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Swashbuckler Cycling Team Header

Divine Swine Cycling Club

Divine Swine In & Out BBQ is proud to announce their 2017 competitive cycling team roster and club roster. The team and club will participate in a number of competitive bike races interspersed with training and leisurely bike tours throughout the season. Check out the Cycling Events page for more information on upcoming races and events!

Team Members


Cobie Arnold

Category: 3
Years Racing: 3
First Job: Office Clerk
First Bike: Trek 500 Series
Current Bike: Scott Foil
Hobbies or Interests: Photography, Computers, Cars, Motorcycles
Drink of Choice: Miller Lit or Blue Moon
What Power Does Your Alter-Ego Super Hero Have: Fire Manipulation
Spirit Animal: Hawk
What Other Sport Would You Compete In If You Were Not a Bike Racer: Running or Golf
Inspiration: The atmosphere of the cycling community and meeting new people.


Aaron Barr

Category: 2
Favorite Music/Band: I like a variety of rap, rock and pop—No real favorites
Favorite Movie/TV Series: Boondock Saints
Favorite Food: Anything salty tastes great after a ride
First Job: Hershey Park when I was 14
First Bike: Mongoose BMX with nickel-plated mags
Current Bike: Cervelo Soloist
Hobbies or Interests: Family, fishing, hunting, golf
Inspiration: Racing inspires me to stay fit and healthy. I also love the fact it's something my family and I can enjoy for a long time.


Nathan Boyer

Category: 1 for mtb
Years Racing 2
First Job: Busboy at the Jigger Shop
First Bike: Trek 3500
Current Bike: Trek Emonda & Trek Top Fuel
Hobbies or Interests: Hiking, Running
Drink of Choice: Stewarts Root Beer
What power does your alter-ego super hero have: Controls Time
Spirit Animal: Wolf
What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not a bike racer: Soccor or Tennis
Inspiration: Training to be like the fast guys


Scott Gray

Category: 3
Favorite Band: Davie Matthews Band, sometimes techno, DubStep
Favorite Movie/TV Series: I usually fall asleep with either (except when watching cycling)
Favorite Food: yes, please! I eat a lot.
Favorite Beverage: Either Bud Light or IPA
First Job: Games at Hersheypark
First Bike: Mongoose Expert - 1985
Current Bike: Cannondale Super 6 Evo
Hobbies or other interests: Mountain biking, chasing my 2 kids around.
What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not a bike racer: Golf
Inspiration: Watching mountain stages of the Tour de France


Jason Lindemuth

Category: 3
Favorite Band: Big country and u2
Favorite Movie/TV Series: A River Runs Through It
Favorite Food: lasagna & cheeseburgers
First Job: Newspaper carrier
First Bike: Huffy Sledgehammer
Inspiration: hunting, fishing, biking, skiing, kids, movies, tropical places!


Eric Mason

Category: 3 / Master's 35+
Years Racing: 3
First Bike: Huffy BMX
Current Bike: Specialized Venge
Hobbies or other interests: Hiking, Camping, Beer
Drink of Choice: Stouts
What power does your alter-ego super hero have: Spidey-Senses
Spirit Animal: A Turtle, because of my ninja skills and love for pizza
What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not a bike racer: Motocross
Inspiration: Tom Boonen


Mike Montgomery

Category: 3
Favorite Music/Band: Jack Johnson
Favorite Movie/TV Series: Game of Thrones
Favorite Food: Turkey legs from the Ren Faire
First Job: Paper boy
First Bike: Huffy
Current Bike: Bianchi Infinito
Hobbies or interests: Cycling, playing with my kids
Inspiration: Mickey Ward, Lance Armstrong


Jason Roth

Category: 2
Favorite Music/Band: Anything Country, but I also like to get down to some Iggy Azalea
Favorite Movie/TV Series: The Walking Dead
Favorite Food: Ice Cream, Chocolate and Peanut Butter
Favorite Beverage: Swashbuckler Beer of course!
First Job: Landscaping
First Bike: Pretty sure it was a Mongoose from Wal-Mart
Current Bike: Cannondale Caad10 & Cannondale Slice RS
Hobbies or Interests: Hunting
What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not a bike racer: Golf or Curling
Inspiration: Seeing progression and how far I can push my body

Club Members


Tim Beveridge

Category: Tim Beveridge
Favorite Music/Band: Little bit of everything
Favorite Movie/TV Series: I don’t watch much TV
Favorite Food: Anything around the perimeter of grocery store, plus some ice cream thrown in.
First Job: US Air Force
First Bike: Felt F series
Current bike: Cannondale EVO
Hobbies or interests: Motocross, running, cycling
Inspiration: No real extrinsic motivation.


Dave Black


Michele Bote

Category: Swashbuckling team manager and bike race director
Favorite Music/Band: Love Bluegrass, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Yo-Yo Ma, Adele
Favorite Movie/TV Series: Cycling or XC skiing races, especially the Spring Classics, Modern Family
Favorite Food: Chocolate, Thai, Curry, Mexican, Pizza, Frites…
Favorite Beverage: Westvleteren 12 then any Trappist Belgian Ale, preferably tripels and quads
First Job: Paper delivery girl!!
First Bike: Huffy to deliver papers and ride like the wind from the gnarly dogs
Current bike: Specialized Ruby, Schwinn Fiesta Café & Pub Cruiser
Hobbies or interests: Cooking, Baking (there is a difference), Shopping for beer and food, Riding by bicycle everywhere, Digging in the dirt
What other sport would you like to compete in if you were not a bike racer: Skate skiing and basketball (just kidding)
Inspirations: Rachel Carson, the 14th Dalai Lama, Bernie Sanders, all my girlfriends and SBO


Scott Bowser

Category: 5-
Favorite Music/Band: 80’s, 90’s alternative, my 20 channels on Pandora Music
Favorite Movie/TV Series: Shark Tank, The Profit, The Following, Iron Man
Favorite Food: Indian curry, anything that I can throw in a bit of Sirachi- beer
First Job: Burger King – dropping fries – building Whoppers
First Bike: IBIS Spanky
Current Bike: Carrera Veleno, Carrera Nitro, GIANT CX
Hobbies or Interests: Cooking
Inspiration: Trying not to get “old” so I can keep up with my son Finn and maintain a healthier, less stressful life


Tim Finn

Category: Cat 5 – FUN!
Favorite Music/Band: Dave Mathews Band
Favorite Food: Is DIPA a food?
First Job: Cutting grass & washing dishes— been with Saint Gobain for 22 years since Penn State.
First Bike: Giant MTB up at State College
Current Bike: Pinarello FP2 w/ Di2 road, Guerciotti Kangaroo cross, Kona Hei Hei 29er Deluxe FS mountain, and planning on building a Borealis fat tire bike
Hobbies or Interests: Biking, family, Bridgett’s soccer!
Inspiration: My parents! They’ve been happily together for 50 years.


Greg Hostetter


Saysana Inthasongva

Category: 3, 35+
Favorite Music/Band: Son Volt/Uncle Tupelo
Favorite Movie/TV Series: Burn Notice
Favorite Food: anything
First Job: Bus boy
First Bike: Basso
Current bike: Carrera
Hobbies or interests: Motorcycles
Inspiration: Burt Hoovis


Kate Lobley

Category: 4
Favorite Music/Band: Classic Rock and Country (Favs: AC/DC, Dixie Chicks)
Favorite Movie/TV Series: Pride and Predjudice, The Mindy Project
Favorite Food: BLTs (minus the T), Coconut Shrimp
First Job: Business Analyst in NYC
First Bike: Raleigh mountain bike
Current Bike: GT Karakoram and Redline
Hobbies or Interests: Anything outdoors, traveling, painting, reading, hiking with my dog Jesse


Eric (Siv) Stoffer

Category: 3 mtn, 5 road
Favorite Music/Band: Slayer, Megadeth
Favorite Movie/TV Series: NHL hockey
Favorite Food: Almost anything, not picky
First Job: Lifeguard
First Bike: Cannondale F300
Current bike: Cannondale Synapse, Trek Rumblefish, Giant XTC 29
Hobbies or interests: Homebrewing
Inspiration: Beer at the end of a ride!


Wayne Work

Category: Cat 2
Favorite Music/Band: Currently Dawes
Favorite Movie/TV Series: Bad Boys/NCIS
Favorite Food: Sushi
First Job: Weis Markets
First Bike: DeBernardi
Current Bike: Carrera
Hobbies or Interests: Golf, Cars