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Mount Hope's ECO Plan

Beginning in 2006, the Faire went from business as usual to becoming a “green-friendly” organization intent on caring for the environment. In just 6 years, numerous projects and procedures have been implemented in order to preserve and improve the environment. Check out just a few of the things the Faire has done so far:

  • A compactor was purchased in order to recycle all cardboard. Since implemented, over 75 tons of cardboard have been recycled.
  • A trash management and recycling program for co-mingled trash was instituted increasing the amount of trash recycled by 25%
  • The diesel truck fleet runs off of clean, renewable biodiesel, which produces lower emissions than regular diesel.
  • The Mansion where the offices are located is heated using biofuel, which burns more efficiently and cleaner than conventional oil.
  • A geothermal heating system that use the Earth’s constant 55-degree temperature for both heating and cooling was installed in the newly expanded Wine Shoppe halving the energy cost spent to operate the original building even though the new Shoppe is twice the original size.
  • A significant amount of water heaters on the grounds are being replaced with the more efficient Demand Water Heaters that are designed to use less energy than traditional water heaters.
  • Swashbuckler Brewing Company uses environmentally safe chemicals and cleaners throughout the brewing process.
  • The Brewery utilizes a biomass heating system that burns wood pellets made from compressed sawdust from lumber mills.
  • All waste water from the brewing process is recycled and used for cleaning.
  • Energy efficient sodium lights illuminate all 35 acres of the festival site, as well as the perimeter, instead of traditional halogen lights.
  • Thirty-five trees are planted each year to add to the wooded areas and to replace trees that were felled.
  • Flame weeding using eco-friendly propane replaced the use of chemical herbicides.
  • All tree trimmings are chipped and composted.
  • Trees removed because of decay are converted into benches and chairs adding more seating to the festival grounds.
  • All food vendors on the festival grounds are required to:
    • Use recyclable, eco-friendly EnviroFoamTM plates and bowls made from polystyrene foam that is produced using non-manufactured CO2 rather than the traditional, environmentally damaging HCFC gases.
    • Recycle cardboard, bottles and cans.
    • Collect the fryer grease so it can be taken off site and reprocessed.
    • Install grease traps to keep the grease out of the sewer system.
  • Spent grain from the brewing process, a portion of the elephant manure and a portion of food wastes are turned into the compost used for gardens.
  • Horse manure is taken offsite and converted into fuel.
  • Banned the use of plastic bags throughout the Shire.
  • Internal recycled paper is used for shipping, rather than peanuts or other materials.

This is just the start of being “green.” In the years to come, the Faire will continue to research and implement eco-friendly practices and innovative technologies in order to become an increasingly environmentally conscientious organization with the goal of using natural resources in a clean, efficient and prudent manner.