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Single-day General Admission: $20 through December 31 (Reg. $27.95 Online/$31.95 Front Gate)
Adult Season Passes: $100 through December 31 (Reg. $125 Online / Front Gate)
Single-day Children (ages 5-11) Admission: $12.95 Online / Front Gate
Season Passes: $45 Children 5-11 Online / Front Gate
Children ages 4 & under: Free!

PA Renaissance Faire

Join us for the 38th Season of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate! A cast of hundreds of colorfully costumed characters fill the Shire with music, dancing, and more. With over 90 stage shows daily, over 20 Royal Kitchens, and scores of artisan merchants with handcrafted wares, the PA Renaissance Faire invities guests to immerse themselves in our 35-acre village and experience the fantasy!

2019 Dates & Times

The caste gates swing wide for 13 weekends of mirth and merriment—Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day Monday, August 3 through October 27, 2019. The Gates will open at 11AM and close at 8PM each Faire day.

2019 Ticket Information

Tickets Available on the Virtual Box Office
Single-day Admission: $20 through December 31!
Regularly $27.95 Online/$31.95 Front Gate
Single-day Children (ages 5-11): $12.95 Online/Front Gate
Adult Season Pass: $100 through December 31!
Regularly $125 for Adults Online/Front Gate
Children (ages 5-11) Season Pass: $45 Online/Front Gate

Themed Weekends

Each weekend throughout the Faire season will showcase an exciting and unique theme that offers a different experience every time. Enjoy themed entertainment, foods, participatory contest and activities in addition to the regularly scheduled events. Be sure to return again and again to experience each theme. Learn more on the Themed Weekends page.

Royal Dog Days

His Majesty would like to thank all of the lovers of dogs and their furry companions that joined him and the Royal Hounds upon the Fairegrounds each Saturday and Sunday of the 2018 Faire Season! While the Royal Dog Days have come to a close for the 38th season, plans for the 2019 season are now underway! Learn more on the Dog Days Page.


Single-Day Admission: $20 through December 31 (Reg. $27.95 Online/$31.95 Front Gate)
Adult Season Passes: $100 through December 31 (Reg. $125 Online/Front Gate)
Single-day Children (ages 5-11) Admission: $12.95 Online/Front Gate
Season Passes: $45 Children 5-11 Online/Front Gate
Children ages 4 & under: Free!

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Entertainment at PRF

Get ready to live the excitement and adventure of jousting knights and royal delights with a cast of hundreds of colorfully costumed villagers and merrymakers ready to make your visit an unforgettable experience. Musical, stunt and theatrical performances, magic acts and comical mud beggars are just a few of the 90 shows daily! Immerse yourself in the days of Merrie Olde England, steeped in the allure of bygone days and knights!

Faire Auditions 2019

2019 Audition Informtion

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, in preparation for its 39th performance season of jousting knights and royal delights, is seeking professional and semi-professional actors. All cast members, together with a Renaissance village full of guildsmen and artisans, independent musicians, jousters, fire-eaters, sword-swallowers, and the like, perform for hundreds of thousands of patrons annually, transporting them back to the 16th century! To learn more about becoming a part of the magic, please visit PaRenFaire.com/Auditions.

2018 Cast of Characters

The Shire is filled to the brim with colorfully costumed characters and merrymakers, ready to make your visit an unforgettable experience! Immerse yourself in the days of Merrie Olde England, steeped in the allure of bygone days and knights! Click the buttons below to learn more about the two acting troupes that make up the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire—The Bacchanalians and The Blackfryars.

Zach Minder

On the Stages

Music & Dance

Zach Minder

On the Streets


Zach Minder

In the Air

Live Action Stunts

Zach Minder

Throughout the Day

Tragedy, Comedy & More!


This full-time, professional acting company consists of 35 to 40 experienced performers from across the country. They perform swashbuckling swordplay shows, Shakespearean dramas, interactive improvised scenarios, and rollicking music and dance numbers while portraying Elizabethan characters.

Ian Agnew

Ian Agnew

Jean Mouton
French Composer

Alexis Amarante

Alexis Amarante

Josephine LeGrand Sauvage
French Dance Mistress

Joshue Baldwin

Joshua Baldwin

Anne de Montmorency
French Soldier

Sheila Barton

Sheila Barton

Lady Delores Anne Penburthy
Lady Mayor of Mount Hope

Jordan Bell

Jordan Bell

Robin "Rob" Eutonia

Christopher Burch

Chris Burch

Donald Knotts
Cabin Boy

Courtney Calato

Courtney Calato

Rosie Smith

Jessica Cashion

Jessica Cashion

Angelica Fonteyn

Patrick Croce

Patrick Croce

King Francis I
King of France

Nicole Cupo

Nicole Cupo

Beatrix La Mariee
Pirate Captain

Andy Dennison

Andy Dennison

Nicholas Carew
English Soldier

George Hamilton

George Hamilton

Hamish MacGuffin
Stable and Tavern Keeper

Jonathan Handley

Jonathan Handley

Sonny Baritone

Morgan Harwood

Morgan Harwood

Eileen Ripleigh
Powder Monkey

Jared Haverdink

Jared Haverdink

William Cornish
English Composer

Pete Hedberg

Pete Hedberg

Alexandre Luthier
Traveling Merchant

Ellen Johnson

Ellen Johnson

Hellaborine "Hella" Eutonia

Megan Jones

Megan Jones

Queen Catherine of Aragon
Queen of England

Joshua Kachncycz

Joshua Kachnycz

French Jester

Haley Karlson

Haley Karlson

Bridget Moorehouse
Apprentice of Revels

Anna Kurtz

Anna Kurtz

Gwendolyn Penburthy
Niece of the Lady Mayor

Graham Luker

Graham Luker

Charles Brandon
Master of Horse

Katie Maiello

Katie Maiello

Annabelle Norton
Scullery Maid

Katie Markey

Katie Markey

Jane Scott
English Jester

Jessi Miller

Jessi Miller

Murphy "Murph" Eutonia
Ale Brewer

Zach Minder

Zach Minder

King Henry VIII
King of England

Sarah Palm

Sarah Palm

Lady Katherine Gisborne

Joe Penn

Joe Penn

Elias Tanner
English Tanner

Allison Petrillo

Allison Petrillo

Sorcha O'Connor
First Mate

Jules Schrader

Jules Schrader

Queen Claude of Brittany
Queen of France

Adam Shepley

Adam Shepley

Fergus Macallan
Fur Trader

Alex Stompoly

Alex Stompoly

Sir Walter Roderick Kensington
Master of Revels

Celina Surniak

Celina Surniak

Nelly Frost

Hannah Ward

Hannah Ward

Meera Lowe
Wine Mistress

Leica Wilde

Leica Wilde

Sabrina Brightwood
Wise Woman

Sarah Williams

Sarah Williams

Imogen Fury

Andrew Willis

Andrew Willis

Robert Russo

Jeff Wolfthal

Jeff Wolfthal

Nicodemus Stone


Comprised of 30+ part-time experienced actors, enthusiastic novices with no prior theater experience, college students, senior citizens, and everything in between! This cast is primarily responsible for bringing the village to life by creative interesting and fun 16th century characters!

Alessandra Appiotti

Alessandra Appiotti

Tracy Rhodes
Map Maker

Andrea Barton

Andrea Barton

Anne de Graville
Lady in Waiting

Kirstin Bauer

Kirstin Bauer

Elizabeth Bryan, Lady Carew
Lady in Waiting

Lauralette Bernard

Lauralette Bernard

Eliza Buckthorne

Karen Rose Bitzer

Karen Rose Bitzer

Flora Castor

Hope Borges

Hope Borges

Belinda Ann Carlisle
Net Maker

Tabitha Borges

Tabitha Borges

Harriet Haddock
Fish Monger

Katherine Campbell

Katherine Campbell

Sarah Dearheart

Bryan Cook

Bryan Cook

William MacDonald
Game Keeper

Katrina Cook

Katrina Cook

Anges MacDonald

Elisia Freeman

Elisia Freeman

Mercedes Mercero

Corey Graff

Corey Graff

Fabrizio de Babineaux
Noble Man

Jaymz Grasso

Pasquale Grasso

"Sir" Joshua Joseph Abraham Zebulon Norton II

Steve Hager

Steve Hager

Rip Skelton
Grave Digger

Jonathan Heise

Jonathan Heise

Lord Alfred Mountjoy
Retired Knight

Emily Kern

Emily Kern

Kate Smith

Jennifer Litzinger

Jennifer Litzinger

Cassie Lynne Cadbury
Dairy Maid

Morgan McCabe

Morgan McCabe

Sam Nichols

Dana Micciche

Dana Micciché

Maria De Salinas
Lady in Waiting

Tracy Mohl

Traci Mohl

Olivia Charnwood

Jared Nocella

Jared Nocella

Sir Robert William Dannett
Noble Man

Sage O'Reilly

Sage O'Reilly

Jo Cooper

Samantha Phillips Varneke

Samantha Phillips-Varneke

Nicole Flammel

Nicholas Rainville

Nicholas Rainville

Flint Rockford
Stone Mason

Jessica Reesor

Jessica Reesor

Margaret "Maisey" Mulder
Miller's Apprentice

Kaylum Reppert

Kaylum Reppert

Jonathan Wainwright

James Riley

James Riley

Sir Adam Cringer
Captain of the Yeoman Guard

Michael Sheffield

Michael Sheffield

Charles J. Winthrop

Dave Sobkowiak

Dave Sobkowiak

Lanky Hemptwister

Katrin Stayner

Katrin Stayner

Countess Finnja Anna Guttenberg
Lady in Waiting

Jordan Taft

Jordan Taft

Anne Knyvett, Lady St. Leger
Lady in Waiting

Sandi Trait

Sandi Trait

Bianca de Mensajero

Ariel Ulrich

Ariel Ulrich

Marie de Potiers
Lady in Waiting

Katelyn Vecchiolli

Katelin Vecchiolli

Jesphine Pratt
Rag Picker

Darrell Yoder

Darrell E. Yoder

Sylvan Fairlite

Directorial Staff

Jessy Hamel
Director of Entertainment

Gwen Donnelly
ET Assistant & Housing Manager

Sam Little
Lead Performance Director & Casting Director

Jeff Wolfthal
Character/Interaction Director & Co Blackfryar Director

Haley Karlson
Assistant Character/Interaction Director

Ron Keller
Fight Director, FX Coordinator & Casting Director

Josh Kachnycz
Assistant Fight Director

Courtney Calato
Fight Captain

Katie Maiello
Fight Captain

Andrew Willis
Fight Captain

Arthur Rowan
Head Script Writer

Evin Hoffman
Music Director & Casting Director

Directorial Staff Cont.

Sheila Barton
Co. Blackfryar Director

Adam Shepley
Assitant Blackfryar Director

Nathan Worster
Blackfryar Music Director

Ian Agnew
Dialect Coach

Gordy Boudreau
Language Coach

Doug Kondziolka
Creative Consultant

Doug Wallace

Carrie Emich-Wallce

Jessi Miller
Dance Captain

David Jackson
Scheduling & Communication Coordinator

Sound Staff

Roger Fitzwater
Audio Director

Kyle Peters
Audio Coordinator

Costuming Staff

Lily Steiner
Head Costumer

Natalie Lawton
Stitcher & Shop Assitant

Erika Krause

Alessandra Sanchez-Senofonte

Nicole Snover

Hayley O'Brien

Karyn Sherwood

Kate Lilley

Katie Gallagher Worster
Wardrobe & Admin Support

Festival Photographers

Michael Ulrich

Michael Adelson

Abby Armstrong

Katie Sickles

Jesse Turner

Valerie Yohn

Production Staff

Ian Smith
Technical Director & Sign Shop Manager

Amanda Scott
Assitant to Technical Director

Michael Pryor
Master Carpenter

Julia Bowman
Prop Master

Alex Truccano
Production Crew

Cian Girven
Production Crew

Joshua Bothwell
Production Crew

James Holmes
Production Crew

2018 Shows

The Shire is bustling with many shows featuring members from both PRF's Bacchanalian and Blackfryar casts to keep you busy all weekend! Please refer to each weekends Daily Writ for specific show schedules.

King's Court

King Henry and Queen Catherine host the visiting king and queen of France. Never before have so many monarchs gathered upon a Mt. Hope stage! Will the Master of Revels, Sir Walter Roderick Kensington, be up to the task of entertaining four royals? Join them at the Endgame stage, and watch the saga of the Field of Cloth of Gold commence!

Ultimate Joust

As the sun sets upon Bosworth Field, four knights will meet in mounted combat, as a crowd of thousands looks on. Come and cheer for your favorite knight; thrill to the pounding hooves and the clash of steed and steel. Join the royal court and all the villagers of the Shire, in the epic Ultimate Joust that has made Mt. Hope famous.

MacGuffin Melee

Good Master MacGuffin has not had much luck with his establishment. It seems like every new business venture he tries always winds up in a massive brawl. But this time, he has decided to attract a fancier sort of clientele. Come attend the grand opening of MacGuffin's Gallerie of Fine Arte. With such a high-class aspiration, what could possibly go wrong?

Bloody Best

Attend the tale of Shakespeare's Macbeth, He Who Would be King of Scotland. ‘Tis forty minutes of brutal combat, murder most foul, and disturbingly comic violence. And blood. There will be blood.

The Sirens

The pirate crew of the Relentless Contessa is out for blood and gold...on any other normal day, but today, they are taking a break to demonstrate their fierce musicality, daring boldness, and filthy pirate jests!

Finale Dumb Show

Have you missed every Plot Show during the Faire day? Did you not even know there WAS a plot? Arrive to the Globe Stage 15 minutes before Finale In Song to catch up on what happened in the silliest way possible!


Kings and Queens are great and all, but what do the average citizens of Mount Hope do on a festival day? Seek out these interactive stories that you can get involved in all over the shire to find out! Provide your expert opinion at a Town Hall Meeting; help track and arrest a wanted thief (or help the thief escape!). Get involved in the happenings of Mount Hope and influence the lives of its inhabitants at these scenarios found not on stages, but in the neighborhoods all around the shire.

Music with Their Majesties

Take a break with Their Majesties, as they demonstrate Their musical merits and host the best of entertainment from the realm.

The Men of Confidence

Leonardo Da Vinci, John Skelton and Marco Chicolini di Bravosi. Who needs luck when you have confidence? With confidence, you can outsmart any opponent in a fight. You can score free drinks off of strangers, or even better: your friends! A Man Of Confidence can rise from obscurity to being the most trusted advisor to a major Lord, and then inherit that Lord's lands instead of his children. Not that any of them have done that…Come have a little fun and learn from the best!

Human Chess

King Henry and King Francis, in the spirit of friendly competition, have agreed to match wits in a game of Human Chess. All the denizens of Mt. Hope, from lowly peasants to noble knights, will take the board as members of the kings' armies. But as the ring of steel fills their ears, and the thrill of battle heats their blood, will the contest stay friendly for long?

Finale in Song

As the festival day draws to a close, the town gathers for a final celebration of song, dance, and laughter. Join King Henry and Queen Catherine, along with King Francis and Queen Claude of France, and the entire town of Mt. Hope, in a village event that reveals the very heart of the Shire.

Disasterpiece Theatre

The Master of Revels, Sir Walter Roderick Kensington, has assembled the shire's best performers (who had nothing else going on at the time) to delight our guests with a masterpiece on the stage. They present a different modern story with a 16th century twist every weekend; and of course when Sir Walter tries to get something done-- anything that can go wrong will go wrong. It will truly be a Disasterpiece!

The Rakish Rogues

What happens when two French Nobles and two English Nobles are employed by Their Majesties to entertain the masses? They don't know either! Watch these charming nobles sing revelrous songs and regale you with rowdy vulgarities.

The Irish Revels

The three Eutonia Sisters, proprietors of The Wild Rose Inn, are celebrating the return of their father by reassembling the family band. Join them for rousing Irish folk music and quirky family values.

King's Cavalry

Join the Master of Revels and The Lady Mayor for some literal horse-play on the chessboard directly before our Human Chess match! Bring your nipperkins so that they may join the King's Royal Mounted Cavalry!

Mount Hope Players

The citizens of our shire have been tasked with providing family-friendly entertainment for our guests! Witness the story of Robin Hood like you've never seen it before, learn the tale of Merlin's other Apprentice: Murray, and join the pirate crew of the Relentless Contessa while hearing the tale of a legendary Pirate: One-eyed Willy!! Join us at the Discovery Stage for some entertainment that everyone, young and old, can enjoy!

Robin Hood

You think you know the story of Robin Hood? You've probably never heard it like our Apprentice of Revels and her rag-tag team are going to tell it to you.

The Legend of One-Eyed Willy

The Cabin Boy of the "Relentless Contessa" has been tasked with finding more members for the ship's Pirate Crew. Come join his crew, and witness the tale of the most feared pirate to ever sail the seven seas! Presented by The Mount Hope Players!

King Arthur: The Legend of Murray

Everyone knows that King Arthur was the Wizard Merlin's greatest apprentice, but did you know Merlin had another apprentice after Arthur? Come experience the tale of Merlin's OTHER apprentice: Murray!

Finale in Song
Human Chess
Kids Shows
Ultimate Joust

2018 Royal Performers

Use the arrows below to explore the 2018 Royal Performers! The streets and stages of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire come to life with scores of unique entertainers, including musicians, magicians, comedy acts, and more! Merry we meet upon the Shire streets for festivities untold! Exact performance times and locations will be available on the daily writ upon your arrival to the festival grounds.

Living History

Step back in time at the Shire, which is filled to the brim with Living History! Learn about clothing styles, pastimes, handicrafts, and more to get a sense of everyday Renaissance life. Please refer to each weekends Daily Writ for specific times and locations!

Dragon's Breath Glassworks


"Do-It-Yourself" Workshops

Pasttimes with Good Company


Throughout the Shire

Blue Thistle Pottery


Every Festival Day

Welcat Herbs


A Piece of History

Nipperkin Activities

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is dedicated to celebrating its most imaginative and enthusiastic little visitors. The Renaissance period was an age of discovery and reason and it seems only fitting that these concepts should be tied into the opportunities of play the shire creates to engage and entertain both nipperkins and adults alike. Bring your imagination to life at the Children's Discovery Garden, interact with the wide range of characters during various age-appropriate shows, or visit each week throughtout the Faire season for exciting events tied to that weekend's unique theme (more information available on the themed weekends page)!

Discovery Garden

Discovery Garden

Chess, Music, Tic-Tac-Toe & More!

Noble Finishing School

Unique Shows

Fun, Interactive & Entertaining

Interactive Theater

Immersive Experiences

Memories That Last a Lifetime

Sampling Events

Pub Crawl

Pub Crawl

Good Beer, Bad Jokes, and Great Stories! Join the Washing Well Wenches and John Skelton on a guided tour of four of PRF's finest pubs: Anchor & Mermaid Wharf Bar, O'Malley's Pourhouse, the German Kitchen, and Ball & Chain. Admission includes four samples of Swashbuckler Brewing Co. beer and a souvenir sample glass to take home. The "ladies" will be sure to keep it "clean" while the tutor teaches the group a thing or two!

The Pub Crawl leaves from Informistress (Booth #201) promptly at 4:45PM. Online reservations are encouraged, as there are a limited amount of tickets and events may sell out quickly. $8 online (on the Virtual Box Office) and $10 day-of (at the Box Office located inside the Front Gate). Please Note: Patrons must have separate PA Renaissance Faire admission ticket to enter the Faire Grounds. 21 and older only.

Wine Pairing Event

Wine & Cheese Pairing Event

Each Saturday & Sunday at 1:30PM • Located on the Anchor & Mermaid Deck - Enjoy a guided tasting of award-winning Mount Hope Wines, thoughtfully paired with artisan cheeses. Includes a take-home tasting glass and special gift!

  • Moscato & Irish Cheddar
  • Riesling & Gouda
  • Blackberry Merlot & French Emmental
  • Malbec & Holland Fontina
  • Apricot Preserves & Assorted Crackers Also Available
$15 in Advance / $20 Day-Of • Purchase your tickets today! Please Note: Spots are extremely limited. Please Note: Patrons must have separate PA Renaissance Faire admission ticket to enter the Faire Grounds. 21 and older only. Above pairings subject to change.


Wine & Spirits Tasting at Oarhouse Provisions

New for the 2018 season! The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is proud to offer a unique wine & spirits tasting experience at Oarhouse Provisions, every festival day in the Swashbuckler Grove! Purchase samples of select of Mount Hope Wines and Big Spring Distillery Spirits and place your order for bottles to go. Pick up your order in the Mount Hope Wine Shop as you exit the festival grounds.

Merchants at the PA Renaissance Faire

So much shopping, so little time! Having over 100 unique merchants to visit during an already packed Faire day makes it difficult to see and do everything in one day. The independent merchants each operate their own business upon the Shire and look forward to bantering and bartering with Faire visitors. Demonstrations by many mnerchants show guests rarely seen art forms before their very eyes. Man-powered rides and guest services complete the festive Faire experience. Forgot something on a recent trip? Consider a one-hour shopping pass at the front gate to pick up that unforgettable item.

Interested in becoming a Faire merchant? Click here for more information!

Abbey Scriptorium

Artisan • Booth #221

Shire's Bookstore and Historical Library

The Amazing Maze

Games & Rides • Booth #251

Escape This Life-Sized Maze

American Highlander

Artisan • Booth #433

Kilts and Clothing

Archery Through the Ages

Demonstrator • Booth #602

Archery Demonstration and Hand-Made Longbows

As You Like It

Artisan • Booth #127

Handcrafted Cloaks, Kilts and More

The Aviary

Demonstrator • Booth #535

Have your questions answered by our longtime resident falconer, Ash Cary

Beads & Ladies

Artisan • Booth #235

Trimmings for the Upper Class

The Bee Folks

Demonstrator • Booth #209

BHoney, Candles, and a Working Bee Hive

Be Steel My Heart

Demonstrator • Booth #343

Fantasy, Licensed Swords

Blue Thistle Pottery

Demonstrator • Booth #124

Pottery Sculpted Before Your Eyes

Box Office: Return to the Past Passes

Services • Booth #206

Return Passes & Discount Event Tickets

Button Down the Hatches

Artisan • Booth #118

Button Jewelry and Unique Gifts

Canes Enable

Artisan • Booth #445

Vintage Umbrellas, Canes, and Walking Sticks

Captured Curls

Artisan • Booth #616

Hand-Made Hair Accessories

Captured Curves

Artisan • Booth #435

Pirate-Inspired Corsets

Casta Diva

Artisan • Booth #140

Hand-Made Corsets

Catskill Moccasins

Artisan • Booth #424

Hand-Crafted Leather Footwear

Center of Energy

Entertainment • Booth #506

Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, and More


Food & Drynke • Booth #220

Fresh Steak or Chicken Sandwiches

Chimes and Charms

Artisan/Merchant • Booth #449

Upcycled Bottles and Unique Wares

Crocheted by Kirby

Artisan • Booth #127

Crocheted Hoods, Horns and More

Crone's Enchanted Cottage

Artisan • Booth #315

Witchy Creations and Trinkets

Crown Jewels

Artisan • Booth #307

Upscale Precious Jewels and Pearls

Crow's Nest

Games & Rides • Booth #121

Spinning Man-Powered Ride

Crystal Fantasy

Artisan • Booth #136

Unique Embroidered Apparel

Crysal Fineries

Artisan • Booth #207

Renaissance Clothing for Lords and Ladies

Crystal Palace

Artisan • Booth #321

Crystal Sculptures

Danny Boy Pipes

Artisan • Booth #439

Hand-Made Pipes and Pipe Accessories

The da Vinci Sno-Cone

Food & Drynke • Booth #447

Man-Powered Sno-Cone Machine

Delighted Eye Gifts & Headwreaths

Artisan • Booth #317

Unique Wares for Home and Garden

Dragon's Breath Glassworks

Demonstrator • Booth #328

Glass Wares, Demonstrations, and Classes

Dragon's Breath Glassworks

Artisan • Booth #326

Guest Artists and Abstract Glass Designs

Dress Your Dreams

Artisan • Booth #510

Clothing for All Good Gentles

Duck & Cover

Artisan • Booth #347

Armor and Child Friendly Swords

Dungeon Museum

Artisan • Booth #621

Marvel at the Poor Souls on Display in the Dungeon

Emerald Castle

Artisan • Booth #303

Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, and More

Emperor's Needle

Demonstrator • Booth #429

Hand-Crafted Leather Goods

Enchanted Forest

Artisan • Booth #324

Children's Toys, Wind Spinners, Soaps

Enchanted Shire

Artisan • Booth #428

Renaissance House Wares and Gifts

Fairie Fluff

Food & Drynke • Roving Booth

Fresh Cotton Candy

Fairie Tailor

Artisan • Booth #314

Hand-Painted Capes

Fantasy Face Painting

Services • Booth #520

Artistic Creations For Thy Face


Artisan • Booth #320

Everything Fairies, Unicorns, and Masks

The Feather Place

Artisan • Booth #605

Feathers, Fans, and Accessories

The Fight Circle

Games & Rides • Booth #524

Challenge Your Friends to a Sword Fighting Duel

Fionna's Fineries

Artisan • Booth #646

16th Century Apparel for the Fanciful Traveler

First State Greyhound Rescue

Service • Booth #132

Rescued and Adoptable Former Racing Greyhounds

Fleur Di Lis Teas

Artisan • Booth #128

Specialty Teas and Tea-Related Gifts

Forever Amber

Artisan • Booth #522

Exquisite Amber Jewelry

Fortune's Favour

Services • Booth #636/640

Tarot Card Reading and More

Full Moon Candle Garden

Artisan • Booth #514

Hand-Poured Candles and On-Site Candle Carver

Full Moon Ventures

Artisan • Booth #432

Celtic and Magic Delights

Gaming Village

Games & Rides • Booth #100

Archery, Axe Throw, Knife Throw

Hats by Rebecca

Artisan • Booth #318

Hats for Every Occasion

Herb Garden & Apothecary

Demonstrator • Booth #255

Potpourri, Lip Balm, Herbs, Lotions, Incense, and More

Henna Body Art

Services • Booth #520

Unique Temporary Designs


Games & Rides • Booth #614

Add a Little Swing to Your Shire Travels

Horn Kiosk

Artisan • Booth #247

A set of Horns to Suit Every Personality

Imaginarium Gallery

Demonstrator • Booth #259

Hand-Sculpted Puppet Creations


Services • Booth #201

Information Booth & Official PRF Gifts

Iron Intentions

Demonstrator • Booth #604

Hand-Forged Iron Products

Iron Wolf Traders

Artisan • Booth #227

Cast Iron Home and Garden Decor

Iron Wolf Traders: Part Duex

Artisan • Booth #237

Cast Iron Wares & Leather Journals

Isle of Man

Demonstrator • Booth #529

Hand-Crafted Art in Wood: Bowls, Plates, Cups and More

King's Mint

Services • Booth #204

Commemorative Coin of the Realm—Works Like Cash on the Shire!

La Forge

Demonstrator • Booth #348

Swords and Weaponry

The Leather Lair

Artisan • Booth #519

Hand-Crafted Leather Clothing and Shoes

Lion's Den

Demonstrator • Booth #126

Hand-Crafted Leather Work

Lords & Ladies

Artisan • Booth #310

Clothing for the 16th Century Lord or Lady

Merlin's Magic

Demonstrator • Booth #508

Hand-Crafted Walking Sticks; Magical and Mystical Wares

Midnight Orchid

Artisan • Booth #443

Upscale Steampunk/Belly Dance Fashion

Motley H

Artisan • Booth #620

Upcycled Clothes and Accessories

Mystical Realm Artisan

Artisan • Booth #312

Metal Hair Twisters

Nature's Heirlooms

Artisan • Booth #316

Hair Wrapping, Gems, and Stones

Oh My Goddess

Artisan • Booth #327

Unique, One-of-a-Kind Gifts, Specialties, and Finds

O'Sullivan's Fur Shed

Artisan • Booth #617

Hand-Crafted Hats and Bags, Pelts

Pandora's Locks Hairdressing

Services • Booth #625

Unique Braids and Twists to Wear Around the Shire

Peasant Bread

Food & Drynke • Booth #202

Funnel Cake, Peasant Bread, and Lemonade

Perth Pewter

Artisan • Booth #431

Hand-Poured Pewter and Accessories

Pirate's Den

Artisan • Booth #531

Everything the Pirate in you Might Need

Pirate Ship Swings

Games & Rides • Booth #441

Sway to and Fro on this Man Powered Ride

Pottery of Yore

Artisan • Booth #533

Hand-Crafted Pottery


Artisan • Booth #610

Purses, Crystal, and Elaborate Jewelry

Queen's Creamery

Food & Drynke • Booth #216

Premium Ice Cream, Milkshakes

Red Falcon Accessories

Artisan • Booth #203

Hats, Feather Work, and Tapestries

Red Falcon Armouries

Artisan • Booth #623

High-Quality Leather Armour and Accessories

Red Wyvern Studio

Artisan • Booth #618

High-End Designer Hats

Rising Sun

Artisan • Booth #300

Candles and Soaps

The Sign of the Rose

Demonstrator • Booth #230

Copper Roses and Art

Rooks Gambit

Artisan • Booth #217

Board Games, Dice, Wands

Royal Family Jewelry

Artisan • Booth #304

Silver Adornments

The Royal Oui

Artisan • Booth #253

Official PRF Souvenirs

Rum Runners Barrel Coopers

Artisan • Booth #628

Liquor Infused Barrels and Cigars

Saravasti's Call

Artisan • Booth #533

Gypsy Garb

The Scarlett Rose

Artisan • Booth #648

Boldly, Beautiful Hats and Accessories

Shalimar Family Ocarinas

Artisans • Roving Booth

Hand-Molded Ocarinas

Sherwood Fineries

Artisan • Booth #634

Costume Rentals and Sales

Sir Launch A Lot

Artisan • Booth #437

Marshmallow Catapults

Steak on a Stake

Food & Drynke • Booth #218

Beef, Chicken or Shrimp

St. George's Dragon Orphanage

Artisan • Booth #325

Adoptable Live Anoles

Swords & Shields

Artisan • Booth #323

Artistically Decorated Wooden Swords/Shields

Tower of Steel

Artisan • Booth #307

A Wide Assortment of Steel Jewelry

Traders of Tamerlane

Artisan • Booth #131

Lanterns, Asian Influenced Merchandise

Treasure Quest

Games & Rides • Booth #534

Gem Panning, Nature Gifts, Stones, Gems, and More

Up Your Kilt

Artisan • Booth #127

Hand-Made Clothing

Utopia Armory

Demonstrator • Booth #426

Chain Mail and Metal Works

Waxed Hands & Roses

Demonstrator • Booth #300

Wax Your Own Hands or Rose; A Souvenir to Cherish

Wee Dragon

Artisan • Booth #200

Children's Costumes and Hats

Whistling Birds

Artisan • Roving Booth

Chirping Clay Whistles

Wild Boar

Games & Rides • Booth #642

Take a Ride on the Wild Boar, If You Dare

Wish Bottles

Artisan • Roving Booth

Choose a Potion, Make a Keepsake

Wolf Spirit Jewelry

Demonstrator • Booth #313

Hand-Crafted Beaded Jewelry

The Wreck Room

Games & Rides • Booth #650

You Buy It, You Break It! Smash a Variety of Glassware

Ye Olde Wizards & Dragons

Artisan • Booth #615

Fanciful and Fantastical Statuary

Yourself Discovery

Artisan • Booth #644

Jewelry, Crystal, and Silvery

2018 Guest Merchants

Alongside the full-run merchants, the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire welcomes a number of guest merchants.

Interested in becoming a guest merchant? Click here for more information!

Blown Glass by Winston

Oct. 6-28

Daily Lampworker Demonstrations

Dark Rain Design

Sept. 22-23

Clockwork Critters

Dr Gus Designs

Sept. 22-23

Hand-Crafted Jewelry and Wares

Earthly Leather Designs

Sept. 22-30

We Live and Breath Leather

EF Whips

Oct. 13-21

Custom-Made Kangaroo Whips

Fairy Moon LLC

Aug. 18-19

A Variety of Hand-Crafted Items

Felix Eddy

Oct. 13-28

Fine Art and Hand-Made Creations

Finneran Jewelry

Sept. 22-23, Oct. 13-14 & 27-28

Upcycled Jewelry Made from Vintage Tin & Beads

Irish Lass Glass

Aug. 18-19

Custom Glassware by Sinéad Moss

James Ahr Metalwork

Oct. 20-21

Hand-Crafted Metalwork, Jewelry, and Home Decor

Jon Carraher Artworks

Oct. 6-28

Fantasy Artist from Lancaster County, PA

Julia Busko Illustration

Aug. 4-5, Aug. 18-26

Fantasy Illustrations

Keinard Design

Sept. 22-23

Steampunk Neovictorian, Antique Vintage Bullet Jewelry


Sept. 8-9, 22-23

Unique Hand-Crafted Stained Glass Jewelry, Sculpture, and Mobiles

KSH Creative

Sept. 22-23

Adult Coloring Books Inspired by Tudor History

Lady Leather Smythe

Sept. 15-16, Oct. 27-28

Leath Corsets, Jewelry, and More

MaD Design

Aug. 18-19, Oct. 20-21

No One Should Drink Out of a Plain Glass!

Mirabella Took Creations

Sept. 22-23

Leather Masks, Ornaments, Gauntlets, and More

Next Level Crafts

Aug. 25-26, Sept. 22-23, Oct. 20-21

Fine Crafts and Accessories

Norse Naturals

Aug 25-26, Sept. 8-9/29-30, Oct. 27-28

Natural • Better • You

Piya Wannachaiwong Illustrations

Sept. 1-23

Illustrator and Art Instructor

Realm and Reason

Aug. 25-26, Sept. 22-23

Hand-Made, One-of-a-Kind Adornments

Realm Makers

Aug. 4-5, Aug.25-Sept. 9

Full-Time Freelance Artist

Royal Vagabond Designs

Aug. 4-5, Aug. 18-26

Hand-Made Jewelry from the Four Winds

Seventh Valley Design

Oct. 27-28

Handwoven Textiles Made by Local Philadelphia Artist

The Silk Road Traders

Aug. 18-Sept. 9

Custom Blended Perfume Oils

Starlight Glass, LLC

Oct. 13-14

Stained Glass Company Based Out of Burlington, NJ

Sylph Art Studios

Aug. 18-19

Fine Portraiture and Original Art

Tomboy Togs

Sept. 22-23

Adding Whimsy to the Lives of Kiddos Everywhere

Wayward Leather Design

Oct. 6-28

Unique, Hand-Made Leatherwork

WGK Glass Art, INC

Aug. 4-26

Elegant and Beautiful Glass Art

Wolf's Head Enterprise

Sept. 1-23

Metal and Leather Works

PRF Souvenirs

Celebrate the 38th Anniversary Season with the very best in glassware, apparel, commemorative merchandise and more! Available in the Mount Hope Wine Shop or on the Faire Grounds at the Informistress (Booth #201) and the Royal Oui (Booth #253).

King's Mint & Coin of the Realm

Coin of the Realm

King's Mint

Stop by the King's Mint (located inside the Front Gate) to purchase your Commemorative Coin of the Realm with your Visa or Mastercard and use it at any shop on the Grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire; or keep it a souvenir of your visit!

All food booths, pourhouses and some merchants on the Shire are cash-only, which makes this a perfect way to turn your credit to cash and avoid missing out on your favorite foods and wares!

If purchase is less than the value of the Coin of the Realm, New Worlde tender will be given. Receipt needed for all returns.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other questions that have not been answered below, please contact our business offices at 717-665-7021, Monday through Friday, 9AM-4PM or visit our formal comment, question and feedback page to submit an inquiry.

General Information

The event is located on the grounds of Mount Hope Estate, home of the PA Renaissance Faire—15 miles north of Lancaster and 13 miles east of Hershey. The street address is 2775 Lebanon Rd. Manheim, PA 17545.
There is plenty of free parking and attendants will direct you when you arrive at the festival.
The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire will be open Saturdays and Sundays, plus Labor Day Monday, August through October. The gates open at 11AM and close at 8PM each festival day.
Arrive at least 20 minutes before opening (11AM) for the best chance for a speedy entry. Pre-purchase your tickets securely online for even faster access to the day's events. The line for E-ticket prior to gate opening may look long, but moves very quickly, while lines for purchasing tickets move much slower. T-ticket lines are clear usually 20-30 minutes after opening, but day-of ticket sales lines last later into the afternoon.
The castle gates swing wide open for 13 weekends of mirth and merriment amidst jousting knights and royal delights! A cast of hundreds of colorfully costumed characters fill the Shire with music, dancing, and more! With over 90 stage shows daily, over 20 Royal Kitchens, and scores of artisan merchants with handcrafted wares, the Renaissance Faire invites guests to immerse themselves in our 35-acre village and experience the fantasy! There will be numerous activities for kids and adults alike, so the PA Renaissance Faire is truly a festival for the whole family!
Re-entry is permitted at the Faire. Be sure to have your hand stamped as you are leaving the gates to ensure readmittance.
The festival accepts credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) and cash for ticket sales. We do not accept personal checks for ticket sales. The festival offers three ATMs on premises and one in the Wine Shop.

All food booths, bars and some merchants on the Shire are cash-only, which makes a visit to the King's Mint the perfect way to turn your Visa or Mastercard credit to cash and avoid missing out on your favorite foods and wares. Learn More Here!
Enjoy delicious foods from over 20 Royal Kitchens throughout the Shire! Plus fresh Swashbuckler Ales, Lancaster County Ciders and Mount Hope Wines at our Pubs and Pourhouses! Download the PRF Shire Kitchens printable menu PDF.
No outside food, beverages or coolers are permitted to be brought onto the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. However, exceptions are made for Guests with special dietary needs to include food allergies and baby food/formula. Guests with special dietary needs should print and complete the Visitor Allergen Card and present it at the Customer Service Window at the front gate when they arrive at the Faire for approval to bring in special dietary foods for the individual only. The Visitor Allergen Card will be put on file at the First Aid Station.

The Faire does not have separate allergy-friendly kitchens and is unable to guarantee that a menu item is completely free of allergens. Our menu items are reliant on supplier ingredient labels, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the contents of each food item. Allergen advisory statements (e.g., “may contain") are not regulated. It is ultimately up to the individual's discretion to make an informed choice based upon their individual dietary needs.

Guests to the Faire may also have their hand stamped at the front gate to return to their vehicle and return to the Faire as they wish.

Click here to download the Visitor Allergen Card.
Please download the Official Weapons Policy PDF for full details.

Guest Services

Mount Hope Estate & Winery and the PA Renaissance Faire are an ideal location to spend your special events! Learn more about booking the Feasting Glen area for your next party on the Group Sales Page.

Want to celebrate your special event with extra fun and friviolity? Show off in style and be the talk of the Shire when you wear a unique special event button (Current styles include Birthday, Anniversary, My First Visit, Groom-to-Be, and Bride-to-Be)! Available at Informistress and the Mount Hope Wine Shop!
Various hotels in the area are available. Please visit our Lodging Packages Page for specific information.
Cars are permitted to stay parked in the lot overnight if the driver has been drinking and has found another way home. Camping is not permitted in the parking lot of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
No matter what your age, please be prepared to show proper identification in order to sample from the wines or consume alcohol. Valid ID includes a state issued driver's license or state issued ID card with photo, a passport, or a United States military identification card with photo. We are unable to accept any foreign driver's license. Note that the identification cannot be expired at the time of the festival.
A minimum of 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to the expected date of visit is required to request interpreting services. While efforts to secure an interpreter will be made, services may be available with less notice time. 48-hours notice is required for cancellation of interpreter services once secured.

In order to confirm interpreting services for an upcoming visit, guests requesting interpreting services must provide the following details to the Faire's business office by emailing RoyalSPK@PaRenFaire.com.

Required Information
  • Requestor's Name
  • Requestor's Phone Number
  • Requestor's Email Address
  • Date of Services Needed
  • Duration of Needed Service (Start and End Time of Visit)
  • On-Site Point of Contact Name and Phone Number
  • Name(s) of Guests Utilizing Services
  • Confirmation Number from the Order of PA Renaissance Faire Tickets Pre-Purchased from the Faire's Website at: PaRenFaire.com/BuyTickets
The performances listed below contain the use of pyrotechnics, cannon fire, cracking whips, and/or gun fire:
  • Opening Gate - Cannon Fire
  • Bloody Best: MacBeth - Air Effects, Extreme Blood/Fluid Effects
  • The Grand MacGuffin Melee - Air Effects
  • Sir Isaac Fawlkes - Black Powder Pistol
  • Don Juan & Miguel - Black Powder Pistol, Whip Cracking
  • Human Chess Match - Whip Cracking
  • Ultimate Joust - Cannon Fire, Pyrotechnics, Air Effects
  • Finale in Song - Fireworks to end the Show, Possible Whip Cracking
Our mission is "Building interactive, magical environments that create unique and entertaining experiences for every guest, every time." Our goal is to provide a place for our employees to work and visitors to play in an atmosphere of inclusion, respect and safety. Self-expression is welcome with the understanding that intimidation, threat or harm to another person will never be tolerated. We value and respect the differences in our ever-expanding audiences and will continue to welcome everyone to this place of imagination, creativity and fun.

Ticket Information

Admission prices for adults (ages 12 and up) are $27.95 in advance (On the Virtual Box Office) and $31.95 at the gate. Children (5-11) are $12.95, while those 4 and under are free. Admission includes all Faire shows and entertainment, including Themed Weekend competitions and activities. Games, rides and food are not included.
To better serve our guests, we have eliminated the need for coupons to save on your Faire admission tickets. Learn more about ways to save this Faire season by visiting our Discounts & Specials Page.
Simply put, the PA Renaissance Faire is not a "pass the hat:" event and is paid for by the King's Purse. Entertainers hired to perform for our guests receive compensation for their performances and need not rely on guests donations for their livelihood. Our admission price reflects the budget necessary to bring the highest quality entertainment to the Faire's many stages and streets. The Mud Beggars are permitted to pass the hat because it reflects how they would have survived in Renaissance England. Additionally, guests may encounter traveling musicians busking on the village streets. This also reflects how traveling musicians made their living. Donations to these performers is always appreciated and always voluntary.
You can purchase advance tickets at the Virtual Box Office or at the Front Gate the day of the Faire.
All sales are final. There are no refunds, exchanges, or cancellations.

Conditions of Ticket Sale

NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES. Event tickets are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not for resale. Once a ticket has been scanned at the Front Gate upon entry, it is voided and no longer holds any value. The Faire does not monitor any guests' level of participation or length of stay. Refunds are not available to guests who choose to leave. The bearer of an event ticket agrees to hold blameless and harmless Mazza Vineyards, Inc. or any of its affiliates, in the event of personal injury or loss or damage to property. The holder of the ticket assumes all responsibilities for any risk of bodily harm or loss of property sustained while attending the event, and waives all rights to lay claim for damages resulting from any cause whatsoever either before, during or after the event. You must be 21 or older to purchase or consume Alcohol.

Your ID will be verified before being served alcohol. Outside food, drink and pets are not permitted. You hereby consent to the reasonable search for alcoholic beverages, drugs, or firearms. You further consent to the use of your image or likeness incidental to any display, transmission, or reproduction of the event.

Management reserves the right to refuse admission or eject any person whose conduct is deemed by management to be disorderly or who fails to comply with the terms and conditions of these conditions of ticket sale.
It has become necessary to include a per ticket service fee for our event tickets in order to defray the rising costs of taxes and credit card processing. The fee also offsets the costs of consumables, ticket handling, and support. Service Fees are set online - $1.25/ticket, on site or telephone transactions - $2.00/ticket, and Season Passes - $2.50/pass (online, phone or on site).
Events are rain or shine. For the safety of the performers, shows may be altered due to the weather. Ticket exchanges and refunds are not available. Once a ticket has been scanned at the front gate upon entry, it is voided and no longer holds any value. The Faire does not monitor any guests’ level of participation or length of stay. Refunds are not available to guests who choose to leave.

In rare circumstances, when the safety of patrons and participants is at risk due to extreme weather activity, the decision may be made to close the park until the threat has passed, or for the remainder of the day if necessary. An Emergency Action Plan is in place to notify guests of any closures and provide directions on actions to be taken to allow safe evacuation of the park. In the event the park is closed for the remainder of an event day, rain passes will be issued in the Wine Shop Formal Garden for one hour following the call for evacuation of the park or until conditions become unsafe for event staff. Rain passes will NOT be issued after this time.

Fairegrounds Information

The grounds are ADA accessible. Walking paths are paved, and handicapped seating areas are designated at all stages. Though the walking paths are paved, some stone and gravel areas may need to be travelled to reach vendor stands, merchandise booths and food stations. Handicapped accessible restrooms are available. Wheelchairs and scooters are not available for rental. Please be aware that while the Faire is paved, the terrain does present various hills and inclines. Please plan accordingly.

There is handicap parking available at the festival, just ask the parking crew to direct you to that area when you arrive.
For the well being of our guests, smoking is prohibited near stages and in audience areas. Your cooperation is appreciated for the comfort of all in attendance.
Royal Hounds are permitted on the Faire Grounds on select weekends during the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire Season. Learn more at PaRenFaire.com/DogDays. Other pets are not permitted on the fairegrounds. Service animals are permitted following the guidelines set forth by the ADA. Please do not leave animals in your car.

Local kennels:

Canine Country Club Inc.: 888 N Penryn Rd Manheim, PA 17545, 717-665-2710

Gochenauer Kennels: 995 Fruitville Pike Lititz PA, 17543, 717-569-6151
There are three different restroom locations, one outside the gates and two inside the gates. All three will be marked on the map that will be handed out during the festival.
The festival offers three ATMs on premises and one in the Wine Shop.

All food booths, bars and some merchants on the Shire are cash-only, which makes a visit to the King's Mint the perfect way to turn your Visa or Mastercard credit to cash and avoid missing out on your favorite foods and wares. Learn More Here!
The First Aid station is located near the backside of the festival grounds on Privy Lane. The station will be marked on the festival maps handed out at the gate.
Lost and found during the event will be located at the Informistress Booth directly inside the Front Gate. After the event, it will be kept in the Wine Shop (Please call 717-665-7021 ext. 129).
Last call for all Pubs and Pourhouses is 7:00PM, with the exception of the Anchor & Mermaid Tavern Wharf Bar, which has a last call of 7:30. Most food stands and merchants close between 7:30PM and 7:45PM.

Contact Mount Hope