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The Shire is filled to the brim with colorfully costumed characters and merrymakers, ready to make your visit an unforgettable experience! Immerse yourself in the days of Merrie Olde England, steeped in the allure of bygone days and knights! Learn more about the two acting troupes that make up the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire—The Bacchanalians and The Blackfryars.

2014 Bacchanalians

Ryan McVeigh - King Henry VIII

His Majesty, By the Grace of God, King of England and France, Defender of the Faith and Lord of Ireland. Boisterous and energetic, lover of sport, mirth and merriment, our young king is an athlete, a warrior, a musician and poet. Henry is the most charismatic man to ever take the throne, but don’t let his love of festivities deceive you. Our king is a military lionheart with a surprisingly keen political mind. Henry was the first King of England to use the title “His Majesty”. If the lion knew his own strength, hard were it for any man to rule him. Learn about Ryan McVeigh! ▾

Kristen Spangenberg - Catherine of Aragon

Known for her graciousness, her compassion and her charm, Catherine is the epitome of nobility. Her courage and piousness earned for her the love and devotion of the English people. This daughter of Spain and paragon of virtue is our Queen. Learn about Kristen Spangenberg! ▾

Sheila Barton - Lady Dolores Penburthy

Lady Mayor of Mt. Hope Shire. Perennially cheerful and socialite supreme. Essentially runs the town.

Dave Gold - Sir Reginald Smythe Penburthy IX

Retired and addled knight, married to the Lady Mayor. Assists his wife (not always well) in her mayoral duties, and serves as the town herald upon necessity.

Taylor Sorrel - Cardinal Thomas Wolsey

Next to the King, Thomas Wolsey is the most powerful man in all of England. Not only is he extremely powerful within the Church, but he is also the Lord Chancellor, the King's chief advisor.

Nathaniel Barber - French Ambassador, Jean de Dinteville

A man of reason, science and chivalry. Truly the perfect diplomat, unless of course the Spanish are involved! His motto is 'Memento Mori', meaning 'Remember Thou Shalt Die'.

Jules Schrader - Diane de Poitiers

The beautiful and elegant Diane de Poitiers is a French noblewoman and a prominent courtier in the court of King Frances I. Politically astute and intellectually sharp, she is often entrusted by her King with delicate matters.

Patrick Croce - Spanish Ambassador, Don Inigo Lopez de Mendoza y Zuniga

This flamboyant Castilian feels entitled to his good relationship with England. After all, Queen Catherine of Aragon is Spanish herself isn't she?! We'll see how long he can keep from getting on King Henry's nerves!

Sarah Knittel - Maria de Salinas, Baroness Willoughby de Eresby

Maid of Honor and devoted friend to Queen Catherine of Aragon, this charming Castilian is as comfortable in England as she is in Spain, and she just loves letting the French know that!

Ian Boston McCafferty - Sir Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk

Best friend to Henry VIII. This confident and dashing Duke is the ultimate ladies man. Keep an eye on your sister around this one...even if you’re the King!

Todd Smith - Sir Nicholas Carew, Master of Horse

Renowned for his fearlessness, Nicholas's jousting skills are well known throughout the land. His influence at court is second only to Cardinal Wolsey.

Ryan Hays - Sir William Fairfax

A warrior who earned his knighthood by displaying exceptional valor at the Battle of the Spurs.

A.J. Gagliardi - Sir Humphrey Forester

A warrior who earned his knighthood by demonstrating uncommon bravery at the Battle of Flodden Field.

Doug Wallace - Rafe de Bricassart

Astrologer to the King. Believes that the study of celestial events can help unravel the secrets of the universe.

Nathan Miller - Thomas Tallis

A newly appointed composer for King Henry’s court and singer in Cardinal Wolsey’s Chapel Royal Choir. He is an ambitious and talented musician with an ego larger than Hadrian’s Wall. He knows that Cardinal Wolsey is the key to his success, so he does what he can to be indispensable to the Cardinal.

Joseph Penn - Will Sommers, the King's Jester

Let's face it, being the King is not easy. In fact, sometimes it's downright stressful! The cure; Will Sommers! He's quick with a joke, great with children and when things are at their worst, it's Will who can put a smile on the King's face.

Joshua Daniels - Bartholomew Pennybrygg

Actor. Patriarch and company leader of the Pennybrygg Players. This self-proclaimed 'greatest actor in the world!' is world famous in every village he has performed in.

Valerie Chamness - Constance Pennybrygg

Actress. Wife and muse to Bartholomew and matriarch of the Pennybrygg Players. She's played Medea, just ask her about it.

Angie Fennell - Petunia Pennybrygg

Actress. Daughter of Bartholomew and Constance, up and comer upon the stage, frequently embarrassed by her parents.

Gregory Stoughton - Benedict Worthy

Actor. Firmly believes that business would be more prosperous if only he were in charge of the Pennybrygg Players.

Allyson Frick - Cecily Rose Heywood Sinclair

Actress. She was told she would get her own dressing room…she's still waiting.

Daniel Ott - Tyler Forsythe

Actor. You have no idea what he had to give up to be a member of the Pennybrygg Players.

Rosser Lamason - Samuel Buslingthorpe

Town Crier. Ever eager to perform his duties to the best of his abilities, Samuel has trouble saying anything quietly. When he has nothing official to announce, he simply shouts out his thoughts and feelings.

Charlotte Grady - Nancy Weaver

This charming wench sells the finest silks. In fact, she loves them so much she wears almost all of them at the same time.

Kristina Coia - Marjorie Goodlefe

An only child, Marjorie’s father was the first printer in the shire of Mt. Hope, and when he died, she took over the family business. She would like to someday expand her operations outside the boundaries of Mt. Hope, but her biggest hurdle is that many residents of the shire don’t know how to read!

Liz Kinder - Madame Maude

Owner of the Boar's Head Inn. Legend has it that Madame Maude was once a pirate who hit the mother lodex off the coast of Spain.

Emily Lynn - Magdelena

Mercenary and sell sword under the employ of Madame Maude.

Andy Dennison - Rook

Beware! Things that go 'bump' in the night are sometimes named Rook!

Jeff Wolfthal - Diggory Stone

Stone Mason. If he's not a pillar of the community, he did at least build those pillars!

Brandon Dennison - Tobias Bloodwell

Barber/dentist/surgeon. Don't let his lack of credentials alarm you. Tobias is a professional.

Hannah Storch - Nellie Potts

Privy wench. 'Tis a dirty job but someone has got to do it. If cleanliness is indeed Godliness, then Nellie should be a saint. This wench has seen it all.

Evin Hoffman - Montgomery 'Monte' Frost

Con artist. His velvety voice and piercing blue eyes can charm the coinage right out of a wench’s purse.

Zachary Street Minder - Rambling Tom Felis

Traveling troubadour. Most minstrels travel from town to town to seek new performance opportunities and audiences. Tom travels to avoid angry husbands.

Pete Hedberg - Angus MacRydbeard

A jack of all trades, expert in nothing. There isn't a job that Old Angus hasn't been fired from.

Michael Petyak - Seamus O'Toole

Seamus is an Irish poet. His poems range from bad to truly awful. He'll write them for anyone about anything. The question is, do people pay him for his poems, or to go away?

Rachel Gitel - Maris Oceana

Siren. Leader of the sister sirens. Motherly and in control, yet a hell cat does live in her. Working as a seamstress to hide her siren nature.

Allison Petrillo - Nerissa Rivers

Siren. A seductive beauty who enjoys being a seductress greatly. Hiding her nature by pretending to be a blacksmith.

Victoria Davis - Nixie Pond

Siren. A pixie-like spirit with a coy beauty who hides her siren nature by being a baker. Shiny things can sometimes be a distraction for her.

Meghan Browning - Marina Lake

Siren. The most openly wild siren of the four. She tries to hide her siren nature as many things, none of which she is very good at.

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2014 Blackfryars

Erin Anderson - Cherese Dearling

Cherese is a love monger, like her mother before her and her mother's mother…but while Cherese is happy matching folks up, her matches aren't always so logical! Afterall, if you love your ale, why shouldn't you be allowed to marry it? OHHH…and the sadness when it's all gone! Oh well, where is the logic in love, says Cherese!

Maria Angelo - Belladona Sage

Whether delivering babies, curing heart burn or relieving love sickness, Belladona is the woman for what ever ails ya! She may look mysterious, but our Belladona is one of the "elders of the community" and often seen in the company of the Mayor who never makes a move without asking her advice!

Abigail Armstrong - Buntie Collier

Middle Collier sister and a master with the drop spindle! However, this sister gets lost in the excitement around her! When the three sisters hit the Shire, Buntie is always the sister that gets away! Her nose is pressed against the shop windows oohing and aahing the goods, particularly the dragons. OH, to be a dragon tamer!

Lauralette Bernard - Mistress Raven Madpie

Some may question, What is the meaning of life? The answer: Pie. Or at least some form of pastry. Used in celebration, mourning and everything in between, there is nothing that can not be cured by one's preferred pastry. Mistress Madpie is even concocting a tart specifically design for arial assault. Her baking mastery is already the stuff of legend, from the Christmas pie for the Horner's to the 24 blackbirds she baked into another. She dreams to become His Majesty's personal baker, by discovering what best compliments turkey leg and ale.

Richard Blosser - Master William Weston

The Shire's Tax Collector, Master Weston is a man who who loves two things in life, his job and his money—and he will do anything to keep both. He goes to great lengths to convice others of his greatness, it's mainly to convice himself.

Tabitha Borges - Mistress Harriet Haddock

"Every fish hath a story!" Salty or fresh, if you want to know where it came from or how to cook it, Mistress Haddock has the answer, even if she has to make it up! Ask her about "the one that got away."

Eileen Cushey - Felicia Flagstone

Behind every good man is a strong woman! Felicia is that woman! She is the pusher and shaker of this family who's responsibility is the cleanliness of the shire.

Eoin Cushey - Henry Courtennay, Earl of Devonshire

The youngest of the Kings Lions, he is eager to prove he is NOT a cub! Brave and bold, eager to please the King and show his worth, no matter what the occasion.

Ashley DeVoe - Henrietta Fowler

Henrietta is certain that she knows the answer to the age old question, which came first, the chicken or the egg! Of course, her answer is dependent on the amount of money being paid for this informtion. To her fellow chicken farmers, she's known as the Chicken Whisperer, but, truly, she just hypnotizes them!

William Frank - Vladimir Cosmin Grigorovich

He is the boy Prince of Gypsies, and what he says goes!…provided mama allows. Full of bravado and machismo, but it's debatable how much is deserving, and how much is his own ego. He has come to the decision he and "his" gypsy tribe will set up camp in the Shire of Mount Hope, and stake their (and some other's) claim! After all, who can argue with the charm of the Prince of Gypsies?

Katie Gallagher Worster - Elizabeth Browne Somerset, Countess of Worcester

This new Lady in Waiting is pleased to be of service to Her Majesty; while on duty, she is happy to do the Queen's bidding; but all this travel is new to her and she is bound to see all the sights there are to see…even if it means being on the wrong side of the tracks!

Bryan Gentzyel - Gabriel Blake Edwards, Marshall

Good things are good, and we should do more of them! Bad things, are not. These should be eliminated…or at least thrown into the stocks till the lesson is learned. Thus is the view of Marshall Gabriel Edwards. A man of the law, a man of justice, a man of the people (provided they're good people)! Edwards views the world in black & white; good and evil, right and wrong. Not (completely) without mercy, he is the Shire's Guardian Angel.

Holly Gingrich - Bonnie "Baby Face" Parker

Her innocent looks belies her talents as a professional thief. She has high aspirations to becoming "the leader of her own gang"…the crime lord of Mt. Hope. Of course, having a crush on Marshall Edwards the Town Watchman can prove difficult on some days!

Victoria Gold - Morticia Luciana Ionesco

Gypsy; fortune teller, clairvoyant, palm reader. She's either blessed with the gift to look into people's futures, pasts, and inherently know their innermost secrets; or she's the greatest con-woman ever born. Or a combination of both. That is a secret she will never tell. Sister to Sorina (Taylor Montefour).

Samantha Grove - Colleen Collier

Youngest Collier sister. This sister is an observer. She watches, listens and then TELLS ALL she knows! Often times, she is confused by what she hears, but that little detail never stopped her from sharing the news! A whiz with the drop spindle, still learning her way around the knitting needles; you will likely find her knitting on the Shire, sharing the good news about…everything!

Steve Hager - Rip Skelton

He likes holes. Especially ones he fills with things.

Jilly Harris - Tatiana Ramona Grigorovich

Behind every good man is a great woman, in this case it just happens to be his mother. Mother to Vladimir (Will Frank), she is the real matriarch to the gypsy clan. Like a mother hen watching after her brightly colored chicks, she protects her "son's" clan.

Lisa Harris - Margaret Pole, Countess of Salisbury

Even the Governess needs a holiday and here she is at Mt. Hope! Away from her charge and enjoying the company of the Royal couple, perhaps a little dicing, a wager on the Joust and perhaps a little chess! Oh yea, this is Mt. Hope, where anything can happen.

Laura Hippensteel - Elizabeth Stafford Howard, Countess of Norfolk

Mother of 3; friend of the Queen; carried Princess Mary to the baptismal font at her christening. She was a wealthy patron of the arts and loved nothing more then a good jest and to hang with the "girls!"

Jim Jensen - Chester Drawers

An ensemble for every mood or so says Chester! Willing to alter, hem, or remake any item of clothing you have. Of course, for the right money, he'll even make you a brand new piece!

John Jensen - Frederick Flagstone

Frederick comes from a long line of streetsweepers. He's a happy man with a happy family and always dreaming of a NEW way to keep the streets clean. A 4 headed broom? A left handed broom? Brooms for your feet? He's sure he can come up with an innovative way to go about his family business!

Kate Jerzak - Vanessa Featherstone

Vanessa loves her pigeons and can't bear to see them fly away; so they stay close to home, well fed and happy. She can deliver messages to the king from the mayor all day!

Veronica Johnston - Violette Chaunteur

The most melodious voice ever heard in all of France, why should England not get to hear what they are missing by not being French? She has come with the French Court so that she may share her dulcet tones with representatives of both countries. Making sure the Shire-folk know of her glorious gift, and reassuring she is unrivaled, is only proper. Mdmse. Violette has a song for every occasion, just ask her! Whether it's a love song, tired feet or cranky children, there IS a song and she WILL sing to you!

Vincent Kinser - Timothy Baxter

When no one has a message to deliver, Timothy just makes up happy songs to share with people. Standing under a tree, sitting on a bench or walking down the street, this happy go lucky messenger brings sunshine to all corners of the Shire.

Brittany Mancha - Penelope Penburthy

Talented, sweet, smart and very proper; Penelope is the apple of her parents eye. While she loves her parents, it is obvious she is the level headed one of the bunch! It is quite possible that Penelope is actually running the Shire while her parents are just running around the Shire!

Kaitlyn McVeigh - April Showers

Miracle Grower of the Shire; whether it's trees, flower, grass or children, if they need tending, April does it with loving care! After all, eveyone could use a little watering now and then!

Dana Micciche - Diana Arrowsmith

Diana is one of a kind; raised by her father, a huntsman, her skills with the bow are beyond reproach and she is ready to provide game to all who can afford it! However, it's her skill with PEOPLE that falls a little short. Raised in the country side, when she comes to the Shire she is amused by the characters she encounters and today the King is on the Shire! Perhaps she can prove her prowess with a bow against the Kings men! Oh, what a coup indeed!

Taylor Montefour - Sorina Felicia Ionesco

For every yin there is a yang, and Sorina is definitely the yang to Morticia's (Victoria Gold) yin. She has an irresistible charm and grace about her. But don't let her laid back demeanor or flashing smile fool you. She's the ultimate opportunist, always looking for an opening to get away with your purse, food or other object of her desire. Even if caught, one can't help but succumb to her wiles, and she's on the loose again. If the title existed, she would be 'the Queen of Cool'

Sam Parry - Robin Akers

She may not have a weapon on her person, but don't let that fool you. Through resourcefulness and training, she is her own weapon. Whether holding you up to rob you, or crack wise at your expense, she is a rebel to be remembered. With a Devil may care attitude, she has decided that the perfect spot for a notorious highway-woman is exactly where the courts of 3 countries are meeting. Who knows, maybe she can become internationally infamous.

Samantha Phillips-Varneke - Mary Waggletongue

Mary has her finger on the pulse of the Shire, just ask her, she'll tell you! And now that the King is coming, she's anxious to share the news with all who will listen.

Emily Pritt - Carly Flowers

Shire vegetable monger. Carly is distraught! She raises all her vegetables from seedlings! She takes care of them, knowing they have to be killed and eaten. At times she has risked her own well being hunting them. What's more? She makes sure they are delicious. She's on a mission to vegetate the Shire. All too often she sees people eating meat and drinking, but no veg! She has hope too; His Majesty is coming, and she believes she can convince him to trade in his trademark turkey leg for…you guessed it, a big piece of broccoli!

Alyssa Rader - Autumn May Freeze

According to the Wise Weather Badger, rain, snow, sleet or sun…whether the weather is cold or whether the weather is hot, we'll be together, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not.

Caitlyn Remmey - Sally Ann Clark

Sally has come to town to see the King! While she is a Farm girl, the hustle and bustle of Mt. Hope is exciting and new! For this smart girl, the Shire is ripe for mystery and politics! But, remember, what happens in Mt. Hope stays in Mt. Hope…and boy, the happenings are an international intrigue!

James Riley - Sir Adam Cringer

Captain of the Guard, Stalwart and true. Ready at all times to lay down his life in service of the King. Always one for a tale to tell; when on duty none can be more focused!

Keith Shephard - Master Rupert Nathaniel Browne

Rupter comes from a long line of fighting men and he is proud to serve the King! Of course, serving the Queen is also an honor, but all those Ladies in Waiting leave him a little befuddled! Who can ever understand a woman?

Adam Shepley - Weyland Smith

Whether pounding iron or giving words of wisdom, this blacksmith is a man of great strength and undying wisdom. Want help with your love life; raising your kids or the right color to wear, Wayland is your man!

Matthew Smith - Renee d'Balourd

Is he a spy? Or, is he a lunatic who bamboozled his way into the country? Who knows? Cross between James Bond and Inspector Clouseau! Either way, he is a friendly character with a smile on his face always ready with a jest or a bad pun! And, does it really matter if he is selling information to the French, after all, do the French really care if there are more rocks on the Shire this year then last?

Tegan Smith - Mdm. Marguerite Dumont

Ambassador's etiquette specialist; teaches manners to the English all day long! Very proper; wooing; sword fighting, juggling…etc. She may not KNOW how to do it; but she DOES know all the etiquette surrounding the activity!

Dave Sobkowiak - Lanky Hemptwister

He likes ropes.

Jamie Stahl - Constance Cleaver

Cows, pigs, goats, she's eviscerated them all! She'll even happily regale anyone, whose stomach can handle it, 'the Tripe Incident'. The best butcher there is she's an ambitious lass, and always looking to improve and expand her work. After all, once the meat is cleaned and prepared, who's going to know the difference between ground beef and ground cat? 

Rebecca Stimmler - Lady Anne Carew

Maid of Honor to Catherine. Loyal and always looking to be useful, this Maid of Honor is thrilled to see all the sights of England.

Sandi Trait - Helen Joy Culpepper

Penburthy scullery maid; Want to know any of the Penburthy's "dirty" secrets? Helen Joy is the one to ask. She knows where all the dust bunnies and dirty laundry are hidden. She's a good soul with a mighty smile and always ready with political advice; afterall, she works for the Mayor!

Karen Vasey - Lady Maud Parr

First Lady in Waiting to the Queen. This Lady keeps a smile on the Queen's face with a jest, political commentary or a simple observation. Don't let her looks fool you, she may look helpless, but this is one tough Lady! Those scissors at her waist may look pretty, but she can wield them for more then a lose thread, the Queen's guards have nothing on this woman!

Lizzy Wahba - Faith Flagstone

Faith grew up on the streets of Mt. Hope helping Mom and Dad; of course she is the one with the head for business and has her sights set on expanding the business, Mt. Hope today…London tomorrow??

Eli Weinstock - Master Andrew A. Blank

The newest yeoman on the squad. Has a keen eye and always on the look out for danger…every one is suspect! Eager to help and show off his knowledge!

Nathan Worster - Sir Alan James (A.J.) Bartman

Handsome and loyal to the Crown! A man about town when off duty, often seen with guitar in hand seranading the Ladies in Waiting…or those ladies just waiting!

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2014 Entertainment Staff

Jessy Hamel - Director of Entertainment
Justus White - Senior Director
Ian Smith - Technical Director
Lily Steiner - Head Costumer
Kaitlin Aguirre - Entertainment Administrative Assistant
Ron Keller - Fight Director & FX Coordinator
Doug Sarmir - FX Opetator
Chris Voeller - Assistant Fight Director
Matt Celly - Character Improv & Interactions Director
Maren Montalbano Brehm - Music Director
Rachel Gitel - Assistant Music Director
Pete Hedberg - Assistant Music Director & Armorer
Sheila Barton - Blackfryar Director
Ryan Hays - Assistant Blackfryar Director
Doug Wallace - Dramaturge
Arthur Rowan - Staff Writer
Todd Loughry - Staff Writer
Katie Campbell - Staff Director
Carrie Emich-Wallace - Choreographer
Cynthia Carney - Production Stage Manager
Matthew Giguere - Master Carpenter
Chase Molden - Prop Master
Amanda Scott - Production Crew
Mary Mykythka - Production Crew
Noelle Smith - Production Crew
Angela Cramm - Production Apprentice
Ellie Engstrom - Halloween Prop Crew
Karla Braunesreither - Halloween Prop Crew
Jessi Alice Eichberger - Costume Shop Assistant
Maggie Sheridan - Stitcher
Erika Krause - Stitcher
Natalie Laweton - Seasonal Support
Erin Schaeffer - Costume Intern
Ed Rebert - Department Manager
Mike Stanton - Seasonal Audio Technician

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