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Time Travelers

September 23-24, 2017 • 11AM-8PM

Time Travelers

The soothsayers have foreseen a chronological convergence of time travelers, doctors, treckers of the stars, the steam-punkified, slayers and many more of the fictions of science as they gather upon the Shire of Mount Hope.

Adult Costume Exhibition - All adult time travelers are invited to gather for an exhibition of their most creative fashions! Stand-out participants will receive wondrous prizes!

Children's Costume Exhibition - Whether you are a pyrate, princess or creature of the night, come show off all your finery for the whole Shire!

Royal Dog Days - His Majesty has issued an invitation to the lover of dogs to join him and the Royal Hounds upon the Fairegrounds for the finale weekend of the Royal Dog Days! Visit PaRenFaire.com/DogDays for more information. Please review the Dog Days Decrees and print the Dog Days Admission Pre-Qualification Registration Form and Waiver. Bring these forms to the Dog Days Registration Window at the Front Gate when you visit the Shire with your Royal Hound.

Please check the daily writ for specific times and locations

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