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Holidays at Mount Hope
Content Standards

1.2 Reading Critically in All Content Areas, points A, B
1.3 Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, points A-F
1.4 Types of Writing, points A, B
1.5 Quality of Writing, points A-G
1.6 Speaking and Listening, points B, D-F

Pre-show Goals:

Students will read Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Students will learn about the culture of Victorian England. Students will learn vocabulary appropriate to the time period.

Show Goals:

Students will view stage productions of seasonal works written by Charles Dickens and his contemporaries. Students will participate in discussions about the literary pieces presented.

Post-show Goals:

Students will answer questions, produce performance tasks, or do other activities related to the Victorian Time Period in England. Students will participate in discussion related to the show and to Victorian literature.