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*All event information is subject to change. Please continue to check back, or like us on Facebook @PaRenFaire for updates.

Date, Times & Tickets

Dates: August 21 through October 31, 2021
Hours of Operation: Gates Open at 11AM Each Public Faire Date
Themed Weekends: The 2021 Themed Weekends will be announced in the new year. Please follow our Facebook Page and Royal Email List Newsletter for the latest updates.

2021 Date-Specific Tickets:
General Admission: $30.95
Children (5-11): $15.95
Children 4 and Under Free, No Ticket Required
Please have your print at home tickets out or loaded on your mobile device and ready to scan on prior to coming to the Front Gate. Tickets for the 2021 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire are date specific with a daily capacity in order to stagger attendance throughout the season for a better guest experience. Tickets are non-refundable. The Faire is a rain or shine event. Visit the Virtual Box Office.

2021 Faire Subscriptions:
General Admission: $125
Children (5-11): $45
Children 4 and Under Free, No Subscription Required
The "Faire Subscription" takes the place of the "Season Pass". Patrons who purchase a Faire subscription receive a subscription code that they will use to obtain reservation tickets online for the date specific days of the 2021 Faire season. This includes 1 ticket per subscription for each of the 23 days of the Faire. Adult subscription codes will only access adult Faire reservation tickets. Child subscription codes will only access child Faire reservation tickets.
Faire reservation tickets must be presented at the gate as a printed copy or on a mobile device with an ID to enter the Fairegrounds. Plastic cards will no longer be issued. It is the responsibility of the subscription purchaser to keep their subscription code and use it as set forth above.
To purchase, please visit the Virtual Box Office, then click on "subscriptions" in the upper navigation.

Our Dog Friendly Faire

Dogs were welcome to join their human companions for the revelry of the 2021 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. Please check back in the new year for the simple steps to take before visiting with your furry friend. Information will be available on: PaRenfaire.com/DogDays.

Please Note: Service Dogs are always welcome. Mount Hope adheres to the ADA's definition of Service animal found here. Please refer to ADA's frequently asked questions as it pertains to Mount Hope Estate events.

Safety Care Measures

We are ready to welcome everyone to Mount Hope Estate & Winery and are working hard to provide a safe and fun experience for everyone. We are implementing new processes and enhanced procedures throughout to help reduce the spread of germs. We're all in this together and look to everyone to be respectful of the performers, staff and other guests by being mindful of personal space and individual feelings. We hope that our Safety Care Measures provides you with essential information for what to do BEFORE you arrive at Mount Hope, what you'll experience WHEN you arrive, and how to make the most of your visit. This information will be updated as new policies or procedures are mandated.

Please Note: Capacity restrictions will be in place and all event tickets will be date specific. Purchase your tickets in advance on the Online Box Office.

Please follow our Facebook Page and Royal Email List Newsletter to be the first to hear about updates.

Safe Guide


To meet state and federal safety guidelines and manage our event capacities, all guests must choose their date of visit in advance. There are a limited amount of tickets per date and they may sell out.

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Entertainment at PRF

Get ready to live the excitement and adventure of jousting knights and royal delights with colorfully costumed villagers and merrymakers ready to make your visit an unforgettable experience. Musical, stunt and theatrical performances, magic acts and comical mud beggars are just a few of the many daily shows! Immerse yourself in the days of Merrie Olde England, steeped in the allure of bygone days and knights! All entertainment is subject to change.

Join the 2021 Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire Cast! Learn more at PaRenFaire.com/Auditions

Faire Cast
Faire Cast
Faire Cast
Faire Cast

2020 Shows

Please refer to each weekends Daily Writ for specific show schedules.

Queen's Court

Join the Mount Hope Welcoming Committee as they greet Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, at the Globe Stage! See the Queen, enjoy a sampling of the many entertainments available during the day, and learn what lies in store for all visitors to Mount Hope!

Variety Royale

How can one even begin to pick a favorite act here at Mount Hope? Well Her Majesty aims to do just that. Watch as the festival's performers battle for the title of The Queen's Favorite, and perhaps even more importantly, enough food to feed themselves and their family for a whole week!

Ultimate Joust

Join Her Majesty and the people of Mount Hope as they preside over the final joust of the day! Strength will be tested, Honor will be challenged, and the very cause of Chivalry hangs in the balance. An explosive fireworks celebration awaits the victorious Knight and their supporters afterward!

Finale Pub Sing

End the festival day in joyously boisterous song lead by Demetrius and Friends! Join Her Majesty, Her Court, and the shire folk of Mount Hope as they bid you farewell with songs we all know and love.

Tea Time

Come join the two most in-the-know Courtiers in her Majesty's retinue as they discuss the hottest topics of the day. Gossip is illegal, so they definitely will not be gossiping; but rest assured, Tea shall be served, and if some is spilled, so be it!

Guts & Glory: A Scottish Cooking Demo

Join Scottish Ambassador, Argyle Douglas, as he weaves comedy and storytelling into a cooking demonstration of Scotland's most famous dish, Haggis. This exhibition features an authentic Scottish "plushie" sheep happily providing authentic "plushie" organs thus enabling everyone to savour the experience without any worries about "nasty bits". This show is fun for the whole Family (bring your children, your grandmother, your dog).

Whose Jest Is It Anyway?

Just because the Queen is on the Shire doesn't mean the people of Mount Hope need to take themselves seriously all day! Come join the shire folk as they engage in some games of Wit, Hilarity, and Downright Silliness; all based on suggestions from the audience, so every show is different! Here are some testimonials from real audience members:
• "I laughed until I stopped!" - Bern D'bread, Baker
• "Seriously, whose jest is it? They never answer that blasted question!" - Yuri Gnollcakes, Privy Attendant
• "I took an afternoon off inventing to watch 'Whose Jest…?' My brain is now so dead I'll never invent again!" - Leonardo Da Vinci, Early Renaissance Man
• "Bridget!" - Bridget Moorhouse, Lat Master of Revels

Disasterpiece Theater

Years ago, Mount Hope gained a reputation as a testing ground for new and unconventional community theatre. Has it lived up to Sir Walter's lofty goals? Can anything get it back on track? Was it ever on track to begin with? What is a track?

Theatre will happen. It might be a Masterpiece, it might be a disaster, but it will always be a Disasterpiece.

Music with Her Majesty

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth enjoys singing her favorite musical selections with a few new Shire friends. Don't miss this royal performance!

Mags' To Rich's*

She's rich. She's poor. But they both can agree on one thing: dating is hard. Join Mags Cockburn and Lady Rich as they sing about men, love, and …other things. *Contains material not suitable for children.

A Whole Experience*

Join Abe Froman, The Sausage King, and Argyle Douglas, Scottish Ambassador, as they wax poetic about the merry mix-ups in which mature couples find themselves. The Battle for Understanding, Is Compromise Truly Worthwhile in the Long-run?, When Honesty is not the Best Policy, are just the tip of the ice-burg of topics discussed. Ultimately, this show is a celebration of being human and the foibles that come with that condition. Come prepared to laugh and share in "A Whole Experience"! *Contains material not suitable for children.

Queens Court
Men of Confidence
Tornament Joust

2020 Royal Performers

The stages of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire come to life with scores of unique entertainers, including musicians, magicians, comedy acts, and more! Exact performance times and locations will be available on the daily writ upon your arrival to the festival grounds. All entertainment is subject to change.

Royal Performer: Aaron Bonk

Aaron Bonk

Full Season

Machetes, whips, swords & fire—the hottest show in all the 'shire! Seriously ridiculous.

Royal Performer: Matt Celly

Abraham Froman

All Season

See him for the laughs. Stay for the mesmerizing sway of his belly!

Royal Performer: Alpenlaenders


October 26 & 27

Founded in York, PA • Entertaining Alpine shows with unique audience participation.

Royal Performer: Archery Through the Ages

Archery Through

the Ages

Full Season

The history of archery and its world wide application. Demos, competitions and sales.

Royal Performer: Doug Wallace

Argyle Douglas

All Season

Ambassador to England, one of Queen Mary's most trusted advisors, and an emissary for Scottish culture.

Royal Performer: Arthur Greenleaf Holmes

Greenleaf Holmes

Full Season

Scandalous. Liscentious. Madly impolitic. And riotously funny. Not for the skittish.

Royal Performer: Barely Balanced

Barely Balanced

Full Season

Comedy, acrobatics, and circus professionals; Always the life of the party.

Royal Performer: The Burly Minstrels

The Burly


Sep. 5 - Sep. 27

Making people smile with the power of music, which is always greater when it's shared.

Royal Performer: Chaste Treasure

Chaste Treasure

Oct. 17 - Nov. 1

This trio of upperclass ladies brings a unique, soulful sound to sassy songs.

Royal Performer: Circus Stella

Circus Stella

Full Season

One ring family circus featuring husband & wife team and their performing puppies.

Royal Performer: Cu Dubh

Cu Dubh

Sep. 5 - Nov. 1

Bagpipe and tribal drum band with a unique sound that calls back to ancient Celt brethren.

Royal Performer: Demetrius the Minstrel


the Minstrel

Full Season

Demetrius can be found performing throughout the Shire, both solo and with friends.

Royal Performer: Don Juan & Miguel

Don Juan

& Miguel

Full Season

This whip-cracking, sword fighting comic duo spreads laughter and hilarity to all!

Royal Performer: Harper Lee

Harper Lee

Full Season

Her Majesty's Harper, Mary-Kate Lee plays a variety of music for all who pass her way.

Royal Performer: Mud Squad

The Mud Squad

Full Season

Three shows, three completely different stories and three idiots in the mud! "Splash Zone" seats.

Royal Performer: Noble Cause Productions

Noble Cause


Full Season

Specializing in jousting, stage combat instruction, fight choreography, and horse stunts.

Royal Performer: Paolo Garbanzo

Paolo Garbanzo

Full Season

Amazing audiences with his juggling skills and making them with his wise foolery.

Royal Performer: Randall Piper

Randall Piper

Full Season

Providing great underscoring for adventuring parties since 1523.

Royal Performer: Rowan the Bowin

Rowan the Bowin'

Full Season

Her Majesty's Cellist can be found throughout the Shire playing a variety of music.

Royal Performer: Royal Falconer

Royal Falconer

Full Season

Knightwings: Birds of Prey, is an interactive, entertaining, and educational free flight show.

Royal Performer: Scott Alexander

Scott Alexander

Full Season

Enchanting and memorable performances that leave you laughing in the aisles.

Royal Performer: Sylvan Farelight

Sylvan Farelight

Oct. 3 - Nov. 1

Sylvan can be counted on to share a bit of news from afar; a bit of wisdom from within and a bit of magic from, well, from where magic comes from!

Royal Performer: Two Bard Party

Two Bard Party

Full Season [Except Oct. 17-18]

The roving bards bring you songs of fantasy, comedy and adventure!

Royal Performer: Wine and Alchemy

Wine and Alchemy

Full Season

Performing original and traditional music derived from a wide variety of times/cultures.

Royal Performer: Wolgemut


Full Season

Performing historical tunes on historical instuments in distinctive historical outfits.

2021 Merchants at the PA Renaissance Faire

So much shopping, so little time! Having over 100 unique merchants to visit during an already packed Faire day makes it difficult to see and do everything in one day. The independent merchants each operate their own business upon the Shire and look forward to bantering and bartering with Faire visitors. Demonstrations by many mnerchants show guests rarely seen art forms before their very eyes. Man-powered rides and guest services complete the festive Faire experience. Forgot something on a recent trip? Consider a one-hour shopping pass at the front gate to pick up that unforgettable item. All merchants are subject to change.

Interested in becoming a Faire merchant? Click here for more information!

Abbey Scriptorium

Booth #221 • Artisan

Shire's Bookstore and Historical Library

Adventurer's Guild

Booth #323 • Service

Escape Room, Puzzle Shop, D&D Adventures & More!

The Amazing Maze

Booth #251 • Games & Rides

Escape This Life-Sized Maze

American Highlander

Booth #433 • Artisan

Kilts and Clothing

Angry Pirate Games

Booth #100 • Games & Rides

Archery, Axe Throw, Knife Throw

Archery Through the Ages

Booth #602 • Demonstrator

Archery Demonstration and Hand-Made Longbows

As You Like It/Up Your Kilt

Booth #127 • Artisan

Hand-Crafted Cloaks, Hats, Kilts and More

The Aviary

Booth #535 • Demonstrator

Have your questions answered by our longtime resident falconer, Ash Cary

Axe & Bear Trading

Booth #325 • Artisan

Everything for the Woodsman, Rangers, Adventurers, and Explorers

Be Steel My Heart

Booth #343 • Artisan

Fantasy, Licensed Swords

Beads & Ladies

Booth #235 • Artisan

Trimmings for the Upper Class

Bird Whistle Cart

Cart • Demonstrator

Assorted Whistels

Blue Thistle Pottery

Booth #124 • Demonstrator

Pottery Sculpted Before Your Eyes

BrainVessel Co-Op

Booth #230 • Artisan

Hand-Crafter Co-Op

Button Down the Hatches

Booth #118 • Artisan

Button Jewelry and Unique Gifts

Canes Enable

Booth #529 • Artisan

Vintage Umbrellas, Canes, and Walking Sticks

Casta Diva

Booth #140 • Artisan

Hand-Made Corsets

Catskill Moccasins

Booth #424 • Artisan

Hand-Crafted Leather Footwear

Center of Energy

Booth #506 • Entertainment

Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and More


Booth #220 • Food & Drynke

Fresh Steak or Chicken Sandwiches

Chimes and Charms

Booth #449 • Artisan/Merchant

Upcycled Bottles and Unique Wares

Crone's Enchanted Cottage

Booth #315 • Artisan

Witchy Creations and Trinkets

Crown Jewels

Booth #307 • Artisan

Upscale Precious Jewels and Pearls

Crow's Nest

Booth #121 • Games & Rides

Spinning Man-Powered Ride

Crystal Fantasy/Celtic Mark

Booth #136 • Artisan

Unique Apparel

Crystal Fynery

Booth #207 • Artisan

Renaissance Clothing for Lords and Ladies

Dandys and Divas

Booth #435 • Artisan

Hand-Made Corsets and Vests

Delighted Eye

Booth #317 • Artisan

Headwreaths and Wares for Home and Garden

Dragon's Breath Glassworks

Booth #328 • Demonstrator

Glass Wares, Demonstrations, and Classes

Davinci's Workshop

Booth #326 • Artisan

Glassblowing Classes, Paint Your Own Pottery & Such

Dress Your Dreams

Booth #510 • Artisan

Clothing for All Good Gentles

Duck & Cover

Booth #217 • Artisan

Armor and Child Friendly Swords

Dungeon Museum

Booth #621 • Artisan

Marvel at the Poor Souls on Display in the Dungeon

Earthly Leather

Booth #320 • Artisan

Unique Leather Wares

Emerald Castle

Booth #303 • Artisan

Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and More

Emperor's Needle

Booth #429 • Demonstrator

Hand-Crafted Leather Goods

Enchanted Forest

Booth #324 • Artisan

Children's Toys, Wind Spinners, Soaps

Enchanted Shire

Booth #428 • Artisan

Renaissance House Wares and Gifts

Fairie Fluff

Roaming Cart • Food & Drynke

Fresh Cotton Candy

Fairie Tailor

Booth #314 • Artisan

Hand-Painted Capes

Fantasy Face Painting

Booth #520 • Services

Unique Face Painting and Henna

The Fight Circle

Booth #524 • Games & Rides

Challenge Your Friends to a Sword Fighting Duel

Fionna's Fineries

Booth #646 • Artisan

16th Century Apparel for the Fanciful Traveler

Fleur Di Lis Teas

Booth #128 • Artisan

Specialty Teas and Tea-Related Gifts

Forever Amber

Booth #522 • Artisan

Exquisite Amber Jewelry

Forever Mine

Booth #534 • Artisan

Gems, Rocks, Pendulums & Such

Fortune's Favour

Booth #636/640 • Services

Tarot Card Reading and More

Full Moon Candle Garden

Booth #514 • Artisan

Hand-Poured Candles and On-Site Candle Carver

Full Moon Ventures

Booth #432 • Artisan

Celtic and Magic Delights

Her Majesty's Masks

Booth #204 • Artisan

Hand-Crafted & Printed Facial Coverings


Booth #614 • Games &

Add a Little Swing to Your Shire Travels

Horn Kiosk

Booth #247 • Artisan

A set of Horns to Suit Every Personality

Imaginarium Gallery

Booth #259 • Demonstrator=

Hand-Sculpted Puppet Creations


Booth #201 • Services

Information Services, Official Merch & Coin of the Realm


Roaming Cart • Food & Drynke

Assorted Flavored Jerky

La Forge

Booth #347 • Demonstrator

Live Blacksmith Demos

The Leather Lair

Booth #519 • Artisan

Hand-Crafted Leather Clothing and Shoes

Lion's Den

Booth #126 • Artisan

Hand-Crafted Leather Items

Little Shop of Holdings

Booth #312 • Artisan

Boxes, Lockets and Such

Merlin's Magic

Booth #508 • Demonstrator

Hand-Crafted Walking Sticks; Magical and Mystical Wares

Midnight Orchid Design

Booth #209 • Artisan

Handmade bellydance, renaissance, celtic, steampunk and viking style up cycled clothing

Norse Naturals

Booth #437 • Artisan

All Natural Beard & Body Products

Oh My Goddess

Booth #327 • Artisan

Unique, One-of-a-Kind Gifts, Specialties, and Finds

Oh, Jessa!

Booth #533 • Artisan

Gypsy Garb

O'Sullivan's Fur Shed

Booth #439 • Artisan

Hand-Crafted Hats and Bags, Pelts

The Painted Pot

Booth #323 • Services

Paint Your Own Ceramics!

Pandora's Locks Hairdressing

Booth #625 • Services

Unique Braids and Twists to Wear Around the Shire

Peasant Bread

Booth #202 • Food & Drynke

Funnel Cake, Peasant Bread, and Lemonade

Perth Pewter

Booth #431 • Artisan

Hand-Poured Pewter and Accessories

Pirate Ship Swings

Booth #441 • Games & Rides

Sway to and Fro on this Man Powered Ride


Booth #610 • Artisan=

Purses, Crystal, and Elaborate Jewelry

Queen's Creamery

Booth #216 • Food & Drynke

Premium Ice Cream, Milkshakes

Red Falcon Accessories

Booth #203 • Artisan

Hats, Feather Work, and Tapestries

Red Falcon Armouries

Booth #623 • Artisan

High-Quality Leather Armour and Accessories

Red Wyvern Studio

Booth #607 • Artisan

Unique Renaissance, Steampunk & Victorian Hats


Roaming Baskets • Artisan

Assorted Artificial Roses

Rooks Gambit

Booth #237 • Artisan

Board Games, Dice, Wands

Royal Family Jewelry

Booth #304 • Artisan

Silver Adornments

The Royal Oui

Booth #253 • Artisan

Official PRF Souvenirs

The Scarlett Rose

Booth #648 • Artisan

Boldly, Beautiful Hats and Accessories

Sherwood Fineries

Booth #634 • Artisan

Costume Rentals and Sales

Silk Road Henna

Booth #TBD • Service

Henna Tattoo Art

Silk Road Traders

Booth #TBD • Artisan

Unique, Beautiful & Often Colorful Treasures

Steak on a Stake

Booth #218 • Food & Drynke

Beef, Chicken or Shrimp

Sticks & Stones & Copper Bones

Booth #316 • Artisan

Wands, Gemstones, and Copper Wares

Umbrella Cart

Roaming Cart • Artisan

Assorted Umbrellas

Utopia Armory

Booth #426 • Demonstrator

Chain Mail and Metal Works

Wee Dragon

Booth #200 • Artisan

Children's Costumes and Hats

Wild Boar

Booth #642 • Games & Rides

Take a Ride on the Wild Boar, If You Dare

Wish Bottle Cart

Roaming Cart • Artisan

Choose a Potion, Make a Keepsake

The Wreck Room

Booth #650 • Games & Rides

You Buy It, You Break It! Smash a Variety of Glassware

Ye Olde Wizards & Dragons

Booth #615 • Artisan

Fanciful and Fantastical Statuary

2021 Guest Merchants

Alongside the full-run merchants, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire welcomes a number of guest merchants. Please continue to check back as we update our merchant lists! All merchants subject to change.

Interested in becoming a guest merchant? Click here for more information!

Blonde Swan Hats

Oct. 9 - Oct. 31

Fashionable Leather Hats, Goggles & Accessories

Captured Curls

Sep. 11 - Oct. 31

Unique Hair Accessories

Colouring Tudor History

Oct. 2-3

Lavishly Illustrated Colouring Books for Grown-Ups

DaVinci Scientifica

Oct. 9 - Oct. 31

Wearable Steampunk Art

Denyan Designs

Sep. 4-5 & Oct. 9-10

Wood Bowls, Pens, Bottle Stoppers & More

Diamond Tooth Taxidermy

Oct. 23 - Oct. 31

Hand Crafted, Wearable Taxidermy

Doctor Gus

Aug. 28-29, Sept. 25-26 & Oct. 23-31

Hand Crafted Accessories & Adornments

La Wren's Next

Oct. 9 - Oct. 31

Historically Accurate Clothing, Accessories & Arms

Scottish Store Online

Aug. 21-22

Kilts, Bagpipes, and More

Shalimar Ocarinas

Oct. 9 - Oct. 31

Assorted Ocarinas

Silk Gypsies

Aug. 28 - Oct. 17

Marbled Silk Scarves & More

Storybrook Hollow

Aug. 21 - Aug. 29

Preposterous Peculiarities, Magical Makings & Whimsical Wares

The Tatterdemalion

Oct. 2 - Oct. 31

Historically Inspired Fine Clothing & Costume

Uniquely Morbid

Oct. 9 - Oct. 31

Ethically Sourced Unique Art & Jewelry

Wayward Leather

Oct. 16 - Oct. 31

Unique, Hand Made Leatherwork

2021 Workshops & Demonstrations

Step back in time at the Shire, which is filled to the brim with immersive experiences!


Archery Through the Ages (#602)

Bringing the history of archery and its world-wide application to life. We demonstrate not only how English long bows and wood arrows are made, but how and why they were such effective tools and weapons of war. Enjoy demonstrations at 12 & 4:30, as well as a Patron Competition at 1:30 - Sign up for a chance to take aim using an English long bow. Limited to first 50 patrons to sign-up.

La Forge Blacksmith

Blacksmithing Demo (#347)

Hand-forged, combat ready Renaissance blades perfect for edge-to-edge stage combat. On-site blacksmith performing live, public demonstrations of forging iron over a 2,500° Fahrenheit fire. The iron will glow, and the water will sizzle! Weaponry also be available for purchase. For more information about La Forge, visit LaForge.site. Live demonstrations each Faire day at 12:30, 2:00 & 4:30.

Dragons Breath Glassworks

Glassblowing Demonstrations (#328)

Working with a furnace that can reach 2,000 degrees, the Dragon's Breath Glassworks team creates beautiful and functional glass art right before your eyes. Stop by throughout the day for live demonstrations, or to purchase their affordable, hand-crafted wares. Like them on Facebook! Live demonstrations each Faire day at 11:30, 1:30 3:30 & 5:30.

Blue Thistle

Raku Glazing at Blue Thistle Pottery (#124)

Come join us at Blue Thistle Pottery to glaze and take home your own raku creations! Raku pottery is an ancient Japanese firing process that was originally used for hand formed tea bowls. The fast firing method involves removing the red hot wares from the kiln and placing them in containers filled with combustables. The process can produce stunning effects including metallic and iridescent colors, You glaze the piece you pick out from our selection and we fire it for you. Take it home the same day! Firing times at 1:00, 3:00 and 5:00. Please come a half hour before to ensure your place in the kiln.

Coin of the Realm

Coin of the Realm

Turn Your Credit To Cash

Stop by Informistress (located inside the Front Gate - Booth #201) to purchase your Commemorative Coin of the Realm with your Visa or Mastercard and use it at any shop on the Grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire; or keep it a souvenir of your visit!

All food booths, pourhouses and some merchants on the Shire are cash-only, which makes this a perfect way to turn your credit to cash and avoid missing out on your favorite foods and wares!

If purchase is less than the value of the Coin of the Realm, New Worlde tender will be given. Receipt needed for all returns. *Design pictured left from 2020 Season.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions that have not been answered below, please contact our business offices at 717-665-7021, Monday through Friday, 9AM-4PM or visit our formal comment, question and feedback page to submit an inquiry.

General Information

The event is located on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate, home of the PA Renaissance Faire—15 miles north of Lancaster and 13 miles east of Hershey. The street address is 2775 Lebanon Rd. Manheim, PA 17545.
There is plenty of free parking and attendants will direct you when you arrive at the festival.
The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire will be open Saturdays and Sundays, plus Labor Day August 21 through October 31. The gates open at 11AM each festival day.
A cast of colorfully costumed characters fill the Shire with music, dancing, and more! With a wide varity of stage shows daily, unique Royal Kitchens, and scores of artisan merchants with handcrafted wares, the Renaissance Faire invites guests to immerse themselves in our 35-acre village and experience the fantasy! There will be numerous activities for kids and adults alike, so the PA Renaissance Faire is truly a festival for the whole family!
Re-entry is permitted at the Faire. Be sure to have your hand stamped as you are leaving the gates to ensure readmittance.
The festival accepts most major credit cards and cash for ticket sales. We do not accept personal checks for ticket sales. The festival offers three ATMs on premises and one in the Wine Shop.

All food booths, bars and some merchants on the Shire are cash-only, which makes purchasing Coin of the Realm the perfect way to turn your Credit to Cash and avoid missing out on your favorite foods and wares. Learn More Here!
Enjoy delicious foods from a variety of Royal Kitchens throughout the Shire! Plus fresh Swashbuckler Ales, Lancaster County Ciders, Mount Hope Wines and Signature Spirit Distilling Co. Cocktails at our Pourhouses! Learn more in the Menu Section.
No outside food, beverages or coolers are permitted to be brought onto the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. However, exceptions are made for Guests with special dietary needs to include food allergies and baby food/formula. Guests with special dietary needs should print and complete the Visitor Allergen Card and present it at the Customer Service Window at the front gate when they arrive at the Faire for approval to bring in special dietary foods for the individual only. The Visitor Allergen Card will be put on file at the First Aid Station.

The Faire does not have separate allergy-friendly kitchens and is unable to guarantee that a menu item is completely free of allergens. Our menu items are reliant on supplier ingredient labels, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of each food item. Allergen advisory statements (e.g., “may contain") are not regulated. It is ultimately up to the individual's discretion to make an informed choice based upon their individual dietary needs.

Guests to the Faire may also have their hand stamped at the front gate to return to their vehicle and return to the Faire as they wish.

Click here to download the Visitor Allergen Card.
Please check back closer to the event dates for updated drinkware policies based on state guidelines.
Please download the Official Weapons Policy PDF for full details.
Please be respectful of the actors. We invite our guests to interact with the actors, but be mindful of their personal space and real human feelings. These dedicated professionals work to build interactive, magical environments for our guests and any form of intimidation, threat or harm to an employee or other guests will never be tolerated.
We understand that some audience members are sensitive to loud noises. The performances listed below contain the use of pyrotechnics, cannon fire, cracking whips, and/or gun fire during the 2020 season. This information is also marked on the weekend Daily Writ schedule available at the Front Gate upon arrival. Please check back closer to the event dates for 2021 updated information.
  • Opening Gate - Cannon Fire
  • Ultimate Joust - Cannon Fire, Pyrotechnics, Air Effects
  • Finale in Song - Fireworks to end the Show, Possible Whip Cracking
  • Don Juan & Miguel - Black Powder Pistol, Whip Cracking
  • Aaron Bonk - Whip Cracking
  • Scott Alexander - Small Charges (Barrels That "Explode" During Shows)

Guest Services

Mount Hope Estate & Winery and the PA Renaissance Faire are an ideal location to spend your special events! Learn more about booking the Feasting Glen area for your next party on the Group Sales Page.

Want to celebrate your special event with extra fun and friviolity? Show off in style and be the talk of the Shire when you wear a unique special event button (Current styles include Birthday, Anniversary, My First Visit, Groom-to-Be, and Bride-to-Be)! Available at Informistress and the Mount Hope Wine Shop!
Various hotels in the area are available. Please visit our Lodging Packages Page for specific information.
Cars are permitted to stay parked in the lot overnight if the driver has been drinking and has found another way home. Camping is not permitted in the parking lot of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
No matter what your age, please be prepared to show proper identification in order to sample from the wines or consume alcohol. Valid ID includes a state issued driver's license or state issued ID card with photo, a passport, or a United States military identification card with photo. We are unable to accept any foreign driver's license. Note that the identification cannot be expired at the time of the festival.
A minimum of 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to the expected date of visit is required to request interpreting services. While efforts to secure an interpreter will be made, services may be available with less notice time. 48-hours notice is required for cancellation of interpreter services once secured.

In order to confirm interpreting services for an upcoming visit, guests requesting interpreting services must provide the following details to the Faire's business office by emailing RoyalSPK@PaRenFaire.com.

Required Information
  • Requestor's Name
  • Requestor's Phone Number
  • Requestor's Email Address
  • Date of Services Needed
  • Duration of Needed Service (Start and End Time of Visit)
  • On-Site Point of Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Name(s) of Guests Utilizing Services
  • Confirmation Number from the Order of PA Renaissance Faire Tickets Pre-Purchased from the Faire's Website at: PaRenFaire.com/BuyTickets
Our mission is "Building interactive, magical environments that create unique and entertaining experiences for every guest, every time." Our goal is to provide a place for our employees to work and visitors to play in an atmosphere of inclusion, respect and safety. Self-expression is welcome with the understanding that intimidation, threat or harm to another person will never be tolerated. We value and respect the differences in our ever-expanding audiences and will continue to welcome everyone to this place of imagination, creativity and fun.

Ticket Information

General Admission (ages 12 and up) are $30.95; Children (5-11) are $15.95, while those 4 and under are free. Admission includes all Faire shows and entertainment, including Themed Weekend competitions and activities. Games, rides and food are not included.

To meet state and federal safety guidelines and manage our event capacities, all guests for all festivals, including Faire Season Pass Holders, must choose a date to visit in advance.
To better serve our guests, we have eliminated the need for coupons to save on your Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire admission tickets.

Follow us on Facebook for details on ticket discounts. Ticket purchasers will also be notified by email of any possible discounts.
Simply put, the PA Renaissance Faire is not a "pass the hat:" event and is paid for by the King's Purse. Entertainers hired to perform for our guests receive compensation for their performances and need not rely on guests donations for their livelihood. Our admission price reflects the budget necessary to bring the highest quality entertainment to the Faire's many stages and streets. The Mud Beggars are permitted to pass the hat because it reflects how they would have survived in Renaissance England. Additionally, guests may encounter traveling musicians busking on the village streets. This also reflects how traveling musicians made their living. Donations to these performers is always appreciated and always voluntary.
You can purchase advance tickets at the Virtual Box Office.
Yes, we are able to scan tickets from mobile devices. We ask that you please have your tickets loaded and ready to scan prior to coming to the Front Gate.
Conditions of Ticket Sale

The Faire operates rain or shine policy and refunds are not issued for rain days.

Should an overall closure occur, we will work with ticket holders to exchange or refund tickets.

Once a ticket has been scanned at the Front Gate upon entry, it is voided and no longer holds any value. The Faire does not monitor any guests’ level of participation or length of stay. Refunds are not available to guests who choose to leave. The bearer of an event ticket agrees to hold blameless and harmless Mazza Vineyards, Inc. or any of its affiliates, in the event of personal injury or loss or damage to property. The holder of the ticket assumes all responsibilities for any risk of bodily harm or loss of property sustained while attending the event, and waives all rights to lay claim for damages resulting from any cause whatsoever either before, during or after the event. You must be 21 or older to purchase or consume Alcohol.

Your ID will be verified before being served alcohol. Outside food, drink and pets are not permitted. You hereby consent to the reasonable search for alcoholic beverages, drugs, or firearms. You further consent to the use of your image or likeness incidental to any display, transmission, or reproduction of the event.

Management reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the terms and conditions of these conditions of ticket sale.
Events are rain or shine. For the safety of the performers, shows may be altered due to the weather. Ticket exchanges and refunds are not available. Once a ticket has been scanned at the front gate upon entry, it is voided and no longer holds any value. The Faire does not monitor any guests’ level of participation or length of stay. Refunds are not available to guests who choose to leave.

In rare circumstances, when the safety of patrons and participants is at risk due to extreme weather activity, the decision may be made to close the park until the threat has passed, or for the remainder of the day if necessary. An Emergency Action Plan is in place to notify guests of any closures and provide directions on actions to be taken to allow safe evacuation of the park. In the event the park is closed for the remainder of an event day, rain passes will be issued in the Wine Shop Formal Garden for one hour following the call for evacuation of the park or until conditions become unsafe for event staff. Rain passes will NOT be issued after this time.
Faire service staff and security are certified under the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board's Responsible Alcohol Management Program. Visible intoxication, as displayed by a "Visibly Intoxicated Person", is the standard by which certified servers determine intoxication. If Faire staff determines that a patron is intoxicated, the individual will be refused any further alcohol service, and designated as "VIP" by a mark made over the patron's over 21 stamp. Failure to comply with the refusal of alcohol service will result in removal from the Faire grounds without an admission refund.

Fairegrounds Information

The grounds are ADA accessible. Walking paths are paved, and handicapped seating areas are designated at all stages. Though the walking paths are paved, some stone and gravel areas may need to be travelled to reach vendor stands, merchandise booths and food stations. Handicapped accessible restrooms are available. Wheelchairs and scooters are not available for rental. Please be aware that while the Faire is paved, the terrain does present various hills and inclines. Please plan accordingly.

There is handicap parking available at the festival, just ask the parking crew to direct you to that area when you arrive.
For the well being of our guests, smoking is prohibited near stages and in audience areas. Your cooperation is appreciated for the comfort of all in attendance.
Dogs are welcome to join their human companions for the revelry of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and there are some simple steps to take before visiting with your furry friend. Learn More about Dog Pass Tickets at: PaRenfaire.com/DogDays.

Please Note: Service Dogs are always welcome. Mount Hope adheres to the ADA's definition of Service animal found here. Please refer to ADA's frequently asked questions as it pertains to Mount Hope Estate events.

Local kennels:
Canine Country Club Inc.: 888 N Penryn Rd Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-2710
Gochenauer Kennels: 995 Fruitville Pike Lititz PA, 17543, 717-569-6151

We value all guests with disabilities and their service animals. Service animals should remain on a leash or harness and under the control of the owner at all times.

Mount Hope Estate adheres to the ADA's definition of Service animal found here. Please refer to ADA's frequently asked questions as it pertains to Mount Hope Estate events.
There are multiple restrooms located throughout the grounds. All locations will be marked on the maps available on grounds during the event.

The Shire Privies will close and reopen on a rotating basis throughout the day to allow staff to sanitize the facilities using disinfectant fogging machines, wipe down high touch areas and provide clean and safe restrooms for our guests. Privies vary in size and cleaning needs and will reopen after thorough cleaning and sanitization is complete. Thank you for your patience.
The festival offers three ATMs on premises and one in the Wine Shop.
The First Aid station is located near the backside of the festival grounds on Privy Lane. The station will be marked on the festival maps handed out at the gate.
Lost and found during the event will be located at the Informistress Booth directly inside the Front Gate. After the event, it will be kept in the Wine Shop (Please call 717-665-7021 ext. 129).
Last call for all Pourhouses is 7:00PM, with the exception of the Anchor & Mermaid Tavern Wharf Bar, which has a last call of 7:15. Most food stands and merchants close between 7:15PM and 7:30PM.

Contact Mount Hope