirs, and More

Sir Launch A Lot


Marshmallow Catapults and Other Fun Wares

Steak on a Stake

Food & Drink

Beef or Chicken Skewered for your Pleasure

Strike Daekins Designs


Elf Hoods, Band Bags, Woodland Crowns

Sullivans Fur Shed


Hand-Crafted Pelts, Hats, and Bags

Swords & Shields


Artistically Decorated Wooden Swords/Shields

Tasty Nuts

Food & Drink

The Name Says it All

Torchbearer Sauces

Food & Drink

All Natural Gourmet Condiments

Tower of Steel


A Wide Assortment of Steel Jewelry

Treasure Quest

Games & Rides

Gem Panning, Nature Gifts, Stones, Gems, and More

Uncommon Adornments


Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Up Your Kilt


Hand-Made Clothing

Utopia Armory


Chain Mail and Metal Works

Wash Your Mouth Out with Soap Co.


Hand-Crafted Soap, Bath/Body Products

Wayward Leather Designs


Hand-Crafted Leather Goods

Wee Dragon


Children's Costumes

Wild Boar

Games & Rides

Take a Ride on the Wild Boar, If You Dare

Wolf Spirit Jewelry


Hand-Crafted Jewelry

Wolf's Head Leather


Hand-Crafted Leather and Silver

The Wreck Room

Games & Rides

You Buy It, You Break It! Smash a Variety of Glassware

Ye Olde Wizards & Dragons


Fanciful and Fantastical Statuary

Yourself Discovery


Jewelry, Crystal, Silvery, and Hair Adornments

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions that have not been answered below, please contact our business offices at 717-665-7021, Monday through Friday, 9AM-4PM or visit our formal comment, question and feedback page to submit an inquiry.

General Information

The event is located on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate, home of the PA Renaissance Faire—15 miles north of Lancaster and 13 miles east of Hershey. The street address is 2775 Lebanon Rd. Manheim, PA 17545.
There is plenty of free parking and attendants will direct you when you arrive at the festival.
The Celtic Fling will be open Saturday and Sunday, June 23 & 24, 2018. The gates open at 11AM and close at 10PM both days. The Celtic Fling Kick-Off Concert is Friday, June 22 (Gates open at 4PM).
Arrive at least 20 minutes before opening (11AM) for the best chance for a speedy entry. Pre-purchase your tickets securely online for even faster access to the day's events. The line for E-ticket prior to gate opening may look long, but moves very quickly, while lines for purchasing tickets move much slower. T-ticket lines are clear usually 20-30 minutes after opening, but day-of ticket sales lines last later into the afternoon.
We will be celebrating all things Celtic on our 35-acre Shire, so there are plenty of events to keep you occupied! Enjoy live music that ranges from traditional pipe bands to modern Celtic rock bands, and everything in between. Taste delicious Celtic cuisine, fresh brewed Swashbuckler ales, a wide variety of Mount Hope wines and so much more! There will be numerous activities for kids and adults alike, so the Celtic Fling is truly a festival for the whole family!
Re-entry is permitted at the Celtic Fling. Be sure to have your hand stamped as you are leaving the gates to ensure readmittance.
The festival accepts credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) and cash for ticket sales. We do not accept personal checks for ticket sales. The festival offers three ATMs on premises and one in the Wine Shop.
Enjoy delicious foods from over 20 Royal Kitchens throughout the grounds! Plus fresh Swashbuckler Ales, Lancaster County Ciders and Mount Hope Wines at our Pubs and Pourhouses!
No outside food, beverages or coolers are permitted to be brought onto the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. However, exceptions are made for Guests with special dietary needs to include food allergies and baby food/formula. Guests with special dietary needs should print and complete the Visitor Allergen Card and present it at the Customer Service Window at the front gate when they arrive at the Faire for approval to bring in special dietary foods for the individual only. The Visitor Allergen Card will be put on file at the First Aid Station.

The Faire does not have separate allergy-friendly kitchens and is unable to guarantee that a menu item is completely free of allergens. Our menu items are reliant on supplier ingredient labels, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of each food item. Allergen advisory statements (e.g., “may contain") are not regulated. It is ultimately up to the individual’s discretion to make an informed choice based upon their individual dietary needs.

Guests to the Faire may also have their hand stamped at the front gate to return to their vehicle and return to the Faire as they wish.

Click here to download the Visitor Allergen Card.
Please download the Official Weapons Policy PDF for full details.

Guest Services

Mount Hope Estate & Winery and the Celtic Fling are an ideal location to spend your special events! Learn more about booking the Feasting Glen area for your next party on the Group Sales Page.
Various hotels in the area are available. Please visit our Lodging Packages Page for specific information.
Cars are permitted to stay parked in the lot overnight if the driver has been drinking and has found another way home. Camping is not permitted in the parking lot of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
No matter what your age, please be prepared to show proper identification in order to sample from the wines or consume alcohol. Valid ID includes a state issued driver's license or state issued ID card with photo, a passport, or a United States military identification card with photo. We are unable to accept any foreign driver's license. Note that the identification cannot be expired at the time of the festival.

Ticket Information

Admission prices for adults (ages 12 and up) are $25.95 in advance (on the Virtual Box Office) and $29.95 at the gate. Children (5-11) are $11.95, while those 4 and under are free. Admission includes all Celtic Fling shows and entertainment, including competitions (Please note: Competitions have limited capacity). Games, rides and food are not included.
To better serve our guests, we have eliminated the need for coupons to save on your Celtic Fling admission tickets.
You can purchase advance tickets at the Virtual Box Office or at the Front Gate the day of your visit.
All sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations.

Conditions of Ticket Sale

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Event tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not for resale. Once a ticket has been scanned at the Front Gate upon entry, it is voided and no longer holds any value. The Faire does not monitor any guests’ level of participation or length of stay. Refunds are not available to guests who choose to leave. The bearer of an event ticket agrees to hold blameless and harmless Mazza Vineyards, Inc. or any of its affiliates, in the event of personal injury or loss or damage to property. The holder of the ticket assumes all responsibilities for any risk of bodily harm or loss of property sustained while attending the event, and waives all rights to lay claim for damages resulting from any cause whatsoever either before, during or after the event. You must be 21 or older to purchase or consume Alcohol.

Your ID will be verified before being served alcohol. Outside food, drink and pets are not permitted. You hereby consent to the reasonable search for alcoholic beverages, drugs, or firearms. You further consent to the use of your image or likeness incidental to any display, transmission, or reproduction of the event.

Management reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the terms and conditions of these conditions of ticket sale.
Events are rain or shine. For the safety of the performers, shows may be altered due to the weather. Ticket exchanges and refunds are not available. Once a ticket has been scanned at the front gate upon entry, it is voided and no longer holds any value. The Faire does not monitor any guests’ level of participation or length of stay. Refunds are not available to guests who choose to leave.

In rare circumstances, when the safety of patrons and participants is at risk due to extreme weather activity, the decision may be made to close the park until the threat has passed, or for the remainder of the day if necessary. An Emergency Action Plan is in place to notify guests of any closures and provide directions on actions to be taken to allow safe evacuation of the park. In the event the park is closed for the remainder of an event day, rain passes will be issued in the Wine Shop Formal Garden for one hour following the call for evacuation of the park or until conditions become unsafe for event staff. Rain passes will NOT be issued after this time.

Fairegrounds Information

The grounds are ADA accessible. Walking paths are paved, and handicapped seating areas are designated at all stages. Though the walking paths are paved, some stone and gravel areas may need to be travelled to reach vendor stands, merchandise booths and food stations. Handicapped accessible restrooms are available. Wheelchairs and scooters are not available for rental. Please be aware that while the Faire is paved, the terrain does present various hills and inclines. Please plan accordingly.

There is handicap parking available at the festival, just ask the parking crew to direct you to that area when you arrive.
For the well being of our guests, smoking is prohibited near stages and in audience areas. Your cooperation is appreciated for the comfort of all in attendance.
Pets are not permitted on the fairegrounds. Service animals are permitted following the guidelines set forth by the ADA. Please do not leave animals in your car.

Local kennels:

Canine Country Club Inc.: 888 N Penryn Rd Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-2710

Gochenauer Kennels: 995 Fruitville Pike Lititz PA, 17543, 717-569-6151
There are three different restroom locations, one outside the gates and two inside the gates. All three will be marked on the map that will be handed out during the festival.
Yes, multiple ATMs will be available on the festival grounds, as well as one located in the Wine Shop. Please check the map handed out day-of for specific locations.
The First Aid station is located near the backside of the festival grounds on Privy Lane. The station will be marked on the festival maps handed out at the gate.
Lost and found during the event will be located at the Informistress Booth directly inside the Front Gate. After the event, it will be kept in the Wine Shop (Please call 717-665-7021 ext. 129).
Last call for all Pubs and Pourhouses is 7:00PM, with the exception of the Anchor & Mermaid Tavern Wharf Bar, which has a last call of 7:30. Most food stands and merchants close between 7:30PM and 7:45PM.

Volunteer at the Celtic Fling

General Volunteering Information

2018 Celtic Fling & Highland Games Volunteer Hours:
Feis (Saturday Only), 6:30AM or 8:00AM
Celtic Fling (Saturday and/or Sunday), 10:00AM

Volunteers will be placed into the following categories: Maintenance/Parking, Food & Beverage, Front Gate, Hospitality/Production, and Feis. All volunteers receive two complimentary 2018 PA Renaissance Faire tickets, and one free food voucher to any PRF owned stand and admission to the Fling for the remainder of the day.

Volunteer Requirements

All volunteers must be at least 16 years of age and will be asked to stay until all job duties have been completed. Volunteers will not be permitted to drink alcoholic beverages before or during the session. Limited number of volunteers accepted.

Physical requirements of volunteering include considerable standing and walking for up to 6 hours, lifting and carrying up to 15lbs, and navigating uneven terrain (hills, gravel, grass) Please be sure you can safely satisfy these requirements before volunteering.

Click Here to Fill out the Volunteer Application!

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