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Summer Youth Day
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Coat of Arms
Theater Contest
Fool School
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Fool School
Coat of Arms

In addition to all the shows and events throughout the day during Summer Youth Day, your groups can also become involved with or take part in the following events and competitions! Specific details and entry instructions for each competition will be provided in the Study Guide, available in early summer.

Fool's School

Learn the art of juggling at Silly School! The Shire’s Master Juggler will teach students the step-by-step process to juggling their own hand-made juggling bags. (See the Summer Youth Day Handbook for instructions)

Students must pre-register to attend Silly School by using the Student Participation Form contained in Summer Youth Day Handbook. In addition, students must prepare their own juggling bags in advance of their trip to Silly School in order to participate in the class.

Coat of Arms Poster Competition

Camps and Groups are invited to try their hand at creating a poster depicting a Coat of Arms, incorporating in-class suggestions to represent the Camp or Group. Coat of Arms must be submitted at the registration table upon your arrival.

Instruct children to identify characteristics, motto, accomplishments, etc. of your camp or group. List these items on the board such as camp or group colors or mascot. When the list is complete, decide which elements the children would like to represent on their competition poster. The design they decide upon is, in essence, the Coat of Arms of their camp or group.

Music Workshop - Renaissance Sing-a-Long

Groups desiring to perform on stage will have the opportunity to learn the lyrics to one of the songs that will be performed with our Villagers at Finale and Song. If your group can stay until the very end, and would like to perform during the Finale, this would be a terrific learning experience!

Command Performance

Would your students like to perform for Her Majesty? Groups are invited to perform a period song, juggling act, dance piece, period skit or magic act for the Queen. Groups must preregister using the Student Participation Form contained in Summer Youth Day Handbook to perform during the Command Performance. Only registered groups will be permitted to perform. All performances must be prepared in advance of the students’ visit to School Days. Acts must be no longer than two minutes in length and students should be ready to perform when called to the stage. Students who perform will receive a special boon from Her Majesty for their hard work!