Poe Evermore
Cast Information

Interact with the talented cast members inside the imposing Mount Hope Mansion as they weave tales of mystery, horror and suspense that you will long remember!

Edgar Allan Poe
Perhaps the most iconic of all gothic poets, Poe joins us in the wake of the enormous success of his poem "The Raven." His triumph, however, is dimmed by the terrible sickness of his dear young wife Virginia, whose illness occupies his every thought.

Francis Krafft
Child of the famous Michael Krafft, who first brought the tradition of Mardi Gras to America, the genial Francis has great plans for the Mansion, intending to found Pennsylvania's first ever Mardi Gras krewe: The Telestic Krewe of Bacchus.

Jo Krafft
Married to Francis, Jo is ever the supportive spouse, and though the idea of Mardi Gras is very new, Jo is prepared to do whatever it takes to build the Krewe and learn the mystical teachings of Voodoo.

Seraphina Baptiste
Seraphina is a well-known Voodoo queen who has left her home in Louisiana to start a new Krewe with Francis. Though some may find Seraphina's Voodoo practicings a touch on the dark side, she prefers to think of herself as…efficient.

Winston St. Denis
A Louisiana native, Winston is Francis' good friend and Seraphina's right-hand man. He is a devoted practitioner of Voodoo, a great fan of Poe's work, and often finds himself lost in the richness of the spirits.

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