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Mount Hope Estate Educational Programs Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years, educators preparing for school trips to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire have asked many questions. We hope to answer some of the most frequently asked and, hopefully, assist everyone in the preparations for your trip.

If you have any other questions that have not been answered below, please feel free to contact Candace@PaRenFaire.com or visit the Educational Programs Contact page to submit an inquery.

What educational programs do you offer? ▾
Do you have FAQs for specific programs? ▾
How early should I make reservations? ▾
How do I pay the invoice for our trip? ▾
Can my students bring their lunches? ▾
How do I access the online Study Guide? ▾
Is there a charge for parking? ▾
How do I get to Mount Hope Estate and the Mansion for the performance? ▾