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Weapons Policy at the
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is committed to the safety of our guests, actors, participants and staff. As such, we discourage the carrying of weapons, even as part of period costumes. However, if you do choose to carry weapons while in costume, or if you purchase weapons while upon the Shire, the following rules will be enforced. All decisions made by management regarding the following rules will be final.


All persons desiring entry upon the property known as the Mount Hope Estate are subject to search of their person and belongings for prohibited items. Prohibited items upon the Shire include, but are not limited to: outside food and drink, outside alcoholic beverages and prohibited weapons.


Concealed and open carry firearms are prohibited upon the Shire, except as required by law with regards to law enforcement personnel with properly presented credentials.

Period Arms

These arms are described as weapons relevant to the period portrayed while in costume. Such arms may include, but are not limited to: swords, daggers, maces, bows and arrows, and pikes. All arms must be secured or “peace tied” to the guest at all times in a holster protecting the blade and may not be removed from the holster. Any exposed blade or point must be of stage combat grade and must not pose a risk of injury to the guest or others. Arrows being carried as costume adornment must be “peace tied” together and/or have the arrow tips removed. Security personnel are available at the front gate area to assist guests with the securing of weapons. Any person in possession of a weapon that is determined to be unsafe or unable to be made safe will be requested to secure it in their vehicle or remove it from the Shire.

Black Powder Guns

Similar to period arms, many guests desire to use replica and black powder guns as adornment to their costumes while on Shire. In addition to complying with the other provisions set forth above, black powder guns must not be in an operable state. The following are requirements of compliance:

  • The gun must be peace tied and not removed from its holster or belt while on the Shire. If the gun cannot be tied in a manner to prevent it from being drawn, it must be returned to the guest’s vehicle and cannot be brought onto the Faire grounds.
  • The gun must not be capable of propelling any projectile, and;
  • The gun must not have any percussion caps or flint stones, and;
  • The gun must have the powder pan or the barrel plugged, and;
  • The guest must not be in possession of any projectiles, black powder or any other removed parts while on the Shire

Further Questions

For further information regarding Season or Royal Passes or for a list of ways on how to submit any questions, please visit the Contact Us Page.