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2017 Swashbuckler Brewing Co. Registration

Aaarg! Raise the Jolly Roger and prepare to 'cross cutlasses as you join us for Swashbuckler 'Cross on November 4! Swashbuckler Cross is part of a NEW Brewery Cup Series with a team competition which awards the winners their weight in beer! More details to come! The course will run in and around the fabled grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and the Swashbuckler Brewing Company. Grab yer hearties and join the raid—it's an event not to be missed!

Pre-Register online at:

Same-day registration opens at 7:30a.m. and closes 30 minutes prior to each event’s posted start time. The day-of registration service charge is $10.00 (so preregister and save those pieces of eight!). Multiple Race discount of $5.00 off listed price to register for additional classes. All riders must have a valid USAC racing license and a sign a USAC event release form. Unlicensed riders may purchase a One-Day license on the day of the race for an additional $10. USAC annual license renewals will be available at the race. No mail-in registration. No Refunds. Proceeds support Full Circle Susquehanna, Inc. a local non-profit dedicated to the empowerment of women and girls.

Your cross racing age is your age as of 31 December 2017 (not 2016!). Racers UNDER 18 (real age, NOT racing age) MUST also have a parent sign the release form (can bring one pre-printed from USAC site if the parent cannot attend the race. Kid racers also need a parent signed release form. Please visit to download the release forms.

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Race Rules

Visit the Swashbuckler Bike Registration page on for a full list of the official rules.

Warm Ups: The course will be open at 7:30AM for pre-riding / inspection on the morning of the race only. Warm ups begin approximately 15 minutes prior to each race. DO NOT warm up on course when the previous race is still going! Racers choosing to ignore these rules regarding warm ups will be disqualified and forfeiture of entry fee will result. Does the phrase “keel hauling” mean anything to ya?

Call-up Protocol: Call-ups shall be based on 2017 PACX Series overall standing. You must pre-register to receive a call-up. Cat 4/5 Men will be staged based on order of registration. Knaves and wenches with peg legs and eye patches get special recognition. Riders must be in the start area 10 minutes prior to the start of each event. If you miss your call-up, you’re in the back with the bilge rats. NOTE: If you are ranked, but do not pre-register, you forfeit your call-up placement and will be placed on the start grid behind the last pre-registered riders.

Lapped Riders: Lapped riders will finish on the same lap as the leaders. Riders in danger of being lapped must yeild to oncoming racers and are not to interfere with their progress or trail behind them. Lapped riders may be pulled at the discretion of USA Cycling officials. Savvy?

Prizes: Cash prizes for each money race will be listed or 50% of gate receipts for that category—which ever is less.

Rules: All USAC Cyclocross rules apply. The event shall be held rain or shine and insurance is under USAC permit 2017-2720.