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Inside the imposing Mount Hope Mansion, visitors enter the world of Edgar Allan Poe, experiencing his tales recounted by those who have lived the stories, spinning tales of mystery, horror and suspense that guests to the Mansion will long remember.

2017 Stories and Poems

In this, the year of our Lord 1848, we here at Mount Hope Penitentiary are proud to be at the very forefront of the modern wave of prison reform and criminal rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on taking the worst, most horribly depraved felons of our age, and through a number of revolutionary techniques, reconditioning them to be mild, submissive, truly penitent individuals. For a very limited time, Mrs. Evangeline Mallard, President of the Prison Board of Inspectors, invites you to join us at Mount Hope for a demonstration of rehabilitation through the beauty of poetry! And we are especially pleased to be joined – at least until his court date – by the very famous Mr. Edgar Allan Poe! So witness the power of true criminal reclamation here at Mount Hope Penitentiary! And remember: for the worst of sinners, there’s always Hope.

Stories: The Raven, The Cask of Amontillado
Poems: Dream within a Dream, To—Violet Vane, Conqueror Worm, Romance, To Fanny, Sonnet to my Mother