2017 Swashbuckler Brewing Co.
& Stoudt's Brewing Co. Beer & Cyclocross

This is your jumping-off point to two days of epic racing at two of the Mid-Atlantic's greatest venues - the Swashbuckler Pub at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and Stoudt's Brewery. These two races are just off consecutive exits from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, in beautiful Lancaster County, and the area attractions will offer a myriad of activities for the whole family. Check out the links to the left for ways to fill your itinerary when you're not pedaling your bike.

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Swashbuckler Beer Cross Logo

Saturday's Race

Saturday's race is the fifth annual event in Mount Hope, PA. The RenFaire grounds are perfect for cyclocross, with ample parking, food and beverages, and a course which is destined to be racers' and spectators' favorite. The unique atmosphere will be pared with several course surprises sure to wow everyone. Every racer will get in the pirate spirit!

Stoudt's Cross Logo

Sunday's Race

Sunday's racing marks the return of the Stoudt's 'Cross in Adamstown. Everyone who attended last year was impressed with the race around the brewery, it's 50 year old brew pub, antique mall, and European replica town with cobbled streets. You can look forward to the return of the course's Goat Hill climb, tunnel under the antique mall, and the post-race awards at the Beer Garden.


SWASHBUCKLER 'CROSS: If yer wooden leg has termites and yer still itchin' for more information regardin this event, cast a line to Michele Bote — mkbote@gmail.com. Ye best be sure to follow our race on Facebook for all the latest news, pics and course previews!

STOUDTS 'CROSS: For additional information regarding this event, please contact Dave Borden — sbcjbmtb@gmail.com and be sure to follow our race on our FaceBook page at Facebook.com/StoudtsCross and on Twitter at Twitter.com/StoudtsCross for all the latest news, pics and call outs!