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2016 Shows at the
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

The Shire is bustling with many shows to keep you busy all weekend! Please refer to the Daily Writ for each weekend's show schedule. Also be sure to check out closer to the event date for the full list of Bacchanalian and Blackfryar Cast Members that will be appearing in the storyline, stage and childrens shows, and learn more about the 2016 Scenario!

King's Court

The Lady Mayor has prepared lavish entertainments for the King's arrival. Come see the first appearance of our good King Henry and all his court. (Storyline Show)

Tournament Joust

The Knights of the Realm meet on the Joust List to determine who amongst them is the best. Witness their skills being put to the test as they try to outdo each other and lay claim to the title of Best Knight in the Realm! (Storyline Show)

Human Chess

All citizens of the Shire know that chess is far more interesting when there's real combat involved! Peasant and noble alike will take to the board in a fantastic display of martial prowess. (Storyline Show)

Ultimate Joust

The final joust of the day! Cheer for your champion as knights meet in deadly combat, lance to lance and sword to sword. An epic climax to the festival day! (Storyline Show)

Finale in Song

The moment all of England has been waiting for…the crowning of her new King. Attend the coronation of good King Henry, and join in all the song, revelry, and laughter that follows. (Storyline Show)

Bloody Best: Richard III

In honor of King Henry's coronation, the people of Mt. Hope shall tell the story of the evil King Richard III. There shall be intrigue, tragedy, comedy, and above all…a simply unbelievable amount of blood. (Stage Show)

The Grand MacGuffin Melee

Trouble is a-brewing down at Hamish MacGuffin's Stableyard, Lord Suffolk is up to no good, and it's up to Henry's loyal friends to stop him. But as MacGuffin, the Scottish proprietor, prepares plans of his own, things can only end in chaos, violence, and a good deal of merriment for anyone looking on. (Stage Show)

Rakish Rogues*

The pirate ship Bloody Shame has just put into port, and its raucous crew is ready for some drinking and carousing! Join the Rakish Rogues as they sing about strong drinks, tall ships, and all the lasses they adore. (Stage Show)

*Adult Content. Discretion Advised.

Sultry Sirens*

These well-behaved serving girls are throwing off propriety for the festival day. The self-proclaimed Sultry Sirens of Sin will liven up any tavern with dirty jests and bawdy songs. (Stage Show)

*Adult Content. Discretion Advised.

Daughters of Ireland

Daughters of Ireland

The O'Connor sisters have travelled from their native land of Eyre to Mt. Hope, ready to share their love of Celtic story and song with all visitors to the Shire. (Stage Show)

Consider Thou This*

Join Doctor John Shelton, Tutor to His Majesty, Cambridge Professor of Rhetoric, Man of Letters, and Edward Stafford, Duke of Buckingham as they seek to entertain as well as “educate”. With discussion based on audience tastes and participation, each show is original and unique. Feel free to come observe and laugh along or, jump in and find yourself a part of the show! Either way you will walk away with more than when you arrived. (Stage Show)

Children vs Peasants

The Lady Mayor is at the ready to train the children of the Shire to defend His Majesty if anyone should dare to come against him. The peasantry won't know what hit them! (Children's Show)

King's Cavalry

Join us on the Chessboard to learn what it takes to be a memeber of the King's Cavalry! The Equestrian Society of Mt. Hope is here to show you the ropes and initiate you into His Majesty's service. (Children's Show)

Trunk Shows

What is a trunk show anyway? A trunk show, is a story told by actors who have a trunk full of props and costumes that allow them AND YOU to become the characters needed to tell the story. It's great fun for the whole family and who knows? Maybe you'll wind up playing a princess, a knight, a faerie, a pirate or even a dragon! (Children's Show)

Magical Merriment Parade

Join the Shire's villagers, merchants, and nobles as we gather to escort King Henry and Queen Catherine in grand procession to the Human Chess Match. Nippers are encouraged to come and lead the parade, which is guaranteed to stop everyone in their tracks to watch as the music makers, flags, floats, and giant puppets pass by. Come one, come all and experience the fun of a Royal Parade!

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