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Bacchanalian Cast Bacchanalian Cast Blackfryar Cast

The Shire is filled to the brim with colorfully costumed characters and merrymakers, ready to make your visit an unforgettable experience! Immerse yourself in the days of Merrie Olde England, steeped in the allure of bygone days and knights! Learn more about the two acting troupes that make up the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire—The Bacchanalians and The Blackfryars.

2015 Bacchanalians

Greg Ramsey

Greg Ramsey - King Henry VIII

The rumors are true, the whisper on the wind that speaks of a once and future king will be confirmed… Like a Phoenix that rises from the ashes, Ramsey has returned! He stumbled at first, fell and couldn't get up, started gesticulating wildly and blathering about his nurse, but once the Geritol kicked in, and he remembered who he was, he was ready for the Faire day. Ramsey returns to the Faire after a 10 year hiatus. He is remembered for roles such as: Connor McManly, of the Duo of Woo, Sir Francis Drake, Shakespeare, King Phillip II of Spain, and many more. His family is fine and might be seen around the shire avoiding the crazy old man. His beautiful wife Katie forced him back into acting after his antics at home became too unbearable. She was fine with the swinging of swords and the singing of bardic ballads, but the jousting with windmills while wearing nothing but tights was too much. Ramsey can be seen frolicking about as King Henry the VIII during the 35th annual Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire!
-Penned in large by Greg Ramsey.

Kristen Spangenberg

Kristen Spangenberg - Catherine of Aragon

Excited to start up the festivities again, Kristen returns to the PA Ren. Faire as Queen Catherine of Aragon. After her normal life battling her dogs on the couch she is eager to play this strong female character again, who just kicked some serious butt leading a war against the Scots. You may have seen her creating havoc about the shire in past roles such as Tabitha Lowden the grimy wench with a few screws loose and Princess Isabella Medici. She also has performed with numerous children’s theatres such as Artspower National Tours and NTC. You may also recognize her from past performances of A Dickens of a Christmas at the Mt. Hope Mansion. She is a graduate of Temple University with a B.A in Theatre. Much love to her family and friends for their support.

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