Food & Drink at the 2014
Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire

His Majesty's Kitchens cook up an endless array of savory 16th Century foods and delicious traditional favorites sure to satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Enjoy a variety of dishes from Turkey Legs to Skyscraper Cakes, and everything in between! Please check back for a map of food locations and a downloadable PDF of the menus!

You can also enjoy fresh Swashbuckler Ales and Mount Hope Wines at our Pubs and Pourhouses! Visit our Ales & Wines Page for more information.

Spring Culinary Highlights

Booth Menus

A Knights Ale ▾

Anchor & Mermaid Tavern ▾

Bosun Pete's ▾

Bavarian Pretzel Hut ▾

Bread & Broth ▾

Buonarroti's Panetteria ▾

The Cauldron ▾

Dark Knight Café ▾

Die Deutsche Kuche ▾

Feile ▾

Foolish Fryar ▾

MacBeth's Gourmet Macaroni & Cheese ▾

Majesty's Cup ▾

New World Inn ▾

Queen's Confectionary ▾

Scappi's Brick Hearth ▾

Sir Phillip's Rusty Scupper ▾

Sir William's Hall ▾

Six Knights Cock & Bull Tavern ▾

Swashbuckler Public House ▾

Tutberry's Tuber Tavern ▾

Wicked Pickle ▾

Witch's Hat Fudge Shop ▾

Please Note: Menus are subject to change.