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Your year-round destination for student & youth programs—for groups of all sizes! For over 21 years, Mount Hope Estate and the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire have provided enriching, interactive, and fulfilling Student Programs for hundreds of thousands of group in the Northeast. Whether at Summer Youth Day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, Summer Youth Day at the Faire or through our Holidays at Mount Hope Theater in the Mansion program, our main goal is to help with the growth and learning of the youth of today, the future of our tomorrow. We invite you to peruse our Student Programs and learn why getting your group involved will help invigorate, energize and promote their love for education, history, the earth, science and more!

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Summer Youth Day 2020

We cannot wait to welcome you and your group for 2020 Summer Youth Day at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire! Please take time to review the following information to ensure a smooth, safe, and fun day with us. See you soon!


The following must be completed two weeks prior to your trip:

  1. Read our brief need-to-know information.
  2. Submit your Emergency Contact Form
  3. Print the Payment Form.

Schedule, Map, and More

Summer Youth Day operate from 9:00am—3:00pm.The 2020 schedule of performances will be available closer to your event, including with a map that you can print and bring along. The link will be posted here and we will be sure to email you when it is available.

Day-Of Competition

The following must be received by July 23, 2020 for participation. Late submissions will not be accepted.

  1. Event & Competition Participation Form
  2. Event & Competition Rules and Guidelines


All registered educators are required to read the following information at least two weeks prior to your trip. We want to make sure your visit goes as smoothly as possible and your group have a safe, educational, and enjoyable day!

Payment Options

Option 1 — Pre-Payment

This option will enable you to receive your admission wristbands in advance of your trip and save time upon arrival. Submit your confirmation invoice, payment form, balance due, and emergency contact form [link] by July 23, 2020. Payment and emergency contact form must be received by the deadline (not mailed by). If prepayments or emergency contact forms are received after the July 23, wristbands will be held at the registration table to pick up the day of the trip. No exceptions.

Please DO NOT mail a check after July 23.

Please note: Prepaid groups must still check in at the Registration Table upon arrival.

Count Changes: We know that count changes may occur even up to the time you arrive. All groups (even pre-paid groups) must stop at registration upon arrival. At that time, we will be able to sell additional wristbands to registered group leaders (cash, check, or Visa/Mastercard payment accepted) or submit a refund form for any extra wristbands turned in.

Option 2 — Payment Upon Arrival

1. Prior to your arrival, take a count of all students and adults. The Registered Group Leader is responsible for the Admission Wristbands for everyone in their group and must supply wristbands to anyone who may arrive late. Wristbands will not be sold to or held for individuals at the Registration area.

2. Present Payment with Confirmation Invoice and payment form. Cash, checks made payable to: Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, and Visa or Mastercard are acceptable forms of payment. No coupons or other passes (including Employee Participant Passes and Season Passes) are accepted on Summer Youth Day. Bus drivers do not need to be included in your final count.

3. Bus Drivers’ Admission is free of charge. Bus drivers will be given a wristband by bus greeters.

4. Distribute Admission Wristbands BEFORE proceeding to the Front Gate — After completing the steps at the Registration Tent, return to the bus to distribute a wristband to each youth and chaperone. The best method is to provide each person with a wristband as they exit the bus.


The entire group should proceed to the Front Gate together AFTER Admission Wristbands have been distributed. Do not leave the bus area until everyone is wearing a wristband. Be sure that no one carries unused wristbands through the Front Gate onto the Faire site before they have been distributed to everyone in your group. Any wristbands taken into the faire without being distributed could result in a presumed shortage of wristbands for those in your group still outside the gates. Anyone not wearing a wristband will be detained at the Front Gate.

No other payment options are available. Wristbands will not be available for pick-up in advance. Please submit payment by deadline above if you wish to receive the bands in advance by mail.

Arrival / Departure

Arrival Instructions

  • ALL GROUPS must check in at the registration table. Even if you are prepaid, please check in upon arrival.
  • All buses will be stopped at the registration table area immediately upon pulling onto the property. Please be prepared.
  • ONE registered teacher should get off the bus and check in. Remaining chaperones and students should stay on the bus. The bus will proceed to the parking area as the registered group leader completes the registration process.
  • If you are paying upon arrival, please have your payment form and method of payment ready to expedite the process.
  • Bus drivers will be provided a complimentary wristband from your bus greeter. (Drivers of cars do not qualify for complimentary admission.) Bus drivers do not need to be included in your final count.
  • Once inside the Faire, students may leave only if accompanied by a chaperone. A guard is posted at the Front Gate.


  • Many lunch options are available for purchase on the shire.
  • Groups are welcome to pack and bring their own lunches. Lunch storage will be available near the pirate ship. Groups should pack their lunches in large, well-marked containers.
  • PRF is not responsible for any lost items left in the lunch storage area.
  • Lunches can be enjoyed in one of our many picnic areas or eaten from the audience while enjoying a show.

Wristbands, Parents, and Late Arrivals

  • Individual tickets will NOT be sold on Summer Youth Day.
  • For the safety and security of all group attending, only registered teachers can purchase additional wristbands. Should parents wish to join their children on the field trip, they must be included in the school’s final count.
  • This is NOT a public faire day. Normal gate admission tickets, e-tickets, season passes, employee passes, etc may not be used for admission on Summer Youth Day.
  • If you have any late arrivals, they must be given a wristband by the registered teacher.
  • No wristbands will be held at registration for late arrivals.
  • Bus drivers will receive a complimentary wristband from our greeter. Should they have any guests (children, etc), their guests must be included in the school’s count. Bus drivers will not be able to purchase additional tickets at the gate.


When your group is ready to leave the Shire for the day, please meet somewhere other than the Front Gate area to keep this area free of crowd congestion. We advise you to meet in the grassy picnic area near the Gaming Glen Games before proceeding to the buses.

Safety Information

First Aide / Emergencies

First Aide
  • The Fyrst Aide Building is located behind the Bread and Broth Booth (to the right of the entrance to Bosworth Field on Privy Lane). An E.M.T. is always present at the Fyrst Aide building.
  • The nearest hospital, The Good Samaritan, is located six miles north of the Faire in Lebanon.
  • Faire Staff (wearing specially marked STAFF shirts) and uniformed security guards will be available throughout the grounds for assistance.
  • Lost group should be directed to seek assistance from a Faire character or Faire Staff (wearing Staff shirt).
  • Please make sure your two emergency contact persons have their phones available and check them frequently.
  • Please click here to fill out the Emergency Contact Form

Weapons Policy

  • No weapons will be permitted on the Faire grounds. This also applies to costume pieces made of wood, plastic, etc. Only wooden swords or shields will be sold on Summer Youth Day. No swords or shields will be sold without the permission of a chaperone and will be wrapped at the time of sale and must remain wrapped throughout the day. Unwrapped swords and shields will be confiscated and held until the end of the Faire day.
  • Groups are permitted to carry backpacks on the grounds. However, they are subject to search at the discretion of Faire staff and security.

Other Important Information

  • Summer Youth Day events are rain or shine. Please come prepared for the weather and instruct group to dress appropriately.
  • Her Majesty hath declared a NO SMOKING (and no lighting of incense) policy on Summer Youth Day. Please inform all chaperones and group of the smoke free environment.


Please make sure you reviewed all the above information carefully. We want to make sure your visit goes as smoothly as possible and your group have a safe, educational, and enjoyable day!

Day-Of Events

In addition to all the stage shows and performances throughout the day during Summer Youth Day, your groups can also become involved with or take part in the following participatory events and competitions! Participation is not mandatory, but groups must pre-register no later than July 23, 2020 to participate (no late entries will be accepted). Please fill out the Event & Competition Participation Form and be sure to check each event descriptions below, or download the printable Day-Of Competitions & Participatory Events PDF.

Command Performance • Chess Board

Would your group like to perform for Her Majesty?

Groups are invited to perform a period song, juggling act, dance piece, period skit or magic act for the Queen. Groups must preregister using the Special Event Participation Form to perform during the Command Performance. Only registered groups will be permitted to perform. All performances must be prepared in advance of the students’ visit to Summer Youth Day.

Acts must be no longer than two minutes in length and students should be ready to perform when called to the stage. Students who perform will receive a special boon from Her Majesty for their hard work!

Groups must pre-register for this event using the online Event & Competition Participation Form by July 23rd to perform.

Madrigal Competition
Singing on the Streets
Madrigal Competition
Madrigal Competition

Coat of Arms Poster Competition • Swashbuckler Grove

Camps and Groups are invited to try their hand at creating a poster depicting a Coat of Arms, incorporating in-class suggestions to represent the Camp or Group. During the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, noble knights fought covered from head to toe in chain mail or steel plate for protection. Often they could not be recognized when in armor, so they adopted the “Coat of Arms” on their clothing and shields to be readily identified on the field of battle and at tournaments.

The Coat of Arms, or heraldry as it is also referred to, is a visual language used to distinguish one family from another using specific symbols and colors. These coats were passed down from one generation to another. Instruct children to identify characteristics, motto, accomplishments, etc. of your camp or group. List these items on the board such as camp or group colors or mascot. When the list is complete, decide which elements the children would like to represent on their competition poster. The design they decide upon is, in essence, the Coat of Arms of their camp or group.

Posters will be hung in the Swashbuckler Grove area. Posters will be judged from 11:30 – noon. You can pick up your poster at 1pm. Any posters not picked up by the end of the day will be disposed of.

  1. Overall Poster Size: 24" high by 18" wide. POSTERS MUST BE VERTICAL. Posters will not qualify for judging if size requirements are not correct.
  2. Any paper stock can be used, including poster board.
  3. Types of media that can be used: water color, oils, pastels, tempera, acrylics, colored pencils, appliqué, etc. Please do not use computer-generated graphics.
  4. The poster’s goal is to represent your Camp or Group by creating a Coat of Arms.
  5. Posters will be judged on creativity, use of elements and design (Incorrectly sized posters will be disqualified.) Prizes will be awarded. All judges’ decisions are final.
  6. Work should be completed entirely by one child or a group of children. ONLY ONE poster per Camp or Group can be entered into the competition. Camps or Groups must select their entry prior to visiting the Faire on Youth day.
  7. Posters should be covered in plastic to protect against the elements. The Faire assumes no responsibility for the poster while on display.
  8. The top 1/2” of the poster should be left blank so the poster will not be destroyed when displayed.
  9. Children's names and the Name of the Camp or Group MUST be displayed on the bottom 1/2" of the poster.

To get a better count of participants, we ask that you please pre-register for this competition using the online Event & Competition Participation Form by July 23, 2020. You must submit posters at the Registration Table upon your arrival. Posters may be picked up at the display area after 1 PM. The Faire assumes no responsibility for posters left behind at the end of the day.

Heraldry Competition
Poster Competition
Heraldry Competition
Heraldry Competition

Juggling School • Globe Stage

Juggle - v. : Perform feats of dexterity, especially by tossing objects in the air and catching them, keeping several in the air at the same time.

This history of juggling is a long one. The art has been with man in some form as long as civilization. There is evidence of jugglers during the great Egyptian civilization where it was imported from India. In its early forms, juggling was usually combined with other forms of entertaining skills such as slight-of-hand and acrobatics.

Learn the art of juggling! The Shire’s Master Jugglers will teach students the step-by-step process to juggling their own hand-made juggling bags. Students must pre-register and prepare their own juggling bags in advance of their trip to attend Silly School (see below for full instructions).

  1. Cut the ends from two small, round balloons of different colors.
  2. Cut small holes in one balloon.
  3. Place a handful of birdseed or rice in a plastic baggie.
  4. Wrap the whole balloon around the baggie of birdseed or rice.
  5. Wrap the "holed" balloon around the bundle.
  6. Enjoy your new juggling ball!
  7. Make three juggling balls and you're ready to learn!

To participate in this event, groups must fill out the Event & Competition Participation Form by July 23, 2020.

Contact Mount Hope

Nicole Sutton, Educational Director
717-537-8377 •