2016 Stoudts Cross Food & Drink

A full day of classic, East Coast Cyclocross hosted by Stoudts to keep the Oktoberfest celebration rolling. Food & Beer will be available with BEER service inside at the Indoor Beer Garden taps / bar open as of 11:00am and FOOD SERVICE now opening at 11:30AM , and…wait for this, 'cause it's big…

Because we all know how much we East Coast Crossers like to get our "recovery" on, your friends at Stoudts Brewing Co. / JB Mountain Bikes have made arrangements with Ed and Carol Stoudt to graciously open their INDOOR BEER GARDEN to us and our families and friends to enjoy a true Oktoberfest celebration, until our thirst/enthusiasm is satisfied... or until they run out of beer.

*** Please Note: Adamstown Borough, has a no open container law, so open containers are not allowed on either Stoudts of Stoudtburg Village grounds. So be cool. There will be beer a-plenty afterwards in the Stoudts Indoor Beer Garden where we'll have Oktoberfest family style seating, plenty of freshly cooked German food as well as vegetarian fare, and maybe a suprize or two…so, stay tuned. Also, Stoudts of course asks that folks do not bring any food or drinks into the beer garden ***