2017 Swashbuckler Brewing Co. Course Map

We have a unique cyclocross course admist a fantasy of bygone days and knights. It's a Renaissance village with a combination of pavement, grass, cobble-stone sections, and planks to walk. There be a good bit o'twisty technical turns with some hornswaggling hills. The 2-sided pit has hose access for swabbing of the decks.

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Treasure Map coordinates: 2775 Lebanon Road, Manheim, PA 17545. For a map with directions links and more information about The Shire, check out the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire website: PARenFaire.com. When ye be looking around the website, but sure to check out the Edgar Allen Poe performance that will be happening at the Faire during and after the races.

Facilities: Many indoor privies available on site within the fairegrounds.