Themed Weekends at
the 2024 PA Renaissance Faire

The castle gates swing wide August 17, and the Faire continues Saturdays & Sundays through October 27! Each weekend throughout the Faire season will showcase an exciting and unique theme that offers a different experience every time. A Note About Special Events: Arrive 15 minutes prior to event to sign in. Limited slots are available for participation. Please Note: All information is subject to change. Please follow our website, Facebook Page and join the Royal Email List Newsletter for the most up to date news and information.

Fairies and Fantasy Weekend

Fairies & Fantasy

The gates of the shire swing open wide welcoming all to Mount Hope! Fine yourself among your fellow travelers as well as travelers from the Fey realm—Pixies, brownies, centaurs, fawns, Duengeon Masters and more. Experience the fantasy!

Pyrate Invasion

Pyrate Invasion

A black flag is raised under dark skies as the ship pulls into the harbor. Pyrates have come to Mount Hope! Swashbucklers and Scallywags alike find themselves welcome, so let out a mighty "Avast!", find some rum, and join a crew!

Heroes and Villains

Heroes & Villains

In a world where the forces of light and dark battle, join the Shire of Mount Hope in saluting all the Heroes of the Realm!


Viking Weekend

The thrumming of drums can be heard off the coast as a longboat comes into view. By Odin's ravens, Vikings are coming to Mount Hope, and the Lady Mayor has declared that all are welcome!


Wizarding Weekend

Mount Hope has gotten even more magical! Wheather you've graduated from a prestigious wizarding institution, are visiting from the forgotten realms, or just need to refresh your stock of Eye of Newt, you don't even need to say a magic word for the gates of the shire to open for you!

Gaelic Weekend

Shamrocks & Shenanigans

Strap on your kilt, grab your shillelagh, and hold on to your potatoes—the Celtic nations have come to revel in Mount Hope! Enjoy a good stout, a scotch egg, and show off your calves all weekend long. (Note: This is NOT the Celtic Fling & Highland Games event that occurs in June.)



Raise a Stein, tie on your dirndl, and buckle your lederhosen as the Shire of Mount Hope celebrates Oktoberfest! Swashbuckler Beers are the star of this weekend, as well as traditional Oktoberfest games, dancing, and music for all to enjoy.

Time Travelers

Time Travelers

One weekend every year the laws of space and time get much more wibbily wobbily. Rebels and Red Shirts, Doctors and Wyld Stallions converge on the Shire of Mount Hope, and everything goes up to 1.21 Giggawats!

Halloween Days & Spooky Knights

Halloween Days & Spooky Knights I

The veil between this world and the world beyond grows thin as creatures of all sorts converge on the Shire of Mount Hope in search of treats and trickery. A new Halloween scenario awaits all who visit during these three weekends! What manner of creature will pay visit to Mount Hope this year?

Halloween Days & Spooky Knights

Halloween Days & Spooky Knights II

Mischief and Myrth abound in the form of ghosts and goblins, fairies and vampires still haunting the Shire of Mount Hope! Who you gonna call?

Halloween Days & Spooky Knights

Halloween Days & Spooky Knights III

The final weekend of the Festival SEason of Mount Hope Shire. Trick or Treat, show off your costumes, relish in the festive spookiness with the people of Mount Hope one final time!

Our Dog Friendly Faire

Friendly, well-behaved dogs are welcome to join their human companions for the revelry of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire. There are some simple steps to take before visiting with your furry friend. Dog Friendly Faire tickets and policies apply to dogs only. No other animals will be admitted. (Our Dog Friendly Faire program does not apply to any other Mount Hope Events and is valid only for the Renaissance Faire, running August-October.)

Download the Dog Decrees Informational Sheet: Includes Decrees & Noise Sensitivity Details

Service Dogs are always welcome!

Mount Hope adheres to the ADA's definition of Service animal found here found here. Please refer to ADA's frequently asked questions as it pertains to Mount Hope Estate events. Service Dogs do not require a Royal Hound Ticket or submission of the form or waiver.

Steps to a Dog Friendly Faire Visit:

  1. Submit the Qualified Dog Registration Form, Qualified Dog Waiver and your dog's photo. You will need the EXPIRATION date of your dog's vaccines for the form.
  2. After submitting these items, you will receive an approval email providing a link to purchase date-specific, Royal Hound Tickets for your registered dog(s). Allow one business day for review. Approval emails will not be sent on Saturday or Sundays. Royal Hound Ticket - $5.00 per date specific Faire visit per dog.
  3. Present your dog's date-specific ticket by hard-copy or phone at the gate for entry.

Owners must complete a Qualified Dog Registration Form, Wavier and uploaded photos for each individual dog. A date specific Royal Hound Ticket will be required for each visit, for each dog, registered to enter the Fairegrounds. Tickets can be printed or shown from a mobile device for entry. Tickets are non-transferable and apply only to the registered dog.

Both human and dog tickets are available online, in advance ONLY.

Tickets will NOT be sold at the gate. Allow one business day for review of dog registration information. Approvals will not be sent on Saturdays or Sundays.

Follow the Dog Decrees and Enjoy Your Visit to our Dog Friendly Faire!

While visiting, we expect our furry friends will make sure that their human companions follow the Shire's Dog Decrees. We look forward to welcoming you and your furry family member to the 2024 Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire!

Sensitive Ears?

Some performances may contain the use of pyrotechnics, cannon fire, cracking whips or gun fire.

  • Boar's Head Brawl - Whip Cracking
  • Opening Gate - Cannon Fire
  • Tournament of Arms - Whip Cracking
  • Ultimate Joust - Cannon Fire, Explosions, Fireworks
  • Pub Sing Finale - Possible Whip Cracking
  • Adamo Ignis - Whip Cracking
  • Aaron Bonk - Whip Cracking
  • Buckle & Swash - Whip Cracking
  • Don Juan & Miguel - Black Powder Pistol, Whip Cracking
  • Eric the Viking - Loud Handbells
  • Kamikaze Fireflies - Possible Whip Cracking
  • Nature of Mercy - Black Powder Pistol, Whip Cracking

Dog Decrees

  • The Dog Friendly Faire Program applies to dogs only. No other pets will be allowed on festival grounds.
  • The Faire welcomes dogs with responsible owners who have:
    1. Submitted the Qualified Dog Registration Form, Waiver and photo of their dog.
    2. Received approval and email link to purchase Royal Hound Tickets.
    3. Purchased a 2024 date-specific Royal Hound Ticket for their dog's admission.
  • A date-specific Royal Hound Ticket will be required for each visit for each dog you have registered to enter the Faire grounds. Tickets can be printed or shown from a mobile device for entry.
  • Owner agrees that all Royal Hound Tickets are non-transferable and applicable only to the dog that has been registered for attendance.
  • Mount Hope Estate adheres to the ADA's definition of Service Animals found here. Please refer to the ADA's frequently asked questions as it pertains to Mount Hope Estate events.
  • Owners must be able to provide proof of Rabies Vaccination at any time on site either by producing a physical rabies certificate, written dated record of shots from veterinarian or by tag with date of expiration displayed on the dog.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times (maximum of 6 feet) and kept under control. Retractable leashes are not permitted.
  • Owners are required to clean up after their dogs. Do not allow dogs to relieve themselves on walkways or inside or on booths.
  • No puppies under the age of 6 months allowed.
  • Only well-behaved dogs in good health will be admitted. The Faire reserves the right to refuse entry to any dog and reserves the right to request that an owner remove a dog from the site.
  • Dog owners shall adhere to any requests or directions in relation to their dog made by performers, merchants or Faire staff, should an issue arise with any dog during a performance, inside a merchant booth or otherwise.
  • Not all dogs visiting the Faire will be comfortable with their surroundings. It is for that reason that the Faire reserves the right to ask anyone whose dog appears to be uncomfortable or is not under control to remove the dog from the park.
  • Guests may not leave dogs unattended at any time upon the Faire grounds. Dogs shall not be left unattended or in vehicles in the parking lot.
  • Dogs are not permitted inside the Anchor & Mermaid Tavern, the Wine Shop, The Taproom, Brewery, Distillery, or Winery. Service dogs are permitted in these locations.
  • Failure to adhere to any of the above decrees will in the owner and their dog being escorted to the gate and their Royal Hound Tickets being revoked without admission or pass refund.
Dog Friendly Faire
Dog Friendly Faire
Dog Friendly Faire
Dog Friendly Faire

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