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Celtic Fling Feis

Saturday - June 24, 2017

The Feis begins promptly at 9AM
Register at eFeis.com

Celtic Fling Entrance: Tickets or dance numbers must be presented at the Feis entrance for admittance. Family members of participating dancers must purchase Celtic Fling tickets to enter the Feis area. Advance discounted tickets will be available online (at the PaRenFaire Box Office: use discount code Feis17) or at the front gate prior to the beginning of the event. Further details will be given via the email address provided during the dancer's registration. Feis dancers receive free admission to the Celtic Fling with their dance numbers.

Feis Dancers
Feis Winner

Irish step-dancing as we know it in the 21st century can be traced back to traveling dance masters of 18th century rural Ireland. They each developed their own “steps” and competed against each other for the opportunity to teach in different regions.

After decades when Irish step-dancing remained relatively unknown outside of its inner circle, Riverdance hit the world stage in the 1990s. Suddenly, Irish step-dancing became the “rage,” not just in Ireland but also worldwide. Families who had never even heard of a “step” or “ghillie” were enrolling their children in step-dancing classes and assembling at Feisanna (plural for Feis) to watch them compete.

Through our combined efforts with the Irish cultural society, the Pittsburgh Winter Feis and the West Virginia Feis we have grown to be a destination on the Feis circuit. A special thank you to Jim Graven, Kathy Yates and Jared Spencer and all of our volunteers for all of their hard work and input in making this Feis what it is today.

A Note on Dress:All dancers including Champions may wear shorts, or skirt and blouse to the Celtic Fling Feis. Dance dresses are not required. Wigs are optional. Dance shoes are required. Please note; No dance school or dancer info may be worn on any clothing for competition. Also no awards may be worn or displayed or indicated on any apparel for competition.

For shirts; Collarbone must be covered (no scoop neck). No halter-back. No no-sleeve shirts. Shoulders should be covered. Long sleeves are not required. Make-up is still prohibited for beginners and adv. beginners up to and including U12. Questions; please contact Yateska@Hotmail.com

2017 Celtic Fling Feis
Adjudicators & Musicians


Peggy Woods Doherty, MA
Kerry Broderick, NY
Moria McMahon, NY
James Early, NY
Siobhan Moore, NY
Cathy Spencer Revis, NY
Eileen McDonagh Morr, NY
Rowena Ryan-Schulz, GA

*May Be Subject to Change


Oliver Browne
Owen Shaffer
David Yates