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Merchants at the Celtic Fling

A variety of Celtic merchants will join us at the Fling to showcase their unique wares and traditional crafts. Interested in becoming a Fling merchant? Click here for more information!

Official Celtic Fling Merchandise

Official Celtic Fling merchandise will be available in the Mount Hope Wine Shop or on the Grounds of the Celtic Fling at the Informistress Booth & Pawn Shop!

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Celtic Fling T-Shirt
2017 Celtic Tees

$18.95 SM-XL, $19.95 2X-3X

Commemorate your visit to the 2017 Celtic Fling & Highland Games with the official T-Shirt! Other Mount Hope T-Shrits are also available for purchase in the Wine Shop and at select retail locations on the festival grounds.

Celtic Fling Hat
Celtic Hats


Show off your Celtic pride with the official Celtic Fling & Highland Games hat, which matches perfectly with the t-shirts above!

Celtic Fling Glass Mug
Celtic Glass Mug

$19.95, $25 with First Fill

Pick up your Celtic Glass Mug at any Swashbuckler Pour Stations on the Grounds of Mount Hope Estate & Winery! Celtic Fling Ceramic Mugs are also available.

Celtic Fling GreyFox Ceramic
Celtic GreyFox Ceramic

$19.95, $25 with First Fill

Enjoy your favorite Mount Hope Wines, Swashbuckler beers or Lancaster County Ciders in this unique GreyFox Ceramic mug featuring the 2017 Celtic Fling logo! Hand-made, so no two are 100% alike!

Celtic Fling Enamel Pin
Celtic Fling Enamel Pin

$4.95 Each

New for 2017—Start your own Mount Hope pin collection! Select styles including the Celtic Fling 2017 logo (pictured), Swashbuckler Brewing Co. crest, Mount Hope barrel crest, Lancaster County Cider logo and PA Renaissance Faire crest.

Merchants A-B

Abbey Scriptorium Logo Abbey Scriptorium – The Shire's bookstore and historical library.

A Lit'le Irish Too Logo A Lit'le Irish Too — Everything Irish! Jewelry, Apparel, Flags, Accessories and more!

Amazing Maze Logo The Amazing Maze — See if you can find your way out of the Amazing Maze!

AMB Studios Logo AMB Studios — Fine art up-cycled art from wine and beverage bottles.

AmeriKilt Logo Amerikilt — Amerikilt is proud to offer 100% American Kilts that are comfortable and durable.

Andalog Logo Andalog — Hand-crafted wooden products

As You Like It Clothiers Logo As You Like It Clothiers — Hand-crafted cloaks and hats

Beads and Ladies Logo Beads and Ladies — Apparel & trimmings for the upper class

Bean's Baubles Logo Bean's Baubles — Hand crafted jewelry

Blue Thistle Pottery Logo Blue Thistle Pottery — Pottery sculpted and created before your eyes!

La Forge Logo Box Office — Located inside the Castle Gates. Purchase advance and discounted tickets to Mount Hope Estates upcoming events!

Button Down the Hatches Logo Button Down the Hatches — Button jewelry and gifts

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Merchants C

Captured Curls Logo Captured Curls — Hair accessories & whatnotery

Captured Curves Logo Captured Curves — Pirate Corsets & Clothing

Casta Diva Designs Logo Casta Diva Designs — Hand-crafted corsets & clothing

Catskill Moccasins Logo Catskill Moccasins — Hand-crafted Boots and Moccasins to fit your feet.

Celtic Cowboy Logo The Celtic Cowboy — Handmade tooled belts and accessories

Celtic Treasures Logo Celtic Treasures — Brewery Apparel, Rugby Jerseys & More!

Celtic Vibe Logo Celtic Vibe — Celtic Jewelry and Clothing

Centre of Energy Logo Centre of Energy — Reflexology, ear coning, massage, Reiki and more!

Cheesesteaks Logo Cheesesteaks – Beef or Chicken hot off the grill!

Crone's Enchanted Cottage Logo Crone's Enchanted Cottage — Witchy Creations and Trinkets

Crow's Nest Logo Crow's Nest — Enjoy a spin on this 2 man-powered ride

Crown Jewels Logo The Crown Jewels — Upscale jewelry and gemstones

Crystal Fantasy Costumes Logo Crystal Fantasy — Splendid crystal for lords and ladies!

Crystal Fineries Logo Crystal Fynery — Renaissance clothing for lords and ladies!

Crystal Palace Gifts Logo Crystal Palace Gifts — Crystal sculptures of different shapes and sizes. Beauteous!

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Merchants D-E

Delighted Eye Gifts Logo Deligted Eye Gifts & Head Wreaths — Everything for home and garden and a whole lot more.

Dragons Breath Logo Dragon's Breath Glass — Hand Blown Glass

Dress Your Dreams Logo Dress Your Dreams — Clothing for all good gentles!

Dungeon Museum Logo The Dungeon Museum — Marvel at the poor souls on display in the dungeon!

Emerald Castle Jewelry Logo Emerald Castle Jewelry — Rings, necklaces, bracelets all for the weary traveler.

Emperor's Needle Logo Emperor's Needle — Hand-crafted leather goods of all shapes and sizes.

Enchanted Forest Logo Enchanted Forest — Children's toys, wind spinners, soaps and more!

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Merchants F

Fairie Tailor Logo Fairie Tailor — Hand-painted capes

Fantasy Face Painting Logo Fantasy Face Painting — Get artistic creations on thy face and be the talk of the Shire!

Fascinations Logo Fascinations — Everything fairies, dolphins, unicorns, and masks.

Fight Circle Logo The Fight Circle — Challenge your friends to a swordfighting duel in the Fight Circle

Fiona's Fineries Logo Fiona's Fineries — 16th century apparel for the weary traveler.

First State Greyhound Logo First State Greyhound Rescue — Rescued and adoptable former racing greyhounds.

Fleur Di Lis Tea Logo Fleur Di Lis Tea & Gifts — Specialty teas and tea related gifts.

Forever Amber Jewelry Logo Forever Amber Jewelry — Amber jewelry in abundance!

Fortune's Favor Logo Fortune's Favor — Tarot card reading and more for the curious traveller!

Fresh Fruit Cup Logo Fresh Fruit Cup – Refreshing fruit

Full Moon Candle Garden Logo Full Moon Candle Garden – Exclusive hand poured candles and onsite candle carver. Dip your own candles!

Full Moon Ventures Logo Full Moon Ventures — Celtic and Magical Delights

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Merchants G-H

Gaming Glen Logo Gaming Glen — Over 10 Renaissance games from knife and axe throwing to games for the nippers.

Great Treasure Quest Logo The Great Treasure Quest — Gem panning, nature gifts, stones, gems and more!

Herb Garden and Apothecary Shoppe Logo Herb Garden & Apothecary Shoppe — Potpourri, lip balm, herbs, lotions, and incense.

Hip Klips Logo Hip Klips — Clippable keychain and mini purses

Hippogriff Logo Hippogriff — Add a little swing to your Shire travels!

Horn Kiosk Logo The Horn Kiosk — A set of horns to suit every personality!

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Merchants I-J

Imaginarium Gallery Logo Imaginarium Gallery & Museum — Hand-sculpted puppet creations

Infarmous Welsh Cookie Co. Logo Infamous Welsh Cookie Co. — Fresh Welsh cookies

Informistress Logo Informistress — Information Booth with Faire related gifts and sundries

Irish Imports International Logo Irish Imports International — All kinds of Irish gifts!

Iron Intentions Logo Iron Intentions — Demonstrating blacksmith and Hand-crafted iron products.

Iron Wolf Traders Logo Iron Wolf Traders — Cast iron home and garden decor, and handmade leather journals, satchels and wristlets

Isle of Man Wood Creations Logo Isle of Man Wood Creations — Hand-crafted art in wood. Bowls, plates, cups and more!

Jenni Buffington Art Logo Jenni Buffington Art — Art made from the heart.

John Hay Cigars Logo John Hay Cigars — Hand-crafted cigars and accessories from here and abroad.

Jon Carraher Logo Jon Carraher Artworks — Mythical Fine Art Paintings

Just Peachy Jewels Logo Just Peachy Jewels — Silver and hand beaded jewelry

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Merchants K-L

La Forge Logo La Forge — Demonstrating blacksmith producing swords and other weapons with daily shows!

Lady Gwendolyn Costumes Logo Lady Gwendolyn Costume Rental & Purchase — Costume rental & Period portraits

Leather Lair Logo Leather Lair — Hand-crafted Leather clothing, jackets, vests and shoes for men and women.

Lilla Rose Logo Lilla Rose — Unique hair clips

Lion's Den Leather Crafters Logo Lion's Den Leather Crafters — Three demonstrating craftsmen creating Hand-crafted leatherwork daily

Lords-and-Ladies Clothing Logo Lords-and-Ladies Clothing — Clothing for the 16th century lord or lady!

Lords of the Sea Logo Lords of the Sea — Scandanavian & Scotia Celtic Items

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Merchants M-O

Medieval Moccasins Logo Medieval Moccasins — Original Hand-crafted leather footwear of exceptional comfort and quality.

Merlin's Magic Logo Merlin's Magic — Hand-crafted walking sticks, magical and mystical ware. Demonstrations throughout the day.

Mystical Realm Artisan Logo Mystical Realm Artisan — Metal hair twisters and such

Mystical Realm Artisan Cart Logo Mystical Realm Artisan Cart — Metal hair twisters and such

Nature's Heirlooms Logo Nature's Heirlooms — Hair wrapping, gems and stones

Nuts About You Logo Nuts About You — Freshly roasted nuts, strudel and crepes.

Oh My Goddess Logo Oh My Goddess — Unique, one of a kind gifts, specialties and finds.

Olde World Trading Company Logo Olde World Trading Company — Statuary and gifts from the Olde Worlde

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Merchants P-Q

PA Dutch Twist Logo PA Dutch Twist — Delicious pretzels!

Pandora's Locks Hair Braiding Logo Pandora's Locks Hair Braiding — Unique braids and twists to wear around the Shire

Pawn Shop Logo Pawn Shop — Commemorate your visit with official PRF mugs, shirts, keychains, magnets and more!

Peasant Bread Logo Peasant Bread — Funnel cake, warm Peasant Bread and lemonade.

Perth Pewter Logo Perth Pewter — Handmade figurines, bodice chillers, oil lamps and more.

Pewter Shop Logo Pewter Shop — A wide selection of pewter & accessories.

Pirate Ship Swings Logo Pirate Ship Swings — Sway to and fro on this man powered ride.

Pirate's Den Logo Pirate's Den — Everything the pirate in you might need!

Pottery of Yore Logo Pottery of Yore — Hand-crafted pottery

Princessories Logo Princessories — Purses, bags and elaborate jewelry

Queen's Creamery Logo Queen's Creamery — Premium ice cream, milkshakes and desserts.

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Merchants R

Red Falcon Adornments Logo Red Falcon Adornments — Hats, feather work and tapestries.

Red Falcon Apparel Logo Red Falcon Apparel — Leather armour in abundance for the 16th centure weary traveler.

Red Falcon Armouries Logo Red Falcon Armouries — Leather armour in abundance for the 16th centure weary traveler.

Red Hawk Premium Peppers Logo Red Hawk Premium Peppers — Hot sauces, hot pepper jams, spice rubs, dried powders, and hot pepper seeds.

Red Wyvern Studio Logo Red Wyvern Studio — Top hats, hair sticks, and so much more!

Renewal By Anderson Logo Renewal By Anderson — Proud to serve the window replacement and patio door replacement needs of Central Pennsylvania.

Rising Sun Logo Rising Sun Emporium — Candles and soaps

The Rook and the Rose Logo The Rook & the Rose — Hand twisted copper and brass roses.

Royal Family Logo Royal Family Jewelry — Silver adornments of all shapes and sizes.

Rum Runner Barrel Coopers Logo Rum Runner Barrel Coopers — Unique barrels made from American White Oak

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Merchants S-U

Saravasti's Call Logo Saravasti's Call — Gypsy clothing

The Scarlet Rose Logo The Scarlet Rose — Cusom millnery, feather accessories, and more

The Scottish Cottage Logo The Scottish Cottage — Scottish BBQ, Sticky Toffee Pudding & More!

ScottishStoreOnline.com Logo Scottish Store Online — Bag Pipes & Accessories

Sir Launch A Lot Logo Sir Launch A Lot — All types of marshmallow catapults and other fun wares

Steak on a Stake Logo Steak on a Stake – Beef or Chicken skewered for your pleasure!

Strike Daekins Designs Strike Daekins Designs – Celtic Wedding Items & Garb

O'Sullivans Fur Shed Logo Sullivans Fur Shed — Hand-crafted pelts, Hats and Bags.

Swords and Sheilds Logo Swords and Shields — Artistically decorated wooden swords and shields

Tasty Nuts Logo Tasty Nuts — Freshly roasted and flavored nuts

Torchbearer Sauces Logo Torchbearer Sauces — Tasty condiments, fiery hot sauces, and tasty recipes

Tower of Steel Logo Tower of Steel — Assortment of Steel Jewelry

Uncommon Adornments Logo Uncommon Adornments — Hand-crafted jewelry

Utopia Armoury Logo Utopia Armoury — Custom chain mail and metal works

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Merchants V-Z

Wash Your Mouth Out Soap Compnay Logo Wash Your Mouth Out Soap Company — Handmade soap, bath and body products.

Wayward Leather Logo Wayward Leather — Hand-crafted leather goods

Wee Dragon Logo Wee Dragon — Children's costumes and accessories

Wild Boar Logo Wild Boar — Take a ride on the Wild Boar, if you dare

Wolf Spirit Jewelry Logo Wolf Spirit Jewelry — Hand-crafted jewelry

Wolfshead Enterprises Logo Wolf's Head — Handmade Celtic Wares

Mad Tom's Wreck Room Logo The Wreckroom — You buy it, you break it! Choose from a variety of glassware, then smash it against a steel wall!

Ye Olde Wizards and Dragons Logo Ye Olde Wizards and Dragons — Fanciful fantastical statuary

Yourself Discovery Logo Yourself Discovery — Jewelry and crystal, silvery and hair adornments

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