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Celtic Fling Food

Enjoy delicious foods from all of our Celtic kitchens throughout the Shire. Experience traditional Celtic favorites, savor a variety of hearty options and indulge in the delectable desserts. Please check back closer to the event date for more information on featured foods! Download a printable PDF of the Celtic Fling menus and view the food booth locations map.

You can also enjoy fresh Swashbuckler Ales, Mount Hope Wines, Lancaster County Ciders or Signature Hidden Stills Cocktails at our various Pubs and Pourhouses! Visit the Ales, Ciders & Wines Page for more information.

Featured Event: Celtic Triathalon Food Challenge - Celtic Traditions at MacGuffin Stage, Saturday: 5:15PM & Sunday: 5:30PM

Is your stomach tough enough to make you a food Triathlete? Be one of 12 contestants who sign-up to take on three Celtic Entées of epic proportion! Prizes await the first three triathletes who get it down and KEEP IT DOWN! *Specific Entré announced during the challenge. Sign-ups begin 30 minutes prior to the event are first-come, first-serve.

2017 Celtic Culinary Highlights

Booth Menus

A Knights Ale ▾

Argyle Café ▾

* Bosun Pete's ▾

Bread & Broth ▾

The Cauldron ▾

Celtic Café Cortez ▾

Dark Knight Café ▾

The Fudgery ▾

The German Kitchen ▾

* Kettle Craic ▾

MacManley's ▾

Majesty's Cup ▾

New World Inn ▾

The Prancing Pig ▾

* The Prime Cut ▾

Queen's Confectionery ▾

* The Rusty Scupper ▾

* Scappi's Brick Hearth ▾

Sir Lance A-Lot ▾

Six Knights Cock & Bull Tavern ▾

Swashbuckler Public House ▾

* Tutberry's Tuber Tavern ▾

Wicked Pickle ▾

Witch's Hat ▾

Please Note: Menus are subject to change. Booths marked with asterisk (*) will be open on Friday Night.