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General Information:
Frequently Asked Questions

General Info

Where is the Mount Hope Estate & Winery located? What is the physical address? ▾

When does your season begin and end? ▾
Is your venue ADA accessible? ▾
Can I bring my pet? ▾
Can I take photos and video at the events? ▾
What if there is bad weather? ▾
Can I bring a picnic lunch to the event? ▾
Can I get a souvenir event program? ▾
What happens if my child is separated from my group? ▾
What if I lose something? ▾
Will the entertainment line-up change at all? ▾
Do you have a dress code? ▾
Can I bring period weapons as part of my costume? ▾
Do you accept credit cards? ▾
Can I bring my cell phone? ▾

Ticket Info

Where can I get tickets and how much are they? ▾
Can I exchange my ticket or get a refund? ▾
Can I leave and return during a festival day? ▾
Can I get a discount if I come in costume? ▾
Is food or drink included in admission? ▾

Faireground Info

Where is First Aid? ▾
Do you have ATMs? ▾
Do you have rides and are they included in admission? ▾
Where can I change and nurse my baby? ▾
Can I bring a stroller or do you rent them out? ▾
Where is Guest Relations? ▾
Can I smoke at your events? ▾

If you have any other questions that have not been answered above, please contact the business offices at 717-665-7021, Monday through Friday, 9AM to 4PM or visit our formal comment, question and feedback page to submit an inquiry.