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School Days: Home Schools

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We are often asked: Are home school groups eligible to attend School Days at the Faire? The answer is yes, provided your group meets the minimum group size of 10 or more students. We have many home school organizations, co-ops and family-planned groups who attend School Days at the Faire. Because home school groups often contain a variety of ages of students, we suggest that you choose a School Day to best accommodate the majority of the students' ages. School Day age groups are provided on the General Info Page.

Please note that the chaperone policies do apply and additional chaperones will be charged the student rate of $14.00. We request that students younger than Grade 3 do not attend School Days, as the days are geared to the age group attending and it is difficult for adults to chaperone the students while tending to toddlers and infants. If it is absolutely necessary that younger children attend the School Day, they will be charged the student rate regardless of age.