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2017 Pennsylvania
Renaissance Faire Cast

Bacchanalian Cast Bacchanalian Cast Blackfryar Cast

The Shire is filled to the brim with colorfully costumed characters and merrymakers, ready to make your visit an unforgettable experience! Immerse yourself in the days of Merrie Olde England, steeped in the allure of bygone days and knights! Learn more about the two acting troupes that make up the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire—The Bacchanalians and The Blackfryars.

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2017 Bacchanalians

King and Queen Announcement

Zach Minder

Zach Minder

Henry VIII, by the Grace of God, King of England, France and Lord of Ireland

Boisterous and energetic, lover of sport, mirth and merriment, our handsome king is an athlete, a warrior, a musician and poet. Henry is the most charismatic man to ever take the throne, but don’t let his love of festivities deceive you. Our king is a military lionheart with a deep love for his country and new wife. Henry has a lot to learn about politics but thankfully has a shrewd and loyal Queen by his side to help him navigate these potentially troubled waters.

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Megan Jones

Megan Jones

Queen Catherine of Aragon

Known for her graciousness, compassion and charm, Catherine is the epitome of nobility. Her courage and piousness earned for her the love and devotion of her people. This daughter of Spain was raised to one-day sit on the English throne. The day has finally come and she is more than prepared to rule side by side with Henry.

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