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Heroes of the Realm

Sept. 2, 3 & 4, 2017 • 11AM-8PM

Heroes of the Realm
Honor Ceremony
Hero Nomination

His Royal Highness honors all active military, reserve, police, firefighters, emergency medical technicians, members of veteran organizations and their immediate families with a special admission price with valid service ID during the longest weekend of the season!

Heroes Celebration - His Royal Highness invites one and all to the Chessboard (Stage 12) during the begining of the Human Chess Match (4:00PM) to join in this ceremony to honor all of the modern-day heroes assembled upon the Shire this day.

The Royal Honor Ceremony - At Finale in Song, the King and Queen shall confer a special honor upon chosen individuals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty, either by serving in the armed forces, fighting fires, keeping the peace or healing the sick as the true Heroes of the Realm.

$15 Admission with Service ID - Service members, EMTs, Police, Firefighters, etc. and their immediate family members receive special admission price.

Labor Day Savings - Celebrate Labor Day Monday at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire with discounted adult single-day tickets—$17.95 online in advance or $19.95 at the gate! To purchase your tickets today, please visit the Virtual Box Office then choose the 'Labor Day Monday' ticket option. Please Note: Labor Day discounted tickets can only be used Labor Day Monday, Sept. 4, 2017.

Royal Dog Days - His Majesty has issued an invitation to the lover of dogs to join him and the Royal Hounds upon the Fairegrounds Saturdays and Sundays (Plus Labor Day Monday) in August and Sepetember. Visit PaRenFaire.com/DogDays for more information, then review the Dog Days Decrees and print the Dog Days Admission Pre-Qualification Registration Form and Waiver. Bring these forms to the Dog Days Registration Window at the Front Gate when you visit the Shire with your Royal Hound.

Please check the daily writ for specific times and locations

Sensitive to loud noises?

We understand that some vertrans and service members are sensitive to loud noises. Some performances contain the use of pyrotechnics, cannon fire, cracking whips or gun fire.

  • Opening Gate, cannon fire
  • Bloody Best, air effects
  • The Grand MacGuffin Melee, concussion blast to close the show
  • Sir Isaac Fawlkes, black powder pistol
  • Don Juan and Miguel, black powder pistol, whip cracking (Aug. 19 - Sept. 24)
  • Human Chess Match, whip cracking
  • Ultimate Joust, cannon fire, pyrotechnics and air effects
  • Finale in Song, fireworks to end the show, possible whip cracking

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