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Poe Evermore
Cast Information

Interact with the talented cast members inside the imposing Mount Hope Mansion as they weave tales of mystery, horror and suspense that you will long remember! This year, Poe Evermore will be performed by two very talented casts. Learn more about them below, then visit the schedule page for specific times and dates each cast will be performing.

Orange Cast

Taylor Sorrel
Edgar Allan Poe

Catherine White
Dr. Theodora Ellison

Angie Fennell

Dylan Collins

Black Cast

Jacob Mundell
Edgar Allan Poe

Vanessa Sterling
Dr. Theodora Ellison

Ali Foley

Jake Dailey

Character Descriptions

Edgar Allan Poe
Several years after the publishing of his celebrated collection of short stories, Mr. Poe - an author of unrivaled passion and singularly spellbinding talent -- joins us to share some of his most mesmerizing work.

Dr. Theodora Ellison
Despite being spurned by the medical community at large, Dr. Ellison has recently opened the Museum of Bodily Oddities with great hopes for its success as a menagerie for all things medically macabre. She is, after all, a brilliant physician. Just ask her yourself.

Roderick Mudgett
Roderick and his twin sister, Madeline, could not be more excited to be Dr. Ellison's assistants and proteges! Roderick's strengths are his cleanliness, his surprisingly powerful hands, and his ability to remove the skin from a body in under four minutes. He also makes a mean ham sandwich.

Madeline Mudgett
Madeline is absolutely elated to be working with her twin brother, Roderick, under the adept tutelage of Dr. Ellison. Madeline's strengths are her resourcefulness, her keen sense of smell, and her astonishing precision with a bone saw. She also excels at croquet.